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Andy Dick

The New 'Kramer'?

12/5/2006 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_tmz-1Andy Dick hasn't learned anything from the Michael Richards incident.

According to sources, the hopped-up comedian hopped onstage Saturday at L.A.'s Improv comedy club and dropped the n-bomb on a room full of stunned clubgoers.

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during his routine, when Dick allegedly got out of his seat, jumped onstage and began joking with Bagg. The subject of Michael Richards came up, but the two comics quickly moved past it. As Dick exited the stage, he suddenly grabbed the mic and shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of niggers!"

Prejudiced Celebs: Click to launch galleryThe stunned crowd gasped and stared at each other. Bagg tried to play it cool and move on with his set, but the laughs weren't there.

Calls to Dick's rep were not immediately returned.

UPDATE: TMZ has received a statement from The Improv acknowledging the incident: "The Improv is aware of Andy Dick's behavior on Saturday night. Our policy is that material deemed offensive by both famous and up and coming comedians is judged on a case by case basis. In this particular case, Mr. Dick was commenting on a current event. Was it intelligent? No. Was it funny? No. But was it racist? No. It was not directed at any audience member in particular and although it was in bad taste -- it was a comment on the Michael Richards fiasco."


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Andy "DICK" is aptly named! Asswad!

2846 days ago


Andy dickless just wants to get publicity. What a pathetic way to get it.

2846 days ago

Magical Mike    

It is just a word people. Relax.

Every other word is ok except for this one. Please. Come on. Who cares.

Everyone just do the right thing and go about your life and stop worrying about this.

I think that is what Andy Dick is trying to say. Andy Dick is alot smarter than most of the people posting on here.

You guys are too sensitive and none too bright.

Have you seen Borat?

Sasha Cohen is a Jew yet he plays a jew hater in the movie.

That way you take the power away from the racists by making fun of it.

You people are acting dumb and way too serious.

2846 days ago


Let's rap a song about all the white crackers, honkies and old womens we wanna murder. YES, that's okay for blacks to do isn't it? How dare a white use the word n*****! Sicking bunch of sh*t! I say if the word n***** bothers you, don't act like one.

2846 days ago


to all of u idiots who think it should be ok to call someone that u really need to think again. sure it's just a word but the injustice, hatred, and history that our culture behind that word can't be ignored.
i can cringe when i hear people of all races use it it a joking manner and sometimes laugh. HOWEVER i still remember being an innocent lil kid about 8 and remember the store owner telling me to get my N***** ass out of his store...when my white dad was around across the store prepared to spend our moner there.
NOW i'd love to hear someone tell me that it's just a word get over it.
and btw, that was only 20 years ago.....not that long

2846 days ago

Magical Mike    

Entrodelflego -

You have it backwards. Use of the word N***** in almost any context is very funny. In Fact any racial stereotyping and humour is very very funny.

I am a fan of racial humor and bringing light to sterotypes in comedy or any medium.

Racial commentary & humor provides enlightenment and discussion one way or another.

If it is ridiculous it brings that to light and makes the person look foolish. If it seems to be true it also brings that to light and makes you ask why.

There are differences and similarities among the people of the world. To deny and ignore that is silly.

To focus on that exclusively is also wrong.

But there is a middle ground. Making rac (ial) jokes or comments is not always rac (ists)

Those who can't see the difference are not that smart. It's as simple as that.

2846 days ago


This guy is a total loser. He is so desperate for attention and he knew he could get it by screaming that insult. Sicko!

2846 days ago


Hmm Dick fighting with his producers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>are they lovers. Got my wonder with a name like that.

2846 days ago


Then it's OK to call you a Jew bag Silverman? Funny huh?

2846 days ago



2846 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

ok first of all andy dick sucks dick. literally!

and civilized people do not throw racial slurs at each other FOR THE FUN OF IT.

and the N word in general should b abolished! !

2846 days ago


Diane, and Not Racist...I am a black woman and I was raised in a two parent home where that word was NOT ALLOWED! I don't use it, I have NEVER USED IT and I NEVER WILL! Just because some people are assinine doesn't mean everyone is. I'm sick of this crap that 'It's just a word'. It's not JUST a word. It's a form of HATE and evil. I don't want to hear it from ANYONE..Black, White, Hispanic, Haitian, or whatever.

Both of you should grow a brain. NO ONE SHOULD USE IT! How about promoting THAT instead of the ingnorance of "Well why can they say it, and we can't ?"

I don't give a damn WHO you are. I don't want it said around me. It shows a lack of intelligence and knowledge...the same as cursing, but I guess you'd know that already, Diane, right?

2846 days ago

Magical Mike    

The point is it dosen't matter. If I were Sarah Silverman do you think I would care if someone said JAP Silverman. No.

It only reflects poorly on the person that is saying it.

Black people should relax. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Just go about your life. Get jobs. Take care of your kids. Fix up your neigborhoods.

You can not worry about changing someone else's belief's and actions. You can only change your own.

The jews are a perfect example. Other than people like Abraham Foxman, head ot the ADL, who's job it is to monitor anti-semitism.

I would venture to say most jews don't care if people say bad things about jews. They create their own jobs and nurture their own community and probably don't give it a second thought. Do you think Jerry Seinfeld or Steven Speilberg worry that Mel Gibson said he hates jews.

Not too much. Mel looks like a fool and they go about their life Ruling the world.

Black people could learn alot from the Jews.

2846 days ago


As a black man myself, I am reminded of something my grandfather once said...'If you're black, don't act like a n*gger in public.' He thought his children, and his grandchildren to act as if we possesed a modicum of common sense. This whole Michael Richards/Andy Dick saga is really pointless to me. The people who use N*gger are stupid, and as a whole Blacks should have nothing to do with them. And now I stand here, waiting for the cry of 'Uncle Tom'.

2846 days ago

Magical Mike    

Andy Dick is A N***** Comedian

2846 days ago
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