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Britney Parties for Her BD, Paris Drops BFF

12/4/2006 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney in the window at Mr. ChowBritney Spears celebrated her 25th birthday with – who else – new galpal Paris Hilton, and they added another third wheel to their coupling, at least for Saturday night – Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Sources say that the Britster dined at Mr. Chow's with her manager, Larry Rudolph, then nestled into a corner table with Paris and Fergie at L.A. hotspot Hyde, and walked "hand in hand" around the club until past 2 AM.

Meanwhile, Paris has gone all Mean Girl on former BFF Kim Kardashian, says Page Six, leaving her in the D-list dust after a much more high-profile friend presented herself. Kim "got shined for the more popular" – and more underwear-optional – girl.
Brit from behind: click to launch Brit from the front: Click to launch

Clooney's Pet Porker Dies

Celeb pets George Clooney's 300-pound potbellied pig, Max, died last Friday. Clooney once told an interviewer that his longest relationship ever was with Max, his personal porker. The oinker had serious health problems -- he had arthritis and was partially blind. In 2001, Max was accidentally hit by a car driven by one of Clooney's friends.

Clooney has had the squealer for 18 years. He got porcine custody after his breakup with Kelly Preston. Tough year for Clooney; his bulldog also died earlier this year.

"Prison Break" Star May Have Been Drunk at Time of Crash

TMZ has learned exclusively that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication" after a crash involving an SUV he was driving that killed a 17-year-old boy late Saturday night in L.A, according to the Beverly Hills Police. We have also learned that alcohol containers were removed from Garrison's car. Two 15-year old girls were also in the car at the time of the incident and one is in serious condition at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
Lane Garrison: Click to play

Garrison has had other driving problems this year. Last October, a TMZ camera caught Garrison leaving Hyde nightclub, right after his Land Rover struck an Infiniti in front of him. The driver of the Infiniti began shouting, "Hey, stop the car, stop the car, you hit my car." Garrison saw our camera and pulled his jacket over his face.

As for Saturday's crash, Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills. The actor, who was not arrested, suffered minor injuries.

Simpson Boo-Hoos Way Through Kennedy Center Honors

Jessica Simpson was so jittery during a tribute performance to Dolly Parton of "Nine to Five" at the Kennedy Center Honors yesterday that she abruptly walked offstage when the song ended, and when she reappeared onstage, she was still in tears. The blonde songstress finished her rendition of the Eighties hit with the words "so nervous" and bolted, to no applause. And then, when she and the other singers in the tribute to Parton came onstage later, Jessica was in tears. No word on whether Simpson's performance will be edited out of the broadcast, which will air later this month. Parton was recognized at the annual lionization gala along with Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Smokey Robinson, and conductor Zubin Mehta.

Party Favors: Lance and Reichen Splitting Up? ... Kid Rock Already Dialing Up Ex-Flame? ... Urban Out of Rehab

Could gaydom's most of-the-moment couple be history? reports that Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are on the way out. "Pals" say that the parting was mutual, though they had been fighting "a lot" lately ... Kid Rock has been in contact with a former girlfriend, Suriname native Conchita Leeflang, just days after his decision to split from Pam Anderson, says Page Six ... Keith Urban has left rehab and has been reunited with Nicole Kidman. The pair had brunch on Sunday at the Polo Lounge in L.A.

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No Avatar


Brittney needs to start acting and being a parent instead of going out 24/7 all the time. We can understand why Paris Hilton does it because she's single and has no kids but Brittney has to remeber she's not that teen pop star who could go everywhere with everyone and have a great 365 nights! I don't really think Brittney wanted children at this time because she but it's too late and her children are 1st, not Paris Hilton because she can always replace you. But it's also what her kids do because she's out all the time and the kids might be calling different people mommy by now...its sadf and pathetic she's needs to be a M-O-M!

2844 days ago


where can i see that video of jess screwing up? hilarious!!!!

2844 days ago


I still can't figure out why Paris is so popular. She is nothing but a waste of time. Everything she says and does is so fake and the people around her are so stupid to believe that she can really be their friend. As for Britney, she needs to focus on being a mother to her kids. That's why she took a break from performing. There are millions of women that are dying to bare children and she just takes it for granted. How can someone have that much free time with two kids? I'll tell you how, having the money to hire someone to do it for you. These people have no morals and obviously no standards anymore. Paris, stop thinking that everyone likes you when you damn well know that no one does. Get a real job! Britney, put some freakin' panties on you nasty ass! I know your mom taught you better. Take care of your kids!!

2844 days ago

Gary B from Upstate SC    

Let's See: Fame and Fortune don't always save a girl like Britney from her destined fate of being a slutty, blonde Louisiana born bimbo from the trailer-life she barely escaped from. She is still a young dumb girl from LA with two kids by a loser wither other kids and no MONEY with whom she is battling it out in court. Looks like you have NOT come a long way BABY!!!! Go get that DoubleWide and 10 acres on the Bayou where you belong Britney--you can wear your crotchless panties for the Gators there Gurrrrllll!!!!!

Sincerely Vomiting over Britneys Face Pic,
Gary B from Upstate SC

2844 days ago


You people need something better to do. I have three kids and wish I had someone to help with them at night. Most babies do sleep for a few hours at night .It doesn't make you a better mom if you sit next to the crib and stare at them while they are sleeping. We all need to quit giving in to this crap and let these people live their lives. Good thing she is the only mom that went out last week. How about all the mom's that are doctors and lawyers. I can sure bet they don't see their kids when they are awake for more than a couple of hours a day.

2844 days ago


Now now..... Jessica was just doing an 'homage' to her sister Asheley's SNL performance. She had one problem though. .... She forgot to do the 'hoe down' steps.

2844 days ago


I'm sitting here reading all these comments and all I can do is laugh. Everything everyone reads about these people is what journalists, papparizi's, etc. what to put out there and a little more each time. You are seeing it for yourself, first K-fed is broke, next he has $2 mill... c'mon ladies... get a life. Who cares what those people do and your opinion... those that you are talking about sure and hell don't. You don't really know what kind of mother Brittany is... and you don't really know what is up with Jessica... it's the tabloids, they like to put out there what you want to hear and you all are in to the 'DRAMA".... lol.. Have a great day!

2844 days ago


K-Fed is merely giving women a dose of their own medicine. The ex who was and is only in it for the money. Sort of a male golddigger. How does it feel ladies?! lol!

2844 days ago

cheryl e.    

To whom it may concern:
Does it really matter what Paris and Brit are out doing at night, or what K-Fed spends his money on(or Brits money on) ,or if Jessica S. can sing at all. Who cares............I don't live my life around celebs. Do you????? I sleep just fine at night not worrying about Brits kids or if they are being taken care of.
Let's all move on with our lives and let them too.........

2844 days ago


Kathy, I guess it takes a tramp to know one doesn't it?

Why are we calling girls that we don't even know tramps? Why is it even okay to call another girl a tramp? Or any other name for that matter? You have probably done some sh*tty things in your life, would you want to be called that? Probably not.

2844 days ago


It is not that going out every night makes Britney a tramp,makes her irresponceable yes. A good mother does go out and have fun, but a good mother also knows how to have fun with her kids. I know so many mothers who are just as happy at home with her kids because she doest have to work,doesnt feel the need to go out and party. But also I understand the need to every once in a wile go out and have fun. But just because you have money and can afford to buy a good babysitter doesnt make you a good mother,makes your baby sitter a good mothers since she knows what to do. A good mother doesnt drive with her kid in her lap, a good mother doesnt drop or almost drop her kids. She puts her kids first before her social life.

And if she is such a grown "woman" as you state, then she should act like one. Weather she likes it or not,she is a role model,and not all kids have parents that care enough about how their kids dress because well, their moms are to busy out trying to enjoy themselves and act like mature mothers. People like Britney dress like trash half the time, then whine about being called trash. I personally see a line between being sexy and beautiful and down right raunchy. I am sorry wearing shirts like MILF is just tacky,fine to think it,dont advertise it, esp with how gross she looked for awhile, she def wasnt a MILF. Now that she has slimed back down and looks good, she needs to put clothes on,including the damn panties so when she gets out of the car,we arent stuck seeing her nasty woohaa

2844 days ago


Jessica Simpson should leave the business while she still has a chance. The more she tries the worse she gets. Now another movie, the Simpson clan will go broke trying to make Jessica a star of some sort.

2844 days ago

um.. yeah..    

Yes Britney may be acting a little trampy via clothes that barely fit but honestly, how many mothers who have just had a baby fit into anything that small besides Heidi Klum? Probably not many. So my advice to everyone flipping out over her clothes to just be quiet for about 5 minutes, look at what she's going thru and allow her some breathing room. Give her a break, she's getting a divorce and facing being a full time single parent - that job alone is difficult enough but then add in her celebrity status and that equals more stress than any normal person can handle. I know that this little comment section is for people to let off steam about the latest celebrity fiasco, but here's a suggestion, put as much effort into critisizing your own life instead of those who have more money and fame than you could ever dream of. Hell, i read this stuff just as a distraction, not something my life revolves around.
And who honestly cares who Paris Hilton is friends with. she changes her mind as often as she switches her hair extensions. And besides, this is all Hollywood - EVERYTHING IS FAKE!!! it is a rare occurance to find someone and/or something that is real there... It's a wonder anyone is still in a relationship that lasts longer than a week out there.. Relationships are difficult enough without the press...
so to end this little tirade, just give everyone a break. They are humans just like everyone else. And the last time I checked, humans are imperfect.

2844 days ago


i always loved jessica simpson and still do but she neveer had an excellent voice before and since her split with nick.. to me, she seems to have gone down hill (did you see her music video to i belong to me.. she is a mess) whatever.. i love nick ,3333

2844 days ago

Kathy your comment to Audrey Rose! How uneducated to say that the manner in which a woman dresses or the fact that she likes to party is a "guarantee" to be raped. It's people like this who make such stupid comments that keep these stereotypical judgments going. I am a mother of a 3 yar old and I myself wouldn't be out partying all the time nor would I intentionally expose myself. But of course, because of who she is, every move she makes is posted all over the media. I can't say she is a "bad" mom, but I do think she needs to straighten out her priorities.

2844 days ago
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