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What Garrison Did

Before Fatal Crash

12/5/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has learned that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has hired powerhouse defense attorney Harland Braun in connection with last Saturday's fatal car accident.

Lane was at the wheel in his Land Rover on Saturday night when it crossed a median in Beverly Hills and crashed into a tree. A 17-year-old boy sitting in the backseat was killed and two 15-year-olds were injured.

Braun tells TMZ that Garrison had never met the three teenagers before the night of the accident. Braun says Garrison was at a local supermarket earlier in the evening when the trio recognized him in the checkout line and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Braun says Garrison went to the party and had one drink. Braun says Garrison also had one margarita at a Mexican restaurant that night, but that was the extent of his alcohol consumption. Braun tells TMZ that as Garrison was leaving the party to meet a woman at his apartment, the three teens asked to accompany him. According to sources, the boy was an only child and was extremely well liked by his peers.

Braun says Garrison has no recollection of the accident, which Braun says rendered him unconscious. In fact, Braun claims Garrison's first memory was waking up at the Century City Hospital emergency room with a taxi coupon on his lap that had been given to him by hospital staff so he could get home. Braun says he was not told by hospital personnel that someone had died. He learned of the death later from a friend, Braun says, and was "totally despondent."

Braun says a sample of Garrison's blood was taken at the hospital, but it could take several weeks before the results are in. Braun says he doubts Garrison was intoxicated, but also says, "Who knows if someone put something in his drink at the party."

Braun also says Garrison's Land Rover had been experiencing alignment issues as of late and had been pulling to one side, and added that the SUV had brake problems. Braun says he is forwarding repair receipts to the police.

According to Braun, "Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery."


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Lock him up and throw away the key.

2847 days ago


Sorry, I don't believe his story of why he was in a car with two 15 year old girls and a 17 year old boy. The name Rob Lowe comes to mind.

2847 days ago

free paris    

This is the biggest BS I have ever read!! The loser is trying to get out of a murder rap! I hope the jury in this case doesn't buy this nonsense.

2847 days ago


There goes his career down the toilet.

2847 days ago


What grown man in this day and age with half a brain would willingly go to a party with 3 teenagers he doesn't know? And then proceed to take them home?

Something is not right.

2847 days ago


The whole thing is weird, what is he doing partying with teenage kids?

2847 days ago


This story is real fishy -the 'truth' will come out

2847 days ago



2847 days ago

Sasha Lynn    

Wow....seems very convienient that he "only had one" drink at each of the places that we was seen at during the course of events leading up to the accident...that easily explains why he probably had a drink in his had at all times of the must have been that "one" that he had. Also, very convienient that his Range Rover was having "alignment issues" right before the loss occurred. If that were my Rover, I would want the car to be right in the shop. If he was "meeting a woman at his appartment" (wink, wink) then why in earth would he want not one, but two 15 year old girls that he had never met before to accompany him?? Hmmm....I wonder what his plans were????

2847 days ago


Meet them inline at a grocery store? I just don't buy that.

2847 days ago

coco puff    

I have no doubt he was wasted. Why would his high priced attorney say "someone may have put something in his drink"? He can't remember the accident, OK, what about what he did before he got behind the wheel. I hope those kids families sue his ass off.

2847 days ago


It's interesting that the lawyer made a point to say that he was going home to meet a woman. I'm glad he cleared that up for us....lest we idiots think he was taking the 15 year old girls and the 17 year old boy home to party and some sex.

2847 days ago

Jo Blo    

LOL. I bet all those little morons that came in here, making those kids seem like saints feel dumb as f*** now. It was THOSE little bastards that came up to HIM.

2847 days ago


My grandmother wouldn't believe that story from her favorite grandkid!

2847 days ago


It's " a mystery". Give me a break. I do medical transcription for emergency rooms throughout the Los Angeles area. It does not take weeks to get results back for alcohol level or a urine toxicology screen. It takes about an hour, and patients are not released until these results are back.

Three teenagers in your vehicles. Shame on him.

2847 days ago
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