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Andy Dick

The New 'Kramer'?

12/5/2006 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_tmz-1Andy Dick hasn't learned anything from the Michael Richards incident.

According to sources, the hopped-up comedian hopped onstage Saturday at L.A.'s Improv comedy club and dropped the n-bomb on a room full of stunned clubgoers.

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during his routine, when Dick allegedly got out of his seat, jumped onstage and began joking with Bagg. The subject of Michael Richards came up, but the two comics quickly moved past it. As Dick exited the stage, he suddenly grabbed the mic and shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of niggers!"

Prejudiced Celebs: Click to launch galleryThe stunned crowd gasped and stared at each other. Bagg tried to play it cool and move on with his set, but the laughs weren't there.

Calls to Dick's rep were not immediately returned.

UPDATE: TMZ has received a statement from The Improv acknowledging the incident: "The Improv is aware of Andy Dick's behavior on Saturday night. Our policy is that material deemed offensive by both famous and up and coming comedians is judged on a case by case basis. In this particular case, Mr. Dick was commenting on a current event. Was it intelligent? No. Was it funny? No. But was it racist? No. It was not directed at any audience member in particular and although it was in bad taste -- it was a comment on the Michael Richards fiasco."


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Sticks and Stones my ASS - you think its ok to be a racist and to talk about stringing someone up from a tree while shouting racial slurs at them? Its not cool and its not funny.

2789 days ago

Nat Turner    

Let's spell it out for you:
Using a racial slur in an angry context is not OK. It's a racial slur, capiche?

2789 days ago


Who cares? Enough with this already. People of ALL races use the N word, I don't know why this is so shocking...It's OK for black people to make fun of whites though, right? People laugh when a black person makes fun of whites. N*gger is not just a black word, look it up in the dictionary...Black people call each other that all the time. God forbid a white person uses it. Who makes up these rules????

2789 days ago


Andy Dick is a poster boy for bi-polar disorder. He should talk to Robert Downey Jr. about how it affected his life. Then, he needs to get on some damn meds instead of self medicating with cocaine. That should be good - for a start.

2789 days ago


5. Oh get over it already. Sticks and stones. LEARN IT AND LIVE BY IT. I'm sick of this "don't use the N word" bullsh*t.

Posted at 1:09PM on Dec 5th 2006 by Diane

Well, you should be proud of yourself you stupid racist bitch. If you're so sick of it then why don't you say it to a black person and see if you don't get your ass knocked into next week????? And I guess all of my ancestors who were murdered, raped, whipped, and tortured should have gotten over the way they were treated by your ancestors, huh? God bless you.

2789 days ago


Andy Dick wants attention.

Who cares???????????????????

2789 days ago


BTW, Peace N*****s...

2789 days ago

I think Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin are really the same person. They're both ugly motherf***ers.

2789 days ago


what a sad, desperate plea for attention.

2789 days ago


Ah, but it's okay for n***** rappers to talk about raping white women, calling them bitches, etc. I swear, the real n*****s are just morons as far as I'm concerned. And there is a huge difference in a n***** and a black! N***** can be a white person too in case some of you don't know what the word means. But hey, let's run screaming and crying when we're called names and see if mama can make the boo-boo all better, OR let's grow up and learn to ignore the ones that only run screaming and crying when they want a free buck or two and aren't mature enough to handle being called a name. Geez.

2789 days ago


Andy Dick is a no talent, never was, has been. Trying to steal a little bit of spot-light because his act sucks.. Andy do us all a favor and lay under a bus.

2789 days ago


where is the affirmative action?

2789 days ago

Magical Mike    

All you people are f***ing DUMB. DUMB AS A ROCK & STUPID TOO.

It was a joke.

He said it because Kramer said it recently. You people should be ashamed of yourself. You don't even deserve a computer to go on any websites.

You should all just go home and hide under your covers until you develop some brain cells to rub together.

And Get a Sense of Humour you dumb asses.

2789 days ago


Andy Dick's put on the gay as part of his act. He has one kid with his ex-wife and two with his current girlfriend. I know, I know he does act very gayish but he puts in on to attrack them to his comdey. He's really not as dumb as he seems but he does way too many drugs and drinks like a fish. Plus he's not funny IMO. The N-word is never funny no matter who uses it, be they white, black or green.

2789 days ago


Well Mr Dick I think you have about reached your height of popularity and from here its all down. Your hope for being a national or global superstar has been dashed, not just with this recent stunt but its been coming.. I thank you for sealing your fate and us not having to see you hosting or otherwise making public appearances that are sponsored by, or funded by Groups with the real money in this Industry. They wont touch you nor want their name near your own.

Off color pay per view types might be interested, but not the mainstream.

Bye bye Andy

2789 days ago
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