Paris Eats It -- All of It

12/4/2006 12:44 PM PST
Paris Hilton has so much to do these days -- mentoring fading pop stars, juggling awards-show hosting gigs, playing host to fabulous parties -- that sometimes dinner has to be an on-the-run proposition.

At VH1's Big in '06 Awards, taped Saturday night in L.A., Paris demonstrated masterful multi-tasking. Upon entering the green room, she made a beeline for the buffet, piling healthy, salad-y goodness onto her plate, all the while making plans for later (with BFF Britney?). The lodging heiress even managed to oblige some photo-seekers mid-mastication, gracefully balancing plate, phone, and publicist (the ever-ready Elliott Mintz)

Skeletal Hollywood starlets take note -- a busy schedule does not have to preclude a healthy appetite!