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Britney Parties for Her BD, Paris Drops BFF

12/4/2006 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney in the window at Mr. ChowBritney Spears celebrated her 25th birthday with – who else – new galpal Paris Hilton, and they added another third wheel to their coupling, at least for Saturday night – Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Sources say that the Britster dined at Mr. Chow's with her manager, Larry Rudolph, then nestled into a corner table with Paris and Fergie at L.A. hotspot Hyde, and walked "hand in hand" around the club until past 2 AM.

Meanwhile, Paris has gone all Mean Girl on former BFF Kim Kardashian, says Page Six, leaving her in the D-list dust after a much more high-profile friend presented herself. Kim "got shined for the more popular" – and more underwear-optional – girl.
Brit from behind: click to launch Brit from the front: Click to launch

Clooney's Pet Porker Dies

Celeb pets George Clooney's 300-pound potbellied pig, Max, died last Friday. Clooney once told an interviewer that his longest relationship ever was with Max, his personal porker. The oinker had serious health problems -- he had arthritis and was partially blind. In 2001, Max was accidentally hit by a car driven by one of Clooney's friends.

Clooney has had the squealer for 18 years. He got porcine custody after his breakup with Kelly Preston. Tough year for Clooney; his bulldog also died earlier this year.

"Prison Break" Star May Have Been Drunk at Time of Crash

TMZ has learned exclusively that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication" after a crash involving an SUV he was driving that killed a 17-year-old boy late Saturday night in L.A, according to the Beverly Hills Police. We have also learned that alcohol containers were removed from Garrison's car. Two 15-year old girls were also in the car at the time of the incident and one is in serious condition at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
Lane Garrison: Click to play

Garrison has had other driving problems this year. Last October, a TMZ camera caught Garrison leaving Hyde nightclub, right after his Land Rover struck an Infiniti in front of him. The driver of the Infiniti began shouting, "Hey, stop the car, stop the car, you hit my car." Garrison saw our camera and pulled his jacket over his face.

As for Saturday's crash, Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills. The actor, who was not arrested, suffered minor injuries.

Simpson Boo-Hoos Way Through Kennedy Center Honors

Jessica Simpson was so jittery during a tribute performance to Dolly Parton of "Nine to Five" at the Kennedy Center Honors yesterday that she abruptly walked offstage when the song ended, and when she reappeared onstage, she was still in tears. The blonde songstress finished her rendition of the Eighties hit with the words "so nervous" and bolted, to no applause. And then, when she and the other singers in the tribute to Parton came onstage later, Jessica was in tears. No word on whether Simpson's performance will be edited out of the broadcast, which will air later this month. Parton was recognized at the annual lionization gala along with Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Smokey Robinson, and conductor Zubin Mehta.

Party Favors: Lance and Reichen Splitting Up? ... Kid Rock Already Dialing Up Ex-Flame? ... Urban Out of Rehab

Could gaydom's most of-the-moment couple be history? reports that Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are on the way out. "Pals" say that the parting was mutual, though they had been fighting "a lot" lately ... Kid Rock has been in contact with a former girlfriend, Suriname native Conchita Leeflang, just days after his decision to split from Pam Anderson, says Page Six ... Keith Urban has left rehab and has been reunited with Nicole Kidman. The pair had brunch on Sunday at the Polo Lounge in L.A.

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No Avatar


Hey! When TMZ can find some celebrities that can actually do something that would merit being famous, and they act like they have some sense of self-respect, and act as if they have more than a high school education, and even occassionally do good things for other people without their press agents in-waiting to exploit it, then I will be so, so, so much more interested in what TMZ has to say. Someone needs to liberate America of Britney, Paris, Anna Nicole, and Jessica - Soon! ! If they all got trashed after a busy night of sporting their beavers around town and drove off a cliff somewhere, the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS could truly care less. Give us some news on about people worthy of being spoken of. I don't care about couples divorcing after only a year of marriage, either. Resurrect Bogart, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Katherine Hepburn, or Barbara Stanwyck!! Why not? It's a post, post-modern world.
"It's all relative". "It's all good!" At least they had some class and some polish about them. And the gossip columnists didn't report all the tawdry stuff. Its' a big world, guys, if we want tawdry, there are other websites at our fingertips.

2845 days ago

Electro King    

For the love of God, will you people give this entire ParisBritneyLindsayKFedPamKidRockJessicaTomandKatie nonsense a rest?!?!

Are their lives so interesting you can't find something more substantial to discuss?

Or are your lives so boring you are living vicariously through their exploits?

Either way...GET A FREAKIN' GRIP!

2845 days ago


Please. Paris Hilton is friends with Kevin Federline. Hilton is trying to make Spears look bad in public by taking her out and getting Spears drunk. Hilton is doing this so that Spears wont get full custody of her children. Spears better be weary of Hilton.

2845 days ago


Leave britney alone!! I am sooo sick of all this Brit bashing--how awful to have one's every move spotlighted and critized by people with nothing better to do!

2845 days ago

carl lazar    

I f Linday Lohan is only 20 how can she get enough booze to get her addicted. I thought the legal drinking age is 21. So someone should be locked up for serving a minor.

2845 days ago


I have to add one more comment...did you all see the pig on this page that George Clooney lost??First of all it reminded me of Rosie from the view, and she stated on her show that she wants Brittney to move in with her...BRIT

2845 days ago


What a shame that Britany has take the road to destruction.... first of all she should have never hooked up with that bum... i understand he has two other children and left his girlfriend when she was pregnant... well what do you expect from such a low life... Britany get smart and keep your legs closed... for all of us please...

2845 days ago

Electro King    

I agree with Ray!
There are young men and women dying in an obscene war.
There are children starving in our own country.
Gas prices are once again going to go through the roof.
We are burdened with corrupt politicians (from both parties).

And all you people can do is debate the merits of people with absolutely not one shred of talent?

You should be ashamed.

Thanks, Ray. You said it all!

2845 days ago


I am a 24 year old single mom but there is one thng I won't do especially 3 months after giving birth to my kid and that is going out. I am sorry to say it to all those Britney fans but she has a 3 month old and a year old at home and she is going out constantly and what makes it even "BETTER" the media has pictures of privates. I think Britney just want to have fun since all the suffering she went thru with Kev...I will do it too but there is a limit to how much you can do it. She looks trashy and disgusting especially the way she is carrying herself infront of the media. She should think about her kids more often and give herself at least some respect. Go out no one is stopping her but SLOW DOWN and COVER UP!!

Who cares if Paris is her BFF, that is Paris Hilton!! Hello!!! Britney knows who she is dealing with and the reputation she has... let her learn from her own mistakes.

2845 days ago


Being a single father myself I find what Brittney is doing irresponsible. My childrens mother has called them once in over a month and a half. They long just to hear her voice. So I am sure if Brittney does not settle herself she may be answering to the staff as to why she does not call her children. Being A parent should be a gift. As far as the two of them fighting over the children, It is best to compromise for the best interest of the children and not put them in the middle. Children deserve the love and affection of both parents.

2845 days ago


Look, its this simple. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are just not intelligent people, just rich. They wake up stupid people and in the end they will die stupid people. You can wash and wash a Pig, but at the end of the day you still have a Pig. Simple stuff people.

2845 days ago


Have you ever been driving down the highway, and you see a horrible accident up ahead of you? You do not want to look, you try not to look, but your eyes and mind are turned toward the crash....almost forced in that direction...and God help you, you cannot look away. Well that is how all of us react to these young women in the headlights of Hollywood fodder. We know they are crashing, falling to Earth, and we continue to look, watch, lick our lips a bit even. Sad commentary on our Society isn't it? From Britney, to Lindsey, to Paris..all of them... we wait, with baited breath for them to fall. And these women continue to perform in the manner we expect, they do not want to dissappoint us......and after they squander their youth, and reputation to find acceptance,love, fame, money, (what)??? for our entertainment and digestion...Do we remember them? Do we feel any pity? Any compassion at all? Ahh, when you play with the big kids sometimes you get hurt.

2845 days ago

Circus Tim    

Jessica, Brittany, Paris, Lindsey all should stock pile their press clipping now because in ten years they will be begging for slots in reality shows, Or doing Informercials, Wait Jesica has proactive already-My how time flys

2845 days ago


why can brad an his woman bring there kid's in a boat with no life jackets an u see just a lil print on star mag but brit the crock guy they are all bad parent's is it that they are bigger star's that nothing said i saw a child buried from drowning just so fast

2845 days ago


Is it just me ??or does Jessica Simpson look like either a vulture or an eagle,,,,,look closely

2845 days ago
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