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Plastic Man Offers Britney Tummy Tuck

12/5/2006 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a Christmas gift certificate for a free tummy tuck and cosmetic surgery offered by a New York cosmetic surgeon to Britney Spears, to help her regain her famous stomach and abs. Fa la la la la.

Recent photos of the pop princess rocked the Internet by showing her very obvious C-section scar, and, er, a few other things. Plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs, who has shaped over 200 Playboy bunnies, decided to offer his expertise to the former Mousketeer.

Dr. Jacobs said "Prior to getting married, having children, and withdrawing from the musical limelight, Ms. Spears had one of the best bodies in the business -- often appearing onstage in midriff-bearing outfits that showcased her six-pack," and says he is "committed to returning Britney to that form."

La la la la.


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Tony J.    

I agree with Julie (#9?) that this guy's wording is creepy. And I'm male.

I agree with others that his grammar and typos are not what one would expect from someone with his level of education (unless TMZ scanned the letter haphazardly - and how did they get it anyway?).

I also agree that he's just looking for publicity/business, and he'd get more respect if he offered free work to someone who really needs it and can't afford it. The cleft palate repair was a good suggestion. I can't imagine a more noble gesture than that for a child or infant who would otherwise grow up disfigured, ridiculed, shunned, have trouble consuming food, plus other health problems from not being able to close their mouth. Weigh those benefits for a child against a freakin tummy tuck for an adult who doesn't need it and can hide it anyway.

Just my two cents.

2879 days ago


Why not give plastic surgery to someone that doesn't have the money to pay it instead of Britney Spears who has the money to buy her own tummy tuck if that is what she wants?? Sheesh!!

2879 days ago


Why does their adds cover stories. I can't read everything

2879 days ago

Mad Balls    

Could me remove that growth that is thin , blonde and "thats Hot" with oversized glasses that is sucking the life outa' Britney everyday ? Dickhead .

2879 days ago


Yet another guy trying to get famous off of Britney!

TMZ: Why would you give this so-called "dr" free-publicity?

2879 days ago

Hello Kitty    

If he can keep a PB Bunny perky then she should take him up on his offer if she wants the extra help.

Why did the offer have to go public ?

2879 days ago


she looks great???? wtf? what is so great on her?

2879 days ago


Read his letter... "your videos revealing YOU six pack abs". Personally, I'd never go to a doctor that isn't conscientious enough to proofread the letter he sends out.

2878 days ago

just me    

I personally this this Dr wants to see the rest of Britney naked. I am not a fan of hers at all but I do have to say she looks pretty good after this last kid and I am sure that is due to a tummy tuck. So Dr I think you are a lil to late. She beat you to it already!

2878 days ago


Is this even real? If the letter was mailed to Britney how in the hell did TMZ get their hands on it? This doc is using TMZ for publicity...he probably never even sent the letter to her, rather straight to TMZ for laughs and publicity. I just can't see a dr. writing such an unprofessional letter to acquire a 'client'...I call BS on this one.

2878 days ago


#30 WTF is wrong with you?

" Women who have c-section scars are so freaking fugly."

I have a c section scar from having my 2 children? What is so fugly about that?!!
My scar comes from love and wanting to bring children into a loving home with 2 parents to create a family? DO YOU have any scars anywhere?? I'm sure if you do they didn't come from the labor of love.

GROW UP!!!!!

2878 days ago


I wouldn't go this "creepy" looking doctor if it was free.

2878 days ago


She had a "tummy tuck" after the birth of her last son.

2878 days ago


This guy calls himself a Doctor? I have never seen anything so unprofessional in my life! He's just as disgusting as she is. She needs a scummy tuck...i'm sure that she'll work off the baby fat. For this so called Physician to offer a millionare his services for free is so disturbing.
This guys career should be over. He needs to hand over his license NOW.

2877 days ago

tim horton    

does britney have a functioning brain left after all that wild partying? britney should quit while she's ahead because her career is definitely over. take my advice brit, quit your day job, get a job as a hairdresser in tuscaloosa and move back to the trailer park.

2869 days ago
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