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Andy Dick

The New 'Kramer'?

12/5/2006 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_tmz-1Andy Dick hasn't learned anything from the Michael Richards incident.

According to sources, the hopped-up comedian hopped onstage Saturday at L.A.'s Improv comedy club and dropped the n-bomb on a room full of stunned clubgoers.

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during his routine, when Dick allegedly got out of his seat, jumped onstage and began joking with Bagg. The subject of Michael Richards came up, but the two comics quickly moved past it. As Dick exited the stage, he suddenly grabbed the mic and shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of niggers!"

Prejudiced Celebs: Click to launch galleryThe stunned crowd gasped and stared at each other. Bagg tried to play it cool and move on with his set, but the laughs weren't there.

Calls to Dick's rep were not immediately returned.

UPDATE: TMZ has received a statement from The Improv acknowledging the incident: "The Improv is aware of Andy Dick's behavior on Saturday night. Our policy is that material deemed offensive by both famous and up and coming comedians is judged on a case by case basis. In this particular case, Mr. Dick was commenting on a current event. Was it intelligent? No. Was it funny? No. But was it racist? No. It was not directed at any audience member in particular and although it was in bad taste -- it was a comment on the Michael Richards fiasco."


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Andy Dick is another coke-out crackhead looking has been actor who needs some publicity!! He probaly know that it will give his in the closet gay ass some much needed attention! 2 make a joke out of something thats not funny shows how much of a DICK that HEROIN SHOOTING-COKE HEAD PIECE OF DOG SH*T

2848 days ago


Dean you are a tool. Nobody believes you. What's the name of the company and your position? I know--you're a "high powered" toilet scrubber at the "elite establishment" of McDonalds. You're probably posting from the local library since you can't afford your own computer. Your lunch break is up so go back to work.

2848 days ago


This Dean person is posting similar, (very similar) to a poster on the "KRAMER" blog. He sounds just like a poster by the name of "drugnet".

Racism has been grossly overhyped and grossly overused. It's blase` now. Only the true racists even employ it anymore. I mean those who constantly bring it up. Who might that be? Well, ask yourself, WHO HAS THE MOST TO GAIN FROM IT? Only they aren't gaining from it. They are losing because they can't sustain the lies any longer. This Andy Dick's attempt at humor, playing off of racism is just more hype. Overall,claims of racism have been used so much that it isn't racism now. It's a meal ticket for the EXTORTIONISTS!

2848 days ago


OOPs, Appologies to one and all. In my last post I named a poster on another blog as "drugnet". That honestly should have been "dragnet".

2848 days ago


I get such a chuckle from people posting here, who have their say, and then condemn the rest of us for having "our" say. Then the person claims to have better things to do than read our posts. It's true!!! A bit dog DOES bark the loudest!.

2848 days ago


u guys r acting much more racist than that guy

2848 days ago


haha that was funny... get real guys, he's mocking richards

2848 days ago


okay wait a min. how come black folks can go on stage and say white folks this crackers that and it be the funniest thing in the world. i dont see white people getting up and say thats messed up you should say that and get up and leave. everone that is affended to what andy said is to sensitive and is insecure with themselves. andy was poking fun at kramer. kramer on the other had is the way he is. thats how he grew up to cant help that. okay stick him in rehab get him help for what. you cant change a person for being who he is. he was taught that way. so you think you can change one person for saying the word n*gger. why dont you go ahead and change the whole world for thinking the way you and i think. i am the way i am you are the way you are there is nothing that can be done. take it as an insult if it makes you fell better but move on about it. for anyone that is wondering i am of a mixed race.

2848 days ago


Steve, that Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin thing is too funny!

2848 days ago


Andy Dick is a dick and will always be a dick! He is just trying to get some pub for himself.

2848 days ago


I hope that Andy Dick will be reprimanded and not allowed to perform at the Comedy Club. This will let others know that this type of behavior will not be tolerated!!!

2848 days ago


"THE" Mr. Bill Cosby is one of the funniest men I have ever watched. He has been and still is, one of my most respected teachers of life. His wit and sense of humor go beyond such trivialities as race bating. The man loves his people and despairs of what will become of them. His words on the subject should be revered and taken to heart. He IS a great man. I would like to know his thoughts on what Richards said and then Andy Dick followed up on.

2848 days ago


The problem is with comics who weren't funny to begin with, who have to reach for something that will bring them some attention, ignore them, he doesn't deserve our attention at all...........

2848 days ago


You know it's a shame that the world looks at hate as a good time or something to laugh at. The statement that these white men are saying as a joke just shows that we have not at all progressed nor have we changed as a nation. This little nigger bit is not at all funny nor should it be brushed under the rug like oh that's just so & so ha ha ha he didn't mean it .he's a good guy. no he really isn't he is a good guy. he's a hateful bastard that should be seen and treated as such. I'm not to sure why the white communtiy is in such a uproar they've been calling black people niggers for years amoungst each other. I think the real outrage is that one of thier own got caught saying it out loud. when some one messes with the jews they mess with the `world, but when someone messes with the blacks it's a joke and everybody is sorry. the true nigger here is the people that said it and found it o.k and funny.

2848 days ago

Tai Jun    

Honestly the big thing with Richards is not the use of the N-Word. He launched into quite a tirade citing lynching in an almost nostalgic manner. He didn't mimic a celebrity who happened to be Black and use the word, or tell a joke in bad taste. His use of the word was coupled with the rest of his banter.

And I'm sorry if you do not agree but there is a big difference between the n-word and the term 'cracker'. Pretty much every community of colour has been in some way over the centuries, enslaved, dehumanized, ridiculed and forever placed at a disadvantage politically and financially by White Europeans. I'm not a history major but I can't seem to recall any people of colour ever making slaves of Whites and using words to dehumanize them as they held them in capitivity. I do not recall Whites ever being considered three-firths of a human being. In fact, call someone 'cracker' today and see if you'll be taken seriously. The term is laughable and not relevant to this discussion.

There is a different history behind the n-word, that can never be compared to that of 'cracker'. Telling people of colour to get over things like this is to say get over slavery, get over the reservations and the genocide, get over the broken land treaties. Get over the Redskins and the idea of Thanksgiving which commerates the deaths of 500 women and children at the hands of Dutch settlers. Get over Black History MONTH. What is there to get over when so much of the hatred is still so fresh? We are told to get over everything that reminds us that we still mean jack to America. The minorities are whining again. What is a minority? Every community of colour excluding Whites. But of course, there is no such thing as racism. We have nothing to be upset about, we're simply supposed to continue making your beds, shining your shoes and fixing your burritos with that smile your grandparents liked so much.

2848 days ago
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