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Britney Parties for Her BD, Paris Drops BFF

12/4/2006 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney in the window at Mr. ChowBritney Spears celebrated her 25th birthday with – who else – new galpal Paris Hilton, and they added another third wheel to their coupling, at least for Saturday night – Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Sources say that the Britster dined at Mr. Chow's with her manager, Larry Rudolph, then nestled into a corner table with Paris and Fergie at L.A. hotspot Hyde, and walked "hand in hand" around the club until past 2 AM.

Meanwhile, Paris has gone all Mean Girl on former BFF Kim Kardashian, says Page Six, leaving her in the D-list dust after a much more high-profile friend presented herself. Kim "got shined for the more popular" – and more underwear-optional – girl.
Brit from behind: click to launch Brit from the front: Click to launch

Clooney's Pet Porker Dies

Celeb pets George Clooney's 300-pound potbellied pig, Max, died last Friday. Clooney once told an interviewer that his longest relationship ever was with Max, his personal porker. The oinker had serious health problems -- he had arthritis and was partially blind. In 2001, Max was accidentally hit by a car driven by one of Clooney's friends.

Clooney has had the squealer for 18 years. He got porcine custody after his breakup with Kelly Preston. Tough year for Clooney; his bulldog also died earlier this year.

"Prison Break" Star May Have Been Drunk at Time of Crash

TMZ has learned exclusively that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication" after a crash involving an SUV he was driving that killed a 17-year-old boy late Saturday night in L.A, according to the Beverly Hills Police. We have also learned that alcohol containers were removed from Garrison's car. Two 15-year old girls were also in the car at the time of the incident and one is in serious condition at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
Lane Garrison: Click to play

Garrison has had other driving problems this year. Last October, a TMZ camera caught Garrison leaving Hyde nightclub, right after his Land Rover struck an Infiniti in front of him. The driver of the Infiniti began shouting, "Hey, stop the car, stop the car, you hit my car." Garrison saw our camera and pulled his jacket over his face.

As for Saturday's crash, Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills. The actor, who was not arrested, suffered minor injuries.

Simpson Boo-Hoos Way Through Kennedy Center Honors

Jessica Simpson was so jittery during a tribute performance to Dolly Parton of "Nine to Five" at the Kennedy Center Honors yesterday that she abruptly walked offstage when the song ended, and when she reappeared onstage, she was still in tears. The blonde songstress finished her rendition of the Eighties hit with the words "so nervous" and bolted, to no applause. And then, when she and the other singers in the tribute to Parton came onstage later, Jessica was in tears. No word on whether Simpson's performance will be edited out of the broadcast, which will air later this month. Parton was recognized at the annual lionization gala along with Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Smokey Robinson, and conductor Zubin Mehta.

Party Favors: Lance and Reichen Splitting Up? ... Kid Rock Already Dialing Up Ex-Flame? ... Urban Out of Rehab

Could gaydom's most of-the-moment couple be history? reports that Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are on the way out. "Pals" say that the parting was mutual, though they had been fighting "a lot" lately ... Kid Rock has been in contact with a former girlfriend, Suriname native Conchita Leeflang, just days after his decision to split from Pam Anderson, says Page Six ... Keith Urban has left rehab and has been reunited with Nicole Kidman. The pair had brunch on Sunday at the Polo Lounge in L.A.

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Sandra, Kris, WTF, Audrey Rose:

Money is good, but Love, dependability and being a GOOD role model are what every child needs from their Parents. And if one parent isnt there to provide it on a constant basis, then the other parent should!

Britney should not have to be a role model for everyone's kids, I agree, HOWEVER, she is 25, she should know better, and she should be a role model for her own kids!

If Brit is acting like this because its good PR for her upcomming album, there are alot BETTER ways to get good PR for yourself. Instead of spending $5,000.00 on that bottle of Crystall, give it to a childs charity.

As per her old song, "no longer a girl but not yet a woman"; maybe she should change that to..... 'Now a woman but not yet a LADY!!!!'

2878 days ago


Britney Sh*tney Jessica is a messica . At Least Jessy wears her drawers. But she let's her girls come out for a little fresh air. She'sa a preachers daughter & she's promoting sex by using her boobies.Kinda makes me scratch me head.

2878 days ago

Sharmaine Brown    

okay everybody get a grip, Britney is not the first person to go through a divorce and act out in the process. Are her actions right??no but she is not the first one. she's just famous, that's all. She was wild before she got married and she's making up for lost time. Does that mean she a bad mother? no. It means she's got a good nanny. As far her being a role model for preteen girls, that is not her fault. she cannot control who looks up to her and i don't think any of us would like to be judged based on other people's standards. I'm sure we've all done something that someone esle would have a problem with. As far as jessica simpson is concerned, l feel sorry for her. Me and my daughter love this girl to death. She has loads of talent, and her voice is unbelieveable. Saying she has no talent is ridiculous. The girl can blow. She is also dealing with alot right now. She is being scrutinized about her divorce , while nick comes out smelling like a peach. She has alot of pressure and expectations to live up to, and she is still finding herself as a women. So maybe we should cut both of these young ladies a break.

2878 days ago

open minded girl    

I think that Britt is a sorry piece of disgusting old ass... she will never be a mother to those children... young children need to know who there mother is not the nanny!!!! She makes me sick just thinking what those children are going through. She parties all night long and most likely she sleeps all day long. She is probably hanging out with the other slut Paris just to get back at Fed-ex, and even if that is what she is doing, it is still wrong.. She needs an eye opener to get her dirty ass in the motherly situation she needs to be. Her choice was to become a mother of two at this age and with this man so she needs to step up and take responsibility before it's too late..

2878 days ago


This is ridiculous. I cannot believe so many people have such negative things to say about people they don't know. And then they keep on complaining, but these are the people leaving comments and checking back to see if anybody replied. You know every single one of you look at articles like these and scoff... but you'll be back for the newest news, won't you?

2878 days ago


Sandra, it takes a lot more than money to raise healthy, stable children. So it's okay for your mother to be out all night while you're sleeping and hung over the next day? Yeah Britney has enough money to hire a really good babysitter that her kids will probably end up considering their mother. If you think she is a good mother you obviously don't know anything about parenting.

2878 days ago


kris, are you really taking offense? Mom's need to have fun too, but not at the expense of their children. There is such a thing as too much. Brit has a NEWBORN, that kid isn't sleeping through the night yet. And a one year old, who requires attention during the morning hours. How can someone who stays out till 6 am give baby the attention he needs and requires and DESERVES when she is hung over? Her mom didn't have those kids and probably told her not to, so why is everyone but Britney taking care of them? And not to mention the crotch shots, what will Jayden and Sean think in 10 years when they can then surf the internet for mommy dearest?
I'm 27 and don't have children, why? Because I'm not ready to make the adjustments that are required to have a child. People need to think about those things before they make major LIFE CHANGING decisions.

2878 days ago


I think we get too into celebrities lives to past judgement. Whether she is a Brtiney is a good parent or not is something neither you or I will ever know. Unless you live with her I doubt any of use can say anything. And its not as if many celebrity mothers haven't gone partying or their kids arent raised by nannies. Its been done for the longest. I would rather her than Kevin be an active role in their lives. Also there are those who complained she has just dropped off being in the limelight. Now she's back and we sit and talk about her. what about a man that has nothing but time and money to spend time with his children from a current and previous relationship and he doesn't. He somehow bumped his head and thought he could rap. He was better off just being a freeloader.

2878 days ago

Tammy White    

Xiomy24: Britney has been going out constantly? So I suppose right after she gave birth to Sean and while pregnant with Jayden she was seen out partying, right? For the past couple of weeks she has been seen out partying and all of a sudden she is partying all of the time. Maybe she is going through a hard time, who knows. I don't care if you are 14, 24, 34, 44 or married with children or single with children, no one has the right to sit there and judge another person for what they are doing.

It's no one business, really. And whoever said Keven Federline and Paris Hilton were friends must have smoked crack for breakfast.

2878 days ago


I think Brit deserves a break to all the negative public opionion. She's young and single she's aloud to go out and have fun party her a-- off! And as far as being a bad mother I don't think so she's like all of us out there we didn't get it right the first time we all made mistakes and still do. Just because she's a public figure we seem to be harder on her, so all I have to say is quit hating and worry about your selves.

2878 days ago


Whoever said Britney did nothing trashy before hanging out with Paris Hilton forgot about the tongue incident between her and Madonna on stage. Granted, it was a staged thing but I think Britney is influenced by whoever she's hanging around with at the moment. I think if she were hanging out with a nun, she would act like a nun. That girl has had her image molded for her starting at a young age... this is how you'll act, how we'll represent you... then Britney decides to break free and be her own person but the problem is... she doesn't know how. So she adapts to the sidekick of the moment. That's Britneys problem, not Paris Hiltons or Madonnas or the ex spouse. She has to decide who she is and what she wants to do with herself and until she does, she's on a fast track of self destruction. The mommy issue... people forget that their kids grow up. Like Madonna, Britneys acts will come back to haunt her through her children. One day her sons will find a picture of their mommys tw*t taped to their locker at school with a few cruel words added. Their deeds are never forgotten in this media age we live in and it will come back to haunt them. And you know their children will write a book of their own like Madonna Dearest and Britney Speared. A good parent does not have to be with them 24/7 baking cookies. We have seen too many instances of women considered wonderful mommies that drowned their kids in the tub or pushed them into a lake while locked in a car. It's the quality of the love that counts in the end.. not how many mommy hours they put in. I know of some career minded women who spend very little time with their kids flying here and there to woo clients... and you know, we're not sure if they kept their panties on either.

2878 days ago


People are so sad that they have to criticize others behaviors to feel better about themselves. Britt is at home during the day with her kids and if she wants to go out at night when the kids go down.. so be it. I did the same thing when my son was young and guess what... I got it out of my system and I am home with him 24/7 now. It didn't take long to get it done. Britt has a heart and she is going to be just fine, and her kids will be EVEN BETTER.. mark my words! My son is 11 and a wonderful soul. I've been around all the time for 4 yrs now. It will happen for her!

2878 days ago


wtf you are right, i dont do it everynight during the week.....but in the business britney is in, makig public apperences is apart of the job.

im away from my kid 12 hours aday monday-friday. i drop her off at her grandparents at 7am, sometimes dont pick her up till 7:00pm. im lucky that her father is involved and so are his parents, so she does get to be around family.

2878 days ago


I agree with anyone who said:

Jessica Simpson has no talent or brains. She is pretty. That's about it.
Oh, and why the hell was she even at anything honoring someone like Dolly Parton. I believe she has made a name for her self in Country music and is held in high standards in the world of counrty music. If I were Dolly, I'd have been pissed someone as stupid, and non talented as J.S. were at my honor thingey.

I think Brit and KFed are up to something. I think this may be a big publicity stunt. Who knows. Either way, Brit is acting like a total moron! I'm ALMOST feeling sorry for that's pretty bad, considering I can't stand to even look at the guy.

Someone needs to bitch slap Paris Hilton until she forgets her name. OMG, what a freaking loser. "Ohh, look at me. I'm Paris Hilton and I am going to make a bad name for the Hilton empire. That's ok though, I have millions. I can act like I'm in Jr. high if I want to! "

Here is what I want for Christmas.

I want to see a huge cat fight between Paris, Brit, Lindsay what's her name, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie, and I want Paris to get her ass kicked and lose a few teeth! hee, hee. Then K Fed can break up the fight and then hook up with Jessica Simpson. Wouldn't it be great if K Fed and J Sim did a duet album ... Two non talents for the price of one!

The worse thing is.... WE read this sh*t about these MORONS! So, maybe we are the morons. If we quit reading, maybe they will alllll go away!

Happy Holidays!

2878 days ago


People, you are acting like she's been doing this for 2 years straight. She's been going out for, what, 2 weeks now? Let her get it out of her system before you start to accuse her of being a bad mother for leaving her kids at home. You people were saying these things about her the first night she went out. She's been home with those kids from the day they were born, now she has the oppurtunity to go out, so she's taking it. I could see dogging her if she had been doing this since the day they were born, but that's not the case. Let it rest people. I don't know anyone who wants to be with their kids 24/7. I know if I had mine with me like that, I'd have to be committed. It's healthy to get away for a while. She may be taking it to the excess, but she has every reason to. Think about it. Every picture over the past 2 years that we've seen of her, she's had her kids with her. Up until now, that is. So back off and let her party her self out. You wouldn't want people telling you how to raise your kids would you?

2878 days ago
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