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Is Brit Too Toxic for Her Kids?

12/6/2006 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWith Britney Spears on a nightlife rampage in recent weeks, everyone's been asking – is this really how the mother of two toddlers should be acting?

Now, reports Page Six, the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services is wondering the same thing. A source says that DCFS has called the pop tartlet trying to set up a meeting, and that they want to check up on Sean Preston and Jayden James. And, of course, as TMZ reported last weekend, Britney's family, especially her mother, is deeply concerned as well, but haven't been able to get through to Britney to intervene.

A rep for the DCFS didn't comment to the Post, but it wouldn't be the first visit they've made to the Spears household. Back in April, when Sean Preston fell from a high chair (and Britney almost dropped the baby on a New York street), the authorities came in to have a look around. No action was taken.

Paris – I Want to Be a Mommy Too!

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton might be a role model to Britney, but it looks like Britney's become a role mommy to Paris. The lodging heiress now says that she wants to have not one, not two, but four babies by the age of 30, according to Life & Style. (Well, she'd better get cookin' --she's almost 26.)

And these motherly impulses are being inspired by none other than Britney – the BFF pair recently spent time with Spears' boys after a night out. What's Paris' particular qualification to be a mother? "I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids," says Ms. HIlton.

Vaughniston Is Comprehensively Over, We Think

Notice that we took the question mark off that title, because it seems that, after all the ups, downs, engagement rings, and DVD releases, our modern Romeo and Juliet, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, are very much finished. PEOPLE reports that the pair, according to reps, have "mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today." The Wagnerian history of the pair's romance is too elaborate to recount here, suffice to say that both did their best in recent weeks (Vince with a lawsuit, Jen with an appearance with Oprah) to give their sinking relationship at least the mirage of buoyancy. Vaughniston, Vinnifer, rest in peace.

Bilson and Brody Call It Quits, For Real

The cutest brunette couple on TV – Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody of "The OC" – have ended their three-year relationship, says People. "It was a typical romance and they just grew apart," says a source. "They've been on and off for a while." The apple-cheeked Bilson was absent at a recent Viper Room gig by Brody's band, Big Japan, which fueled speculation about the couple's status. Still, in October, the pair were spotted holding hands in Toronto, which prompted a source to say: "Exes do hang out."

Party Favors: Rosie Might Star on "Nip/Tuck?" ... Bitchfight Brews Between Trump and Graydon Carter ... Audrey's "Tiffany" Gown Sells for $807,000

Rosie O'Donnell told audience members at "The View" yesterday that she might take a part on "Nip/Tuck" instead of doing a spin-off show, says Access Her character Dawn Budge would own the plastic surgery clinic at the center of the series ... Oh, snap. After years of absorbing abuse from Graydon Carter (and Spy magazine), Donald Trump is clawing back. He tells Page Six that, while he likes Graydon, the "Vanity Fair" editor would, without the backing of his boss Si Newhouse, be "another overweight editor with bad hair" ... The black Givenchy gown that Audrey Hepburn wore to such mesmerizing effect in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has sold at a Christie's auction for $810,000, and British tabs are whispering loudly that the buyer was none other than Victoria Beckham.

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No Avatar

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I live in Los Angeles, and I'm here to tell you that the Dept. of Family Services is such a piece of sh*t that it really doesn't matter whether or not Britney's an unfit mother or not, their department is trying to get publicity... I have known a mother who spent all her money on her boyfriends and left the kids without food and clothing while she partied. She was reported, and the freaking department called her and told her of the accusations then made an appointment with her to see whether or not she had food at home WTF> Of course she "borrowed" gorceries to fill the fridge and her cabinets, because DCFS would be arriving between noon and 2:00pm. I have no faith in those fools.

I also don't necessarily agree that Britney is a horrible mother, I just think she is not making the best decisions so far. It's okay for her to go out and party, maybe night for two weeks straight.

I also agree with the posters who say, the children are sleeping at night, so if she has a nanny or her mother watch them, that's okay for her to do, she is only 24 years of age and has been cooped up with KFED. Maybe going out twice a week should be enough while her children are still babies.

2876 days ago


Jen I am also a Stay at home MOM. I love being with my son, but comon I still need my away time to keep me sane. My son is 3yr and he has so much energy and I get very tired. I do go out with my friends sometime so should I get my son takin away for that? I'm sure you also need your away time and if you don't you soon will find out that you really do. Britney did take it to far but at the same time i will say what i said before she has been home for the last year taking care of Sean. All im saying is you can't judge someone when you don't know them and to judge them by what these websites say is just stupid!!!!!

2876 days ago


BOY! WAY TO GO VINCE! BECAUSE OF THIS, I WILL STILL BE ONE OF YOUR LOYAL FANS, ESPECIALLY FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING, AND DUMPING THIS HAS BEEN JA!!!!!!!!!! Face it everyone, (except for those die hard 24/7 Friends re-run fans, TOTAL TEENS) this JA is such a TOTAL ZERO! I sure hope she gets lost now and never comes back; to do anything, NOT EVEN A COMMERCIAL. She's made her money with all of her LIES, TOTAL FLAWS IN ALL OF HER TRYING TO ACT MOVIES, TRICKING BP INTO MARRYING HER (I'M CERTAIN OF THIS!, ONLY HE KNOWS THE REAL TRUTH!!; BUT BP HAS CLASS AND KNOWS HOW TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT!!!), HER BIG UGLY MOUTH AND THE MOUTHING OFF THAT SHE HAS DONE ABOUT AJ AND BP, HER NOT-TO-GOOD DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP WITH HER PARENTS, HER BAD WAYS ON BEING A WIFE, HER ARROGANCE, SELFISHNESS, HER WANTING MEDIA ATTENTION CONSTANTLY, HER USING VINCE FOR THE LAST MOVIE SHE MADE, AND HER LAST BUT NOT LEAST SCHIZOPHRENIC BEHAVIOR, ESPECIALLY BY CONSTANTLY TRYING TO STAY IN BP'S FAMILY, AND BUGGING HIS MOM AND ALL!! QUESTION! WHERE'S HER FAMILY, AND WHY DOESN'T SHE GET CLOSE WITH THEM, ESPECIALLY AROUND THE HOLIDAYS?????? I'm glad that she has NO ONE!! And, at almost pushing 40, she should definitely learn from all of these BIG HUGE MISTAKES that she has made in her LIFE. I for sure am not a big fan of hers, and I JUST LOVE THE BP AND AJ TOGETHER WITH THEIR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. To me, Angelina is such a gorgeous, beautiful person, inside and out. And, I don't care what all of you JA fans think, and say. All of you can bad mouth her all you want, but AJ will always be a BETTER HUMAN BEING, PERSON, ACTOR, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, AND SOON TO BE WIFE OF BRAD PITT. I soooo truly love her, and she has truly been blessed with alot. ITS FOR CERTAIN, THAT BRAD PITT CAN TRULY SEE AN EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN BEING IN THE EVER SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ANGELINA JOLIE. OH! And, one more thing, Angelina is so beautiful that she doesn't even have to wear any makeup, or put on any hair extensions; like the ugly Jennifer does. Angelina is beautiful au naturel!! LOVE HER AND HER FAMILY!!!

2876 days ago

little ol' me    

This is just my opinion and I don't want to step on anyone's toes. But, I think all of these commentators and their comments are just hateful and so wrong. Everyone has an opinion about a person or other people that they know nothing about except what is printed in the news. I am not condoning Brintey's latest behavior but this is pretty common for young girls to leave their babies with others. It just so happens that she is in the limelight and everyone is in her businessl, it seems like she is neglecting them. Half of you making comments probably don't have children as neither do I but I am a Psychology major and it seems as though she suffering from PPD. Anything to get her away from hollering children is the reason she acting like this all of a sudden. Lastly, I am not a Britney fan but give her some space. Maybe waht she needs is some encouraging words, since her husband is not around and everybody around her is only being nice because they are on the payroll. This is just my opinion, I am not on here to start any battles with anyone, just thought I would a shine a little light on what could be possibly happening.
P.S. Paris Hilton can't make Britney did anything that she doesn't want to do.

Good Day!!!

2876 days ago


Oh for crying out loud!! Do any of you people have children? #1 My kids at that age were in bed and snoozing at the latest 8:00 P.M. It is obvious she is out much later than that. #2 According to her people she is home when they wake up...maybe hung over but home! #3 They are very well taken care of by a slew of professionals and yes their mother #4 Who is the idiot that said KFed should have them??!! His prowling around at night is now why he is the EX!! Grow up people. There are kids out there dying and you worry about these two? So sad...

2876 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I repeat I think partying for damn near two weeks straight is a bit much, but this still does not prove she is an unfit mother. And to those who say she sleeps all day, HOW DO YOU KNOW? This may be true but there is proof that this is so. Britney probably comes in whether it's home or a motel, and sleeps until noon. Yeah most of us do not have the luxury, but SHE does. She has a whole lot of hours in the day to spend with the children before she goes out, gimme a break. I'm not necessarily agreeing with her behaviour but I just don't think this should be considered being a horrible mom.

And I also agree with the posters who say that the majority of the celebrity parents that have children, are raised by nannies, even when the go on Oprah (I HATE HER) and say otherwise. Even when some of the celebrity mothers who stop making movies/music or whatever for about a year or two, STILL have nannies...

Do you consider them unfit mothers as well?

To the few posters who keep saying that anyone who doesn't think that Brit is an unfit mother is a moron/unfit parent/or childless and doesn't have a clue, are so wrong. Obviously you are an angry "PARENT" of MULTIPLE children and are mad that you can't go out because you have to work a 9-5 and the rest of your life is spent taking care of the children, you no longer are able to shop like you used to, get your hair/nails/toes done... You get my drift. I think it's great if women chose to be stay-at-home mom's or spend an exorbitant amount of time with their kids, but it also doesn't mean that everyone should live their lives or raise their kids they way you have chosen to do....

2876 days ago


#40 Cherry, moron. Princess Di?? Come on now, don't get the two twisted. First of all Princess Di was a hands on mother since those boys were born. Plenty of pics throughout their lives are photographed with their mom out and about, vacationing together, playing together, amusement parks, beaches, skiing, etc. She had nannys, of course, but only when she was out of the country on business. She and her boys are had a tremendous bond that is very evident as to the way they have grown into fine young men.

Britney is NOT a mother. She gave birth to them yes, hell a dog can give birth, that doesn't make it a mother. A mother is a word you need to look up in the dictionary, because you obviously don't know what a mother is.

A mother is the first person you feel connected from birth, I remember when my son was born, maybe 5 hours and he was in the Nurse's Station area where they keep all babies that had just been born to monitor, I heard some of the babies crying, then all of a sudden, I heard myself say "that's my son", and true enough it was. There are moments of instinct when your a mother. I just don't see how Britney could be out and about the way she is on a nightly basis and leave her children to a nanny, she doesn't know what the hell they are doing or how they are caring for her boys. The could be mean, use harsh tones, she doesn't have a clue. Those boys are at the age where they need their mom to have the sense of security and hopefully grow up to be fine young men.

Don't EVER confuse the wonderful Princess Di and her parenting skills with the likes of Britney Spears!

2876 days ago


Yea! I'm glad that Vince dumped JA. She deserves it. Why? Because even Vince is looked at as an excellent actor, but JA ISN'T. JA is a liar, and a has been, and she definitely should go and crawl under a rock; plus SHE'S VERY UGLY LOOKING. She's not even cute, Denise Richards is cuter and prettier than this ugly woman. JA's face looks like a man's face, and she has a long chin. Now, Angelina Jolie is a very pretty woman, with a very striking appearence especially on the big screen. I think that Brad made an excellent choice in leaving JA for Angelina Jolie, because it seems like they both like and want the same things in life. JA just always wanted to walk down the RED CARPET with Brad to try and make herself look pretty and famous. But she never was, or will be! This is what I think.

2876 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I agree poster #47...

Britney is not controled by Paris, everyone seems to keep thinking that Britney is this innocent Lil' girl who does NO wrong... Let's remember how she cheated on Justin Timberlake with their bodyguard... I like Britney Spears and I also like Paris. I believe that Paris is not as dumb as she pretends to be, she may not be the most attractive person out there, but she obviously appeals to many people.

2876 days ago


While I agree that perhaps the DCFS intervention may be more to do with drumming up public approval [ie. there are plenty of crap, negligent mothers around who ignore their kids, but short of physical abuse or drug problems, the department doesn't get involved]. But perhaps with the high-profile nature of such a case, it is not such a bad idea to send the message that "celebrities" aren't exempt from scrutiny - and in fact, need to show that they are BETTER parents because they are in the public gaze.

Obviously, there's a lack of inconsistency here though. I could never figure out why Michael Jackon wasn't investigated more thoroughly, since not only was he charged with sexual assault of a minor on more than one occasion, but his kids don't go to school, don't seem to have any interaction with the outside world (unless they're in masks!) and no one seems to even KNOW where the third kid came from! I don't think Jackson is even biologically related to his kids. Compared to silly, immature Britney Spears, this situation seems much more dangerous to me.

As for Britney, she obviously doesn't have either the maturity or intelligence to realise the negative impact she is having on her kids. (Surely the youngest one is still being breastfed?? How does that work if she's out for 14 hours at a time?)

I don't know whether she was one of those young girls who want babies as "cute" accessories, or whether she was looking for unconditional love by having children. But unfortunately, without a parent or relative to advise her who isn't on the Spears gravy train, perhaps it is just as well that an outside party brings her to her senses. Obviously her family and dubious "friends' are not likely to intervene, and the shock of DCFS knocking on her door might jolt her back into reality.

Meanwhile, if there was ever a case for forced sterilization, then Paris Hilton is an obvious candidate... shudder.

2876 days ago


The thing is, it's fine to go out every once in a while. I have a 20 month old and I go out about once a week. I stay no later than midnight because my daughter gets up at 6 religiously and I have to be able to take care of her all day. It is not okay to go out every night and stay out until 5 or 6 AM. A person needs some sleep, Britney can't be staying out until 5 or 6, then go home and be coherent all day to take care of the kids. She needs sleep. So when is she with these kids? In the afternoon? That is hardly spending all day with the kids, as some people would like to infer. I personally feel that a parent and baby bond most during the 2 or 3 AM feeding. My daughter wouldn't nurse, so my husband was able to help feed her in the early morning hours. He is in Iraq now, he has been gone since March, and my daughter still knows who he is. She has seen him only twice since March, and will see him only once more until next October. I credit that to the bonding they could do during the feedings. Britney, and Kevin for that matter, are missing out on some serious bonding. All of the people who say it is fine for her to be wild and out partying all those nights in a row, that it's okay because she can afford the best childcare, don't have a clue. She can do whatever she wants, obviously, but it's not fair to the kids. Who is holding Jayden all day? He can't walk, and he is only 2 months old, he needs to be held by his parents as much as possible, even if it is only one parent. Children raised by nanny's learn to love the nanny and respect the nanny more than their own parent. Sorry for the length of this, but kids are not accessories, you don't leave them in the house all day and then take them shopping. They need a parent, they have two and neither of them are doing much except providing money, from what I can tell. I'm sure she loves those kids, but all the love in the world doesn't mean anything if you aren't there with them.

P.S. Somebody needs to intervene on Paris. Kids are not accessories, nor are hey dogs and cats. They are a 24 hour job.

2876 days ago


Brit just needs to let of some steam. Jeez! If it were anyone else, ok, but the woman can afford proper care for her kids. She just wants some attention, make her big comeback, the dust will settle soon enough.
DCFS should investigate the real problem families, there are plenty of those...

2876 days ago


Oh, I have to comment on #47 the Psych major who can't spell or use even somewhat decent grammer. I love it when collegiate assholes attempt to shove their shitty paper credentials in my face.

2876 days ago

Shelley Tucker    

10. Ha.. Jen...Another bites the dust! (A little uncalled for, but I don't care) So I have to ask, what was the point of her running to Oprah to defend her relationship and her publicist working over time to do the same? If it was over, just say so, why lie? So I guess now she is 0 for like 'everything'. No boyfriend, no love, no Brad, no real career after friends, no real acting skills (ever).

Posted at 9:18AM on Dec 6th 2006 by Sarah


Where are you employed? Have you ever been with Brad Pit? She is entitled to a little privacy... isn't she? Don't be a jealous bitter person. Jen will be or already is the next Princess Di... so bite me

2876 days ago

showers of Blessings    

from lainey

It’s a shame, really. A shame that the GMD couldn’t have been more patient, waited a few more months for Jen before kidnapping Katie. Because when you think about it, when it comes to media manipulation, the incessant need for attention, the hypocrisy, the fraud, the lies, the excuses – when you think about it, what two people are better suited for each other than Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise???

As I mentioned last Friday, Angelina’s Vogue cover issue drops in a week. And given that the Pitts have steadily stayed relevant while Jen has languished in unemployment, can you blame her for telling her publicist Stephen Huvane to tell her other publicist People Magazine to manufacture yet another lie just in time to capitalise on the generous holiday spirit of the MiniVan Majority?

Of course not, gossips. This is textbook Aniston – at once complaining about media interest in her personal life, only to turn around 5 minutes later and publicly announce the details of her split to a man we were never really sure she was dating in the first place.

Vintage, non?

Problem is - one lie begets another lie. And after lying about NOT breaking up when Janice Min and Us Weekly reported that Vince Vaughn had dumped her ass for being too needy and dramatic, after running to Oprah to make sure the blind were still following, Jen has had to lie yet again to make sure her official, sanctioned break up confirmation doesn’t unravel any of her previous fabrications…

Which is why Huvane, in his statement to People, had to go out of his way to underscore that the split occurred AFTER “Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago”. A curiously detailed announcement, don’t you think?

Please, *****…you really need to stop. We can smell your sad cover- up a mile away. And we can smell his relief from here too.

Poor Vince. Wound up tighter than her Pilates ass for over a year, bored out of his frickin’ tree, tired of being trotted out conveniently in a futile attempt to take on the media juggernaut known as Brangelina, tired of watching her not eat at dinner, tired of the girlfriend cleansing/bonding/crying weekends…clearly Vince was dying inside, clearly Vince is already celebrating his freedom – there’s no hurt an Eastern Bloc stripper can’t undo, you know what I mean?

As for Jen, turning 38 in February - a career that has stalled, a personality that is evidently toxic, as Brad hopes for Oscar with Angie by his side…well…suffice to say – it’s panic time. And for Jennifer Aniston, that can only mean one thing: more deception, more work for her publicist, maybe an interview with Vanity Fair and that obnoxious cow Leslie Bennetts, more tears, more tissues, more “revelations”, maybe even an unclever dig at Vince (Elvis called – he wants his bloat back), topped off by another visit to Oprah’s couch at which time The Opes will hoot and holler and shout til she’s blue in the face, extolling the virtues of being single and proud and how important it is to love yourself before loving anyone else, and Jen will say – Yes, yes! I love myself through meditation and yoga and conversations with the Ocean, and the MiniVan Audience will lose its **** at the profound profundity of that statement, and everyone will rip off their bras and empower themselves and cry until they laugh and laugh until they pass out and THAT is why I don’t watch Oprah.

Seriously though, I do want Jen to be happy. Because maybe if she’s happy she’ll finally stop trying to be interesting. And maybe then she’ll realise, like her best friend Courteney Cox, that she’s better off finding lasting love on the B list, time to put away those “tv girl” delusions of grandeur and get with John Stamos, as I’ve been suggesting for almost 2 years.

He’s Greek, she’s Greek, he wants babies, she wants to pretend that she wants babies, he’s goodlooking in that unintimidating way, she’s goodlooking in that I’m-pretty-but-not-enough-for-your-husband-to-cheat-on-you kind of way – if Tom Cruise is unavailable, don’t you think Jen and John are the next best thing? I’m telling you gossips…it’s enough to warrant an honourary statue from the People’s Choice Awards and really, isn’t that really the best she’ll ever get?

Ps. Does anyone else find it funny? The rumours Jen was tapped for a reality tv show? Dancing with the Stars? And that people actually BELIEVED IT???

Never mind the break up, never mind getting dumped - THIS is BY FAR more embarrassing than anything else.


Reported On 06/12/2006

2876 days ago
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