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Bruce Willis' Daughter Gets Bossed Around

12/5/2006 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scout Willis may have super-rich parents, but they make her work hard for the money.

The middle daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was spotted working (gasp!) at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Los Angeles.

Considering that her only acting gigs have been small roles in her parents' movies, it's good that she has something to fall back on.


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To: Han Solo # 15, you are so right. If these @ssholes that talk noise behind a keyboard had their pictures posted on here they wouldn't be making some of these hateful comments about people that they will never meet in this lifetime or the next one. We all have the tendency to talk about people when we have low self esteem ourselves. Don't any of us know what she went through to get this job, half of the people making comments probably never lifted a finger to do anything except type something negative about someone.

Good Day!!!

2877 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Looks like John McLaine as a teenager with a mullet. Yeah, they probably are great kids. Maybe Ashton and Demi will have a cuter one.

2877 days ago


You go Scout !!!! Good for you. We all worked when we were kids, you shouldn't be any different. Your parents (and step parents) are helping you learn a valuable lesson. .....and let's not forget about the "employee discount "! You look beautiful. Good luck.

2877 days ago


Everyone leave her alone...the alternative is another skanky X-Ray... Paris, Nicole etc. Ugh!

2877 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dear, sweet glee...
are you a top or a bottom?

2877 days ago


Before you say that this poor CHILD doesn't look anything like her mother, maybe you should look up pics of Demi PRIOR to all of Demi's many, many, many plastic surgeries! Demi no longer looks like herself. has tons of celeb pics prior to surgery, I'm sure you'll fine one there and then see how much this girl does look like mommy dearest!

2877 days ago


now that's what im talking about!!

2877 days ago

Hello Kitty    

I think its a good thing that she has a job and will be earning her own money.. unlike the other teensponges out there.

2876 days ago


An addendum:

Who who call that fat? I am fat and know what it looks like. My first initial reaction to the photo was 'I wish I could make my legs look toned like that again'
And we wonder why girls her age suffer from body image problems....

2876 days ago


For all of the people commenting on how ugly she is, she looks to me like a combination of her parents. Someone said how could two beautiful people make an ugly kid? Well, in my opinion, I don't think either parent is good looking. Look at Bruce, if you really look at him, he's got a big nose and a smirky mouth. I like Bruce Willis, don't get me wrong, I am just stating what I observe when I look at him. As for Demi, I always thought she had some masculine qualities. She isn't ugly but she isn't your sweet demure looking beauty. She has that deep raspy voice and every once in awhile a k.d. Lang appearance. So I am not shocked by the way the kids look. BUT, they are all human beings and what is important in life is what they do not how they look. If this girl is getting put down for holding a job, she IS a teenager I think, then what is wrong with that? It doesn't make sense to pick on her. I am sure if we got photos of all of us on our first jobs at 16 years old, there would be a lot of dorky looking kids.

2876 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

#39 - do women have to choose? I suppose with the right toys I could be both...... :)

2876 days ago


Hey people at least she is working not like Paris and the rest of the rich kids in Hollywood.. Her parents are doing a great job letting her see how the real world works by getting a job and making her money......

2832 days ago



2832 days ago


Damn, you folks are harsh...

2830 days ago


Demi was no raving beauty when she was growing up. Plastic surgery does wonders for a cross-eyed girl at that age. Demi is not all that and more. Why she would fool with such a dork as Asston!! is beyond me. He is such a loser to think he is really something. It is just like marrying your son.

2822 days ago
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