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Britney Parties for Her BD, Paris Drops BFF

12/4/2006 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney in the window at Mr. ChowBritney Spears celebrated her 25th birthday with – who else – new galpal Paris Hilton, and they added another third wheel to their coupling, at least for Saturday night – Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Sources say that the Britster dined at Mr. Chow's with her manager, Larry Rudolph, then nestled into a corner table with Paris and Fergie at L.A. hotspot Hyde, and walked "hand in hand" around the club until past 2 AM.

Meanwhile, Paris has gone all Mean Girl on former BFF Kim Kardashian, says Page Six, leaving her in the D-list dust after a much more high-profile friend presented herself. Kim "got shined for the more popular" – and more underwear-optional – girl.
Brit from behind: click to launch Brit from the front: Click to launch

Clooney's Pet Porker Dies

Celeb pets George Clooney's 300-pound potbellied pig, Max, died last Friday. Clooney once told an interviewer that his longest relationship ever was with Max, his personal porker. The oinker had serious health problems -- he had arthritis and was partially blind. In 2001, Max was accidentally hit by a car driven by one of Clooney's friends.

Clooney has had the squealer for 18 years. He got porcine custody after his breakup with Kelly Preston. Tough year for Clooney; his bulldog also died earlier this year.

"Prison Break" Star May Have Been Drunk at Time of Crash

TMZ has learned exclusively that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison displayed "symptoms of alcohol intoxication" after a crash involving an SUV he was driving that killed a 17-year-old boy late Saturday night in L.A, according to the Beverly Hills Police. We have also learned that alcohol containers were removed from Garrison's car. Two 15-year old girls were also in the car at the time of the incident and one is in serious condition at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
Lane Garrison: Click to play

Garrison has had other driving problems this year. Last October, a TMZ camera caught Garrison leaving Hyde nightclub, right after his Land Rover struck an Infiniti in front of him. The driver of the Infiniti began shouting, "Hey, stop the car, stop the car, you hit my car." Garrison saw our camera and pulled his jacket over his face.

As for Saturday's crash, Garrison hit a tree in Beverly Hills. The actor, who was not arrested, suffered minor injuries.

Simpson Boo-Hoos Way Through Kennedy Center Honors

Jessica Simpson was so jittery during a tribute performance to Dolly Parton of "Nine to Five" at the Kennedy Center Honors yesterday that she abruptly walked offstage when the song ended, and when she reappeared onstage, she was still in tears. The blonde songstress finished her rendition of the Eighties hit with the words "so nervous" and bolted, to no applause. And then, when she and the other singers in the tribute to Parton came onstage later, Jessica was in tears. No word on whether Simpson's performance will be edited out of the broadcast, which will air later this month. Parton was recognized at the annual lionization gala along with Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Smokey Robinson, and conductor Zubin Mehta.

Party Favors: Lance and Reichen Splitting Up? ... Kid Rock Already Dialing Up Ex-Flame? ... Urban Out of Rehab

Could gaydom's most of-the-moment couple be history? reports that Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are on the way out. "Pals" say that the parting was mutual, though they had been fighting "a lot" lately ... Kid Rock has been in contact with a former girlfriend, Suriname native Conchita Leeflang, just days after his decision to split from Pam Anderson, says Page Six ... Keith Urban has left rehab and has been reunited with Nicole Kidman. The pair had brunch on Sunday at the Polo Lounge in L.A.

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No Avatar


If you all have such negative things to say about these celebrity girls like Jessica, Ashlee, Paris and Brittney- then why in the hell do you read about them and come onto sites such as these to read about their latest moves????? I am sure that all you negative commenters would be shocked to see how you act (or have acted in the past at their age) out w/ friends w/ cameras in your face 24/7...

2841 days ago


Jessica has 2 plastic boobs, fake hair, capped teeth, and a raspy voice. Sometimes she can barely sing a tone! Her acting is terrible. She gives Southernwomen a bad name as she typifies the stereotype of dumb, southern blonde. Did this girl even graduate high school????? Did you see her inteview last year with Diane Sawyer? After she showed has a## in her Daisy Dukes, she wore her big gold cross and talked about how religious she is. What a LOSER!!!!

2841 days ago

B. Witch    

ATTN # 9. I agree with you. Going out does not make you a bad mother. BUT, having children with a dope smoking, no talent unemployed wigger who can't support the two illegitamate children he already has; going out all night with trash like Paris Hilton and showing off the little bit of you America hasn't already seen, does make you a bad mother in my book. Britney does not represent any good or decent mother anywhere. Just because you can give birth to something does not make you a mother. My dog had 5 puppies and I don't call her a mother. She's just a b**tch! But I have to admit that I'd sooner leave a child in my dog's care than that of Britney Spears any day of the week.

When will these idiot women understand that a child (or an animal) is NOT a fashion accessory or toy to be left at home when they get tired of playing with them? Britney Spears and those like her are a sick commentary on American values. Just MY opinion!

2841 days ago


AIs anyone wondering how kids grow up to be freaks?

2841 days ago

PAPA "T"    

It is true Jess Simpson is a waste of p***y and tits. A dumb ass that gets away with sh*t cuz of her looks. Her sister Ashley is a better talent when she ain't lipsinking.

As for K-fed-ex, He gives hope to all male golddiggers everywhere!!!
He is just doing what women have done to men for all these years.....

2841 days ago


I think all of you adding these EXTREMELY NEGATIVE comments need to move on and get a life. Calling someone a "tramp" when you DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM is quite ignorant. I feel pretty low for responding to these boards but I just can NOT get over how immature you people are.

2841 days ago


shut up please, all of you who think britney is a bad mother, jessica sucks, and paris needs to get a life. first- britney is probably trying her hardest to be a good mother and i think that that would be kind of hard to do with paparazzi following her everywhere. are all you mothers saying you never made a mistake? britneys just get caught on camera. do some of you leave your kids at daycare? same as her leaving her children with staff. going out and partying does not make her a slut. shes not a 45 year old woman. shes in her 20s and having fun. ive seen plenty of girls who are worse than her and nobody cares. second-jessica has a good voice, probably better than most of yours. she was probably just nervous. it does not mean she cannot sing just because she got a little scared and could not sing that night. and she probably felt extremely bad about it and doesnt need you to make it worse. third- paris can have her own friends and be friends with whoever she chooses to. sometimes you become friends with someone, get closer, and then you find out that person wasnt who you thought they were and dont really like who they are and you arent friends with them anymore. these three girls are under a lot of pressure to do the right thing all of the time, or they get made fun of as "dumb blondes". just because youre blonde doesnt mean you are stupid. these girls are not stupid. and i know most of us do not do the right thing every single time we need to make a choice. girls like to have fun. how would you like it if all of your embarrassing moments were caught on camera? i know i wouldnt.

2841 days ago

Timothy James    

Everybody is bitchng about Paris Hilton being a media whore! Me and a friend were partying at The Hollywood Roosevelt"s Pool bar about a year ago, Paris walked in. I wanted so much to dislike her and be really bitchy to her, but she was so sweet, and very genuine! Either she IS one hell of a nice person, or she deserves an academy award!!! ROCK ON MS HILTON!!! By the way to Britney...Good Luck! you rock---I wish you nothing but happiness----TRUE LOVE HAPPENS!

2841 days ago

Russell W. Ramsey    

I would love it if I did not have to contend with seeing Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or any of the phoney elite entertainment element on my screen. Give me news about our country and the world we live in. Get rid of the media phonies. BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2841 days ago


Ok lets get real about this,this is no surprise what is going on with brittany spears.For one thing she is acting like white trash.The only reason that she is acting like this is because she is putting out her next album she needs all the help she can get,because she realy can not sing LIVE at all.You can tell the difference that it is a sound track NOT HER SINGING LIVE AT ALL...For one thing she thinks that she is MADONNA and let me tell you that will never happen..She is just a good entertainer that I will give her ,but singing live NOT
!She better stick with paris because trash stays with trash. Have another drink BRITTANY!!!

2841 days ago


Brittney, Paris, Lindsay Blah Blah Blah

Who cares if they party too much or wear panties or not. Americans fascination with so-called Celebs is rediculous.
Live your own life and let them live theirs :)

2841 days ago

Linda Perhacs    

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck...then, it must be a duck. Substitute any word you choose (slut, hootchie mama, tramp), and the answer is there.

2841 days ago


You know what I find hysterical... is that majority of celebrities lives aren't shown. Only what will captivate the masses is shown. Now I will tell you straight out that I am not a Brittney Spears fan, but I've got to tell you that everybody has a right to go out and have a good time. I've seen far more provocatively dressed girls acting out in far more provocative ways than Brittney has shown. And I'll tell you something, the irony of it all is, it's most likely your daughters doing it when you're not around! "No not my little girl, she knows better"- honey, think again. Young children will be exposed to so many different elements of the real world. Either those elements can shape them, or their parents can teach them the difference between right and wrong- then they can take it for what it is... either a right action, or a wrong action. So calling Brittney a slut- for what, by the way, because I don't exactly see her straddling 1,000 guys, just going out to have fun- seems like close-minded ignorant commentary to me. What about Cybal Sheppard? She's a self-admitted slut. And now, she's the innocent reformed one. Let everyone be, don't get engulfed by all the hype- I'm sure with some outstanding private eye work and fancy photography I could make you out to look like Jenna Jameson herself! Don't believe everything you see and don't take it at face value, because that's what the media thrives on. That's it! I'm all done!

2841 days ago


LOOK! Kevin is trash and has always been trash. He married Brit. for her money and had kids as a leverage in getting more money since he sighned a prenup. He didn't want his other two kids because Char does not have money so now that Brit. has two kids by him and she finally discovered what a looser he is now he is doing anything possible to get what he can. It is sad because he should file because he loves his kids but I dont even think he knows how. I feel sorry for Brit. I agree that she has made some bad choices when it comes to her wardrobe recently but that by no means makes her a bad mother. People need to realize that Brit. is going through a hard time now and just because she is rich does not mean that she is ok. Money doesn't fix your heart. Who when going through a divource wants to sit at home day in and day out sulking? I think she deserves to be able to get out K-fed has been doing it the whole time... By the way who knows Brit may put her kids to bed before she goes out and you know she has nannies there to help her. My mom was a single mom of two and had no money and went through a bad depression sitting at home all the time so I say .......... GO BRIT. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY BEING AWAY FROM A LOOSER. At the same time remember your boys are gifts from God and you are lucky to have such beautiful boys....

2841 days ago


Why does anyone care what these girls do? They are sleazy pigs........period! How nice it would be to go one day without having to be blasted with garbage about one of these brats.

2841 days ago
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