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Is Brit Too Toxic for Her Kids?

12/6/2006 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWith Britney Spears on a nightlife rampage in recent weeks, everyone's been asking – is this really how the mother of two toddlers should be acting?

Now, reports Page Six, the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services is wondering the same thing. A source says that DCFS has called the pop tartlet trying to set up a meeting, and that they want to check up on Sean Preston and Jayden James. And, of course, as TMZ reported last weekend, Britney's family, especially her mother, is deeply concerned as well, but haven't been able to get through to Britney to intervene.

A rep for the DCFS didn't comment to the Post, but it wouldn't be the first visit they've made to the Spears household. Back in April, when Sean Preston fell from a high chair (and Britney almost dropped the baby on a New York street), the authorities came in to have a look around. No action was taken.

Paris – I Want to Be a Mommy Too!

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton might be a role model to Britney, but it looks like Britney's become a role mommy to Paris. The lodging heiress now says that she wants to have not one, not two, but four babies by the age of 30, according to Life & Style. (Well, she'd better get cookin' --she's almost 26.)

And these motherly impulses are being inspired by none other than Britney – the BFF pair recently spent time with Spears' boys after a night out. What's Paris' particular qualification to be a mother? "I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids," says Ms. HIlton.

Vaughniston Is Comprehensively Over, We Think

Notice that we took the question mark off that title, because it seems that, after all the ups, downs, engagement rings, and DVD releases, our modern Romeo and Juliet, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, are very much finished. PEOPLE reports that the pair, according to reps, have "mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today." The Wagnerian history of the pair's romance is too elaborate to recount here, suffice to say that both did their best in recent weeks (Vince with a lawsuit, Jen with an appearance with Oprah) to give their sinking relationship at least the mirage of buoyancy. Vaughniston, Vinnifer, rest in peace.

Bilson and Brody Call It Quits, For Real

The cutest brunette couple on TV – Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody of "The OC" – have ended their three-year relationship, says People. "It was a typical romance and they just grew apart," says a source. "They've been on and off for a while." The apple-cheeked Bilson was absent at a recent Viper Room gig by Brody's band, Big Japan, which fueled speculation about the couple's status. Still, in October, the pair were spotted holding hands in Toronto, which prompted a source to say: "Exes do hang out."

Party Favors: Rosie Might Star on "Nip/Tuck?" ... Bitchfight Brews Between Trump and Graydon Carter ... Audrey's "Tiffany" Gown Sells for $807,000

Rosie O'Donnell told audience members at "The View" yesterday that she might take a part on "Nip/Tuck" instead of doing a spin-off show, says Access Her character Dawn Budge would own the plastic surgery clinic at the center of the series ... Oh, snap. After years of absorbing abuse from Graydon Carter (and Spy magazine), Donald Trump is clawing back. He tells Page Six that, while he likes Graydon, the "Vanity Fair" editor would, without the backing of his boss Si Newhouse, be "another overweight editor with bad hair" ... The black Givenchy gown that Audrey Hepburn wore to such mesmerizing effect in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has sold at a Christie's auction for $810,000, and British tabs are whispering loudly that the buyer was none other than Victoria Beckham.

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No Avatar

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

4 real,

The thing is, is that Jennifer really doesn't need to comment about who she is or isn't seeing. But since she chose to have her publicist release a statement via People Magazine, it gives cause for the masses to comment. Jen could have NOT issued any sort of statement, if she were being interviewed and asked a question about she and Vince's relationship, she could have politely declined to comment, or then stated they are no longer an item, and leave it at that. Vince didn't issue a press release regarding him dumping her a$$, he is so over her already.

I will repeat I wish this relationship would have worked, I just think Jennifer cries on Vince's shoulder about Brad and Angelina, then when he gets ticked about it, she tells him she's so over Brad... Even I don't believe it and I'm a fan of Vince and Jen.

2840 days ago

jessica cleary    

i don't think what brittany is doing is right but there is no law that you can't pay someone to raise your kids. there are tons of celebrity parents seen out that have kids. i choose to raise my children myself but some people don't . with the entire highchair issue, people have accidents, my son fell of the bed when he was 6 months. should he have been taken from me. there are alot of kids out there in very worse situations this family is just in the public eye. like i said i don't think what she is doing is right but dcfs should be looking for the kids that are getting the sh*t beat out of them and babies that are shaken and killed.

2840 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

#63 that post is very interesting.

publicists are publicists and why would anyone listen? they are obviously biased?

However what it does show is the venom that perez hilton spews very tackily and unprofessionally. I want real dirt from reputable sources not some nasty little fag's personal tirade...which is why i don't frequent that site.

2840 days ago

Mike V.    

Who gives a sh*t about Jennifer Aniston. All she the movies she makes are flop except for the ones with Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller and Vince. The only reason why those 3 movies weren't flops was because the real stars had to cover for her crappy acting. Brad was right in dropping that talentless bitch. I'm glad he upgraded and got the best person for him. I'm sure she is going to cry about Angelina's Maxim Woman of the Year Award too. Vince is better off without her. Now if we can only get TMZ to stop writing about her, Brittney, Parasite, Fed-EX, Nicole and Rosie, there probably wouldn't be anything out there to write about.

2840 days ago


Britney's kids are with a nanny and not alone. Whats the deal?

Parents are away from their kids for hours and hours working two jobs and dont see their kids for days in the real world and no one gives a fig. They stay with aunts and neighbors and daycares. Same as a nanny.

Why would DCFS be concerned. The kids are healthy, fed, dressed and in a safe home. So mom isnt there. Thats life for most kids these days in expensive California.

Not worth the time.

2840 days ago


Someone tell Britney that sticking out your tounge in a dress up to your cooter against the glass makes her look like a whore in Amsterdam. She is making her sleazeball, free-loading husband look better then her. These tw*ts deserve each other.

2840 days ago


Paris keep your legs closed! The last thing this world needs is more creatures like you walking around polluting it with your arrogance!

2840 days ago


I must say this!!! You guys are saying that there is no way her 2 month old son sleeps through the night, well thats crap. My son started sleeping through the night when he was just a little over 2 months old. Every kid is different. Some don't sleep throgh the night untile there 6 months old some do it earlier. So to say her son Jayden is up in the middle of the night for feedings and Britney's not there is just stupid. You have no idea how her 2 boys are so just leave it alone already. Social Services should be going after the moms that don't have food in the house or clothes to put on thier kids. There are way more important cases then this one.

2840 days ago


Mia, sweetie, shouldn't you be in school this time of day? DUMBASS! It is pathetic people like you who make celebrities out of these idiots by supporting them and buying their crap. Disgusting!

2840 days ago


Clitney won't win Mom of the Year award acting like a wild animal. Paris shouldn't have kids because she is ugly and would probably make them into pocketbooks.

2840 days ago


Quit posting long comments...nobody reads them. I just skip through them to the short ones. Who has the time and even the want to read what the long winded comments are.

2840 days ago


Wow! Some of you Britney wanna-be's are getting nasty! You all know the so called "haters" as you call them speak the truth and you can't handle it so you lash out! LMAO! You all are the real haters hating on strangers on a blog! LOL!

2840 days ago


Britney your a whore and Paris well shes your partner in whore crime!!!

As for Jen Tmz is love with her cause they love to hear what people think about freaking pathetic!!!

Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored isnt their anything else more interesting!!

2840 days ago


Jen no. 15..I agree completely with your comments. Britney is too self absorbed to be a responsible mother at all. Her priorities are to party every night, sleep all day and spend an hour or two with her kids before running out again. These children would be much happier and well off in the long run if they were adopted by a loving family who can't have children of their own. Then she would be free to whore around day and night and not have to worry about caring for anybody except herself. Fed-X is not a suitable parent either...don't need to elaborate on his behavior. Children's Services should fully investigate the situation as the welfare of those sweet, innocent children are the most important thing in this entire scenario.

2840 days ago


Jenelle-you are missing the point!! She is a mother now and should behave like one. If you think it is okay to leave your children every night to party until shouldn't be a parent. Should child services be involved? No, they shouldn't but Britney needs to GROW UP, stop being selfish and take responsibility for HER children.

2840 days ago
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