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What Garrison Did

Before Fatal Crash

12/5/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has learned that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has hired powerhouse defense attorney Harland Braun in connection with last Saturday's fatal car accident.

Lane was at the wheel in his Land Rover on Saturday night when it crossed a median in Beverly Hills and crashed into a tree. A 17-year-old boy sitting in the backseat was killed and two 15-year-olds were injured.

Braun tells TMZ that Garrison had never met the three teenagers before the night of the accident. Braun says Garrison was at a local supermarket earlier in the evening when the trio recognized him in the checkout line and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Braun says Garrison went to the party and had one drink. Braun says Garrison also had one margarita at a Mexican restaurant that night, but that was the extent of his alcohol consumption. Braun tells TMZ that as Garrison was leaving the party to meet a woman at his apartment, the three teens asked to accompany him. According to sources, the boy was an only child and was extremely well liked by his peers.

Braun says Garrison has no recollection of the accident, which Braun says rendered him unconscious. In fact, Braun claims Garrison's first memory was waking up at the Century City Hospital emergency room with a taxi coupon on his lap that had been given to him by hospital staff so he could get home. Braun says he was not told by hospital personnel that someone had died. He learned of the death later from a friend, Braun says, and was "totally despondent."

Braun says a sample of Garrison's blood was taken at the hospital, but it could take several weeks before the results are in. Braun says he doubts Garrison was intoxicated, but also says, "Who knows if someone put something in his drink at the party."

Braun also says Garrison's Land Rover had been experiencing alignment issues as of late and had been pulling to one side, and added that the SUV had brake problems. Braun says he is forwarding repair receipts to the police.

According to Braun, "Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery."


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Sasha Lynn    

Ok, so....1. he only had one drink at each of the places where he was seen that night....this would explain why any witnesses at either place saw him with a drink at any point during the night...right???. 2. His Range Rover's alignment was off...if that were my vehicle, Rover or not, I would want to have the taken care of right away....wobbly vehicles are never fun, no? 3. He was going to to "meet a woman" why again, would he want to bring home not one, but two 15 year old girls?? Hmmm....I wonder what his plans for the rest of the evening were. Was the other guy an avid cameraman???

2877 days ago


lets see, there is an accident with injuries, police note at the scence through an earlier report here that he had signs of intoxication, someone dies, and he simply wakes up with a taxi coupon in his lap and is allowed to what, just walk out and hail a cab? police around to question him or be called when he "came to"?

Than these lawyered up kind of comments about how and why he was with minors, and accounting for 2 drinks all night and a thought that , "hey he could have been drugged", and than a potentially defective vehicle which the manufacture should surely be at fault for.

These Hollyweird types got all their bases covered when it comes to trouble dont they?...hope him and Snoop go to LACO jail chained together.....ahh but that would only be in a movie right? real life works different for the Hollyweird types.....

well no matter the judicial outcome this turd is finished with his career and a guilty conscience for the rest of his life.

2877 days ago


I'm a Beverly High Student and today the support for the boy was amazing. I'm not releasing any details because I feel privacy is in order but to those that think the boy deserved it or that the actor should walk free or those that think anything negative, I just have to say, no one deserves this, especially the boy that died. He was loved dearly at school and no one deserves a death like this.

2877 days ago

Kenenth E. Lamb    

Mr. Garrison's attorney is the prosecution's best witness. The story he is spouting wreaks of lies.

OK, so we are supposed to believe that Mr. Garrison, a "star," is so easily enticed to go to a party peopled by 15 - 17 year olds; enticed by first-time-meeting-them strangers? Sure - that's credible . . .

Then, he has a hot date back at his residence, and he's going to let these heretofore unknown minors tag along. Sure - that's credible too . . .

(I trust the facetious nature of my "that's credible . . ." is being grasped by all readers.)

Mr. Garrison's attorney tries to cover all the bases, starting with the drugs that will be found in Mr. Garrison's sample. That's why the attorney said it will be weeks to find out what resides in Mr. Garrison's blood sample when a test for alcohol alone is a one-hour procedure.

And the condition of the vehicle: Can you spell "mitigating circumstances?"

But the final line in the TMZ article is the real kicker: "According to Braun, 'Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery.'"

Actually, the surviving female who was less injured, and hopefully the female who was seriously injured will live to tell about it; they know what happened.

Mr. Garrison is going to jail for at least a decade - longer if the seriously injured female passes away (God Forbid it should happen!).

But I can't help but return to the culpability of the parents. Mr. Garrison deserves, and will with time be sentenced to, jail time. But what responsibility will be placed upon the parents? Their neglect and failure to define appropriate behavior is the cause of the minor's inappropriate behavior.

Many of you may feel the parents will suffer enough because of the child's death. Certainly that is true - they will suffer immeasurably.

But for the parents of the two females - God comfort them - there needs to be a sentence for allowing their children to be in a life-threatening situation. At the party, no one mentioned in the story was of age to consume alcoholic beverages. Allowing their children to be at the party is as child abusive to the minors as it would be to leave an infant or toddler in a vehicle with the windows up on a summer's day.

In both cases the child is trapped in a situation beyond their comprehension and life skills. The parents abandoned their children. And child abandonment is a crime.

2877 days ago


Guy has a few drinks, gets behind the wheel with three minors, one dies and the others are hurt when driver crashes the car.

WTF's the mystery here?

2877 days ago


Kenneth, to say! To SAY that the Boy's parents were neglecting him! This is an intresting community here in Beverly Hills, we hang out we kids go out at night! Sure sh*t happens but if blame was put on the parents everytime thier child made a bad descion then every parent would be in jail. The Boy's parents loved him very much and those students that went to his home the night of....well they know the truth.

2877 days ago

Who is this guy and his attorney kidding? It is plainly obvious to the "world" he is guilty and should go to jail. People keep pointing out the girls (drastically underage)... lets not foget this "boy" and a party? this moron needs to go to jail for stupidity- someone was killed due to his poor judgement. How many special stories can his counsel possibly come up with?

2877 days ago

Jo Blo    

15 year olds know not to get into a car with a drunk person at the wheel. Their parents should be locked up in prison for being idiots and letting their "child" get into a situation where they would have to make that choice.

Lane will not get jailtime. Rebecca Gayheart only got fines, probation, community service, license revokation, and public speeches for when she ran over a NINE YEAR OLD because she was in a hurry to get to some audition for a movie that would ultimately bomb anyway.

2877 days ago


What amount of smoke and mirror BS does this hollywood attorney think the public will believe??!!

2877 days ago


excuses, excuses excuses..that all i have to say! weather he had 1 or a 100 doesnt matter..he made the choice to drink and drive and the sad part about this is that a life was lost =(..very sad!..strangers or not..he chose to drive these kids around while being intoxicated and unfortunately now he has to pay the price..and the whole story that they came up with..sorry but sounds like BS! he has a history of driving drunk as was reported snd caugfht on tape with TMZ happened to me i got in a auto acciddent while intoxicated and thank GOD NOBODY was hurt...but i learned my lesson and agnowledged that what i did was wrong(scared me to death) and never again would i make the mistake.

2877 days ago


this guy should be guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

1. it was his vehicle and he was driving
2. a person died.

2877 days ago


I have a Son and I cannot imagine the parent's of the child that died that
night. May God Bless them. I wish this young man would take responsibility
and try to make some ammends. By acting as if he wasn't at fault will only add
to this families pain. I could not look my self in the mirror or live my life in any normal degree, if I just let this go and didn't own up to my involvement. I feel sorry for everyone involved. I hope it's a wake up call about the life and death dangers of drinking and driving. Do the right thing, young man. I know you are scared of prison, but you will be in prison your whole life if you don't do the right thing.

2877 days ago


I would think about getting a new lawyer. This lawyer has said too much already, and it's not necessary--and careless--at this stage. The lawyer should stick to being a defender of his client and not a PR rep.

2877 days ago


I'm more upset about George Clooney's pig dying.

2877 days ago

Virginia Pulido Guevara    

Why in the world would he decide to party with underage teenagers and then decide to take them home??? This guy has issues! He was involved in a previous accident too and when the paparazzi showed up he tried driving away with a sweater over his head! He should be allowed to operate a vehicle....

2877 days ago
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