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Andy Dick

The New 'Kramer'?

12/5/2006 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

andy_dick_tmz-1Andy Dick hasn't learned anything from the Michael Richards incident.

According to sources, the hopped-up comedian hopped onstage Saturday at L.A.'s Improv comedy club and dropped the n-bomb on a room full of stunned clubgoers.

Andy was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during his routine, when Dick allegedly got out of his seat, jumped onstage and began joking with Bagg. The subject of Michael Richards came up, but the two comics quickly moved past it. As Dick exited the stage, he suddenly grabbed the mic and shouted at the crowd, "You're all a bunch of niggers!"

Prejudiced Celebs: Click to launch galleryThe stunned crowd gasped and stared at each other. Bagg tried to play it cool and move on with his set, but the laughs weren't there.

Calls to Dick's rep were not immediately returned.

UPDATE: TMZ has received a statement from The Improv acknowledging the incident: "The Improv is aware of Andy Dick's behavior on Saturday night. Our policy is that material deemed offensive by both famous and up and coming comedians is judged on a case by case basis. In this particular case, Mr. Dick was commenting on a current event. Was it intelligent? No. Was it funny? No. But was it racist? No. It was not directed at any audience member in particular and although it was in bad taste -- it was a comment on the Michael Richards fiasco."


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You want to learn the history of slavery (including the slavery of whites)? Here is a good place to start - it's not too long to read either:

Modern slavery:

2887 days ago


Dick won't suffer any consequences from the elite media because he's gay. And what's wrong with the word n*gger? I'm more offended when people tiptoe around it by using the term "N word". What's wrong with us? Have we been so brow-beaten that we're now allowing people to tell us which words we can and cannot use? God help us!

2887 days ago

In utter disbelief    

Regardless of who you've heard use the word, Richard's act of stupidity shows that there are people of all races who find the use of the word extremely offensive. So, out of consideration and RESPECT for others (unless you are just scum of the earth), you don't make a joke out of that. Period

2887 days ago


wow... Aahzy (btw, nice name, I get it!).... great article you found there!

2887 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

To: Bill Cosby,

There are middle class "Black Neighborhoods" in Los Angeles, Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights are one of the few that are here... You are racist sir.. There are poor WHITE areas just like black, hispanic, jewish, asian, immigrant ones. We as a whole need to be better educated, not just one or two groups of people...

Your negativity does nothing to help race issues in America.

2887 days ago


Too funny! Sorry, but if society in general can't recognize parody and learn to laugh at itself (and get past all of the mistakes and poor judgement made in the past by our forefathers and ancestors) then it's true we're doomed to repeat history and haven't learned a thing. This whole age of political correctness has gotten entirely out of hand - we've become a bunch of social p***ies afraid of our own shadows when dealing our cultural differences... this is better how again?!

Shake it off and lighten up, people.

2887 days ago

yir ma    

Why does being educated give some of you the right to be so condicending, you have the right to suck c**k and be an assman. giddy up.

2887 days ago


reading for you all. Thanks. Your links were very informative as well. Isn't it amazing that all of this information is out there for anyone, yet precious few have the wherewithal to access it? (And your user name is very appropriate. Someone has to do it for them). It's a pleasure to make your aquaintance. Just to keep this post relevant to the blog.............I don't know who this Andy Dick is.

2887 days ago


Everyone on this page is a n*****. Ha, how do you like those rights.

2887 days ago


We are in the land of opportunity here. I am tired of the excuses people have for "not making it." The white man is not holding you down! ONLY YOU CAN HOLD YOURSELF DOWN. Let's face it, not everyone has the mind of an Oprah or a Diddy, or a Trump or a Gates. What seperates them from people like some of you complainers? They MADE IT ON THEIR OWN. THEY DIDN'T GIVE UP. Keep in mind, NOT EVERYONE IS MADE TO MAKE IT RICH. Not everyone has the mental capacity, nor the drive and determination. Stop listening to people who remind you of the bell curve studies!

If you can't make it, well to repeat my favorite line in the movie Caddyshack "well, the world needs ditch diggers too."

2887 days ago


I'm outraged! I won't be able to watch TV or eat or sleep or anything. Whoa is me! I'm outraged! I'm outraged! I;m outraged! I;m outraged!

2887 days ago


I've never thought Andy Dick was all that funny but I think we need to ask ourselves if we're taking life a little too seriously when we miss a blatently obvious joke.

I'm a white male, the only time I've been prejudged was for the clothing I chose to wear so I can't claim to understand what it's like to be black in America; I imagine there's way more to it than I realize. However, I do believe that the way a person reacts to an event gives it its power. The reaction to that word (and it's interesting to me that because of reactions to it, I don't feel comfortable writing it) has given it way more power than it ever should have. I think that part of the next step in racial relations is forgiveness (I'm not a Christan, but: what would Jesus do?), to be the bigger person/people, and not let silly words affect people's lives: the reaction to the word defines it. Hopefully someday we'll see each other as being the same race, and reconize the triviality of our racial differences, then maybe we can start loving each other for our cultural differences. That being said #%&! anybody who would choose to use that word in a negative context.

2887 days ago


we have no control over what our ancestors did!!!! No one wants to listen to that lame argument anymore...what you need to do is stop wearing baggy pants down around your knees , big fricken gold teeth in your dumb-ass head and learn to speak ENGLISH! Then, maby someone will actually take you seriously and perhaps even respect you...You don't get respect handed to you ...You have to earn it!

2887 days ago


I think there comes a point where people need to agree that there are much less inflammatory and far more important issues than racism, such as human rights issues. Before we act so surprised about racial slurs I think we should react to the human rights violations going on around the world. These racial statements dont surprise or offend me. People treat eachother very poorly all around the world.

2887 days ago


Here again we have a mixed bag of people getting themselves all worked up because somebody said a bad word.

What are the implications?

2887 days ago
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