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Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

12/6/2006 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vaughniston are Ovah!With news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are nothing more than friends, the world is picking up the pieces and trying to figure out just went wrong.

According to AOL Horoscopes, Jen's "Saturn is moving through her 10th House of Career" and may have led her drive to become an A-list film actress override a "desire to build security through deep intimacy." Once you've done Brad Pitt, does it matter? To hell with Brad and Vince, this gal wants Oscar!

Likewise, Vince's stars indicate he "needs to move toward expressing his imagination through film, and Uranus is stimulating his desire to grow in this direction." Stimulating Uranus creates a desire to grow? We did not know that.

For Jen and Vince, being stars appears to be more important than love, and their inevitable "Break-Up" was the only thing in the stars.


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some people are really hating on Jenn...WTF???????? It's like the same person is commenting over and over about the same crap!!!!!LMFAO

2885 days ago


Yes, more astrology. Check out Milton Black's analysis of compatibility between Sag (Brad) and Gemini (Angelina) at totally captures what the two are living... A sample: "Both of you are curious individuals, rather restless and on-the-go. You can expect your lives together to be very active, with lots of changes, probably frequent moves, adjustments, surprises, and new challenges. These changes will bring lots of ups and downs, but overall both of you will be greatly enriched by these diverse activities and interests."

2885 days ago


What a bunch of pure unadulterated bovine excreta !! In fact Pluto before being booted out of the solar system, predicted TMZ will come up with such nonsense !

2885 days ago


Stop the hate on Jen.

Can some people try to understand what her fake husband did her with the husband stealer whorelina who opened up her legs to a married man who was filming a lousy movie with then lied lied until she hooked him with her adopted kids, Wake up people. Thiot is a typical case of home wrecking. Theres a lot of situations like this going on in the world as we speak.

I feel for Jen. She is not perfect. Stop beibg so cruel. She can move on but please show her some love and understanding. SHE IS HUMAN.


2885 days ago


Oh, come on now, TMZ. All jokes aside I think " girl Jay Leno with nice hair' ( # 11 Kudos to you - that is the craziest , and most dead on discription of Jen I have ever seen !!!! ) will never be a movie star - she is not as cute/sexy/funny as Julia Roberts, not as talented and versital as Reese Witherspoone , and does not come close to the WHATEVER Paris Hilton is /does/shows etc.on,and on and on.Go back to TV and do infomercials, or while you are still skinny do a girls gone wild flic, or better still just go away...........bub bye :)

2885 days ago


I don't think they were EVER a couple in the first place. The laugh is on us. They got a run of publicity for their non-efforts and now they have "broken up"??? They never admitted or denied they were a couple; they were just playing everyone along so the press would shut up and leave them alone.

2885 days ago


Yes Valjen, we get it, it's all Brad fault that Jen has become pathetic.

Poor Jen, none of this was her fault, her poor choices, her poor decisions. Because Brad left her for Angelina, she had to lap dance on vince, she had to refuse to confirm or deny her relationship with Vince for months until TBU came out, she had to call People to say she and vince were not engaged even though her publicist, (whatshisname?? the one who wrote to Perez???) had already denied the engagement, she had to go to Oprah to deny that there was a break up without ever confirming that there was a relationship to begin with, she had to talk about how yoga helped her recover from her misery of the break up (because of course a more positive message like how it made her strong and looking great to make and promote 4 movies back to back wouldn't suit her fans like you).

Oh BTW, Valjen, you are also pathetic. Instead of making excuses and blaming what Brad did to her with Angelina, how about writing in your post that she live a good, fruitful happy life by taking responsibility for her life. Millions of women get cheated on, abandoned, publicly (see Reese, Uma, et al) Because she is the master of her ship.

2885 days ago


To number two: Do I sense jealousy??

2885 days ago


WHY CAN'T SOMEONE JUST BREAK UP? how many people have we all dated in our adult lives? when things didn't work out was it always because we were to focused on our career? NO let them be. they are people just like everyone else. you're just jealous, that's the only reason you talk about them. And....just because a romantic relationship ended doesn't mean it "didn't work out" maybe it is working out. maybe that's the way it was supposed to be. you can't keep everyone one you ever meet in you life forever. GET A LIFE

2885 days ago

Lars Hansen    

All I can say is my anus was not responsible for their breakup!

2885 days ago


#35 STFU, first of all I for one dont defend biatches that take someones man cause you never know what can happen to you, second Angelina was a lways a skank before Brad fag ass Pit and before Billy Bob.

For those of you stating that him and Jen never had a relationship, dont spit up ,cause him and WHORELINA havent been together six years yet, when he gets tired of that cooch for pushing out soooo many babies hell move on to the next Hollywood skank!

Yes its true Angelina is more beautiful than Jen but shes still a $2 whore to me and always has been even before the Brad crap, but some of you seem to have memory loss and now shes a saint (cough, BS)!

2885 days ago


Sorry I meant #34 not #35, oops!

2885 days ago



You are coming off like a rock. Obviously you don't have a friendly bone in you when it comes to Jen. What has she done to you.

The difference in her break up with Brad and other break ups is the publicity and the humiliaiton. Put all her faults aside and think of yourself in the same situation. It is bone chilling to think of her breakdown. I love her and will stand by her for all that she was and is still going through because of this home wrecker and Brad.

She was not going to stop until she wrecked another marriage because she needed a daddy for her kids.

Have some feelings for Jen. Stop judging her. SHE IS HUMAN. She is not perfect. She is looking for love like all of us and she also has faults but no one should go through this type of embarrassment like she has taken since her divorce. For your information in a divorce it is hard to forget the pain. You carry it aroung 24/7.

Peace. Show some love people. Show some love.

Jen I love you. Be strong. Time will tell and heal your wounds.

2885 days ago


All you losers out there saying she's this way or he's that way are pathetic. Most of you have never met or will EVER meet these people so how do you know what they're actually like? You don't live with them day to day. Just because you read something and blindly believe it doesn't make it true. Go volunteer at your local soup kitchen and then we'll talk-about things that matter

2885 days ago


I'll bet the break up was over HER anus!

2885 days ago
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