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Is Brit Too Toxic for Her Kids?

12/6/2006 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWith Britney Spears on a nightlife rampage in recent weeks, everyone's been asking – is this really how the mother of two toddlers should be acting?

Now, reports Page Six, the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services is wondering the same thing. A source says that DCFS has called the pop tartlet trying to set up a meeting, and that they want to check up on Sean Preston and Jayden James. And, of course, as TMZ reported last weekend, Britney's family, especially her mother, is deeply concerned as well, but haven't been able to get through to Britney to intervene.

A rep for the DCFS didn't comment to the Post, but it wouldn't be the first visit they've made to the Spears household. Back in April, when Sean Preston fell from a high chair (and Britney almost dropped the baby on a New York street), the authorities came in to have a look around. No action was taken.

Paris – I Want to Be a Mommy Too!

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton might be a role model to Britney, but it looks like Britney's become a role mommy to Paris. The lodging heiress now says that she wants to have not one, not two, but four babies by the age of 30, according to Life & Style. (Well, she'd better get cookin' --she's almost 26.)

And these motherly impulses are being inspired by none other than Britney – the BFF pair recently spent time with Spears' boys after a night out. What's Paris' particular qualification to be a mother? "I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids," says Ms. HIlton.

Vaughniston Is Comprehensively Over, We Think

Notice that we took the question mark off that title, because it seems that, after all the ups, downs, engagement rings, and DVD releases, our modern Romeo and Juliet, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, are very much finished. PEOPLE reports that the pair, according to reps, have "mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today." The Wagnerian history of the pair's romance is too elaborate to recount here, suffice to say that both did their best in recent weeks (Vince with a lawsuit, Jen with an appearance with Oprah) to give their sinking relationship at least the mirage of buoyancy. Vaughniston, Vinnifer, rest in peace.

Bilson and Brody Call It Quits, For Real

The cutest brunette couple on TV – Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody of "The OC" – have ended their three-year relationship, says People. "It was a typical romance and they just grew apart," says a source. "They've been on and off for a while." The apple-cheeked Bilson was absent at a recent Viper Room gig by Brody's band, Big Japan, which fueled speculation about the couple's status. Still, in October, the pair were spotted holding hands in Toronto, which prompted a source to say: "Exes do hang out."

Party Favors: Rosie Might Star on "Nip/Tuck?" ... Bitchfight Brews Between Trump and Graydon Carter ... Audrey's "Tiffany" Gown Sells for $807,000

Rosie O'Donnell told audience members at "The View" yesterday that she might take a part on "Nip/Tuck" instead of doing a spin-off show, says Access Her character Dawn Budge would own the plastic surgery clinic at the center of the series ... Oh, snap. After years of absorbing abuse from Graydon Carter (and Spy magazine), Donald Trump is clawing back. He tells Page Six that, while he likes Graydon, the "Vanity Fair" editor would, without the backing of his boss Si Newhouse, be "another overweight editor with bad hair" ... The black Givenchy gown that Audrey Hepburn wore to such mesmerizing effect in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has sold at a Christie's auction for $810,000, and British tabs are whispering loudly that the buyer was none other than Victoria Beckham.

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Britney is being a complete idiot right now. She should be lying low until the child custody suit is complete. Federline will win those boys because of how stupid Britney is being right now. I'm sure her kids are just fine with the nannies, but if she wants to keep them , then she needs to stay home. Federline is definately an unfit dad looking for money. I hope Britney reads these comments and wakes up!!!!!

2856 days ago


Give me a break. Britney is a young mother, she deserves a nght out or even a few nights out...jsut becasue she is a mother doesnt mean she has to sit home every night. I am sure her kids are well taken care of. And her lifestyle is bigger than life, she cant even trip on a street with her child without it making the 10 pm news! She is going out at night, her kids are probalby safe at home sleeping in their where does it say she is negleting them and they are alone all day...they never see their mother. Just because its not what you or even I would do....doent make it wrong. No reports said she was drunk and driving. She was out with friends. no report said her kids were left alone, hungry. Let the girl have a life. Geeeze, I am glad no one was taking picutres when I was young mom and my daughter got sick in a restaurant and threw up....if that happens to Britney's children, the news would probably say the child was on drugs or mom is perfect, you learn as you long as her kids are healthy, happy and loved....who is to say how she spends her free time.....

2856 days ago


#9 - You're the biggest IDIOT of all the posters in here! The fact that you missed the entire point of #6's statement goes to show your comprehension level is negative 0! Her point was not whether you prefer your mommy over the nanny, you idiot. The point was that DCFS has many more serious cases on which to focus their efforts than the Spears/Federline family. #6 names some very real instances in which it makes sense for the state intervene for the safety of the children (being left alone, under no one's care, sex abuse, not being fed)! Read the post again!

#15 - You said, "It makes perfect sense that the state wants to know who's minding the children while the parents are out getting loaded." You don't know what the hell the state is trying to ascertain, but I can assure you, it's not who's minding the kids while the parents are out getting loaded! It's not illegal to go out and get loaded, nor is it illegal to have a babysitter or nanny look after your children while you do it. Shut up and read a book. You sound as stupid as idiot #9!

2856 days ago


Just because she has been partying doesnt mean that she is a bad mother. When is she partying? AT NIGHT!!! I am a mother of two toddlers, and last I checked kids sleep at night!!!!!!! So for all you stupid people, the kids are in bed sleeping. Its not like they are being raised by the nannies.

Just because your a mother doesnt mean your life is over. I enjoying going out with my hubby at night without my kids does that make me a bad mom. No it doesnt. So yall need to kiss Britt's ass!!!!!

Kevin is never with the kids. Everything he is doing now is only to make himself look good to the court. Why wasnt he trying to be such a good dad before they split! He nobody, and will never have a carreer in the entertainment business!

2856 days ago


well, I think she went a little too far. It's ok to go out party with people sometimes and have fun especially she is single now. But come on, look at yourself britney, and hangin out with paris hilton? she obviously wants to be a party girl like paris and make all the headlines with her sexual appearance. The thing is, paris hilton doesn't have two babies. You made the choice to have two babies at the age of 24, so be a mother for you children. Leavin them at home to whomever and go party all nite, that's not a responsible act. No wonder the child security people are looking for her.

2855 days ago

Just Me    

Why don't people just leave Britt alone? It was ok when the hubby was out sleezin around every night of the week. No one said a word about him throwin the kids down. It was all about how wrong he was doing Britt. I'm sure Social Services has alot more IMPORTANT cases that a mothet out havin some fun. Yes I agree she is going a little bit overboard but I know wherer she is comming from. She has been married to a no good man and has bared the burden for her misteaks. What is wrong with getting out and taking in some well desrved fun? Nothing at all. NO it probably isn't any fun with a nanny but if a child being left with a nanny all the time was abuse then social services needs to take the majority of hollywood children away from their parents. What about these other famous people showing eveything they got? Nicole Kidman showed quite a bit in Cold Mountain and u didnt c social services beating her door in. But thats ok right she did it all in the name of art. What about these prn stars that have families and people who pose for the nude magizines? They r showin all thier buisness to the world and no one things anything of it. Yes Britt has been making some bad choices but u have got to give her a break. There isn't a mother here that is perfect. We have all had bouts of the big old ugly crying. We have all bout dripped our kids. We have all bout fallen while paking our kids. I have actualy fell flatt on my ass and barly held onto my child in the process. Most people have drivin with out thier kid properly restrained at some point. Most of us just wouldnt admit it. I have ridded severl hundred miles in the back of a pick up truck as a child. Point is we all make bad choices as parents but we dont have someone sticking a camera in our face every time we step out the door. Ever noticed that when u have all eyes on u thats when u mess up the worst? Accidents r gonna happen and kids are gonna get hurt no matter how hard you try not to let it happen. My ex mother in law is one that u can not please. She has told me many times that I need to litteraly run right behind my kids to keep them from getting hurt and dogged me for kiddie acidents that come to find out her's done the same thing. I tried to be the perfect mother that gets everything right the 1st time and it dont work. Childern need a break from their parents just the same as parents need breaks from their kids. U think those babies cant sinmce her strss levels? If u r cooped up with babies all the time and don't have a life u will go crazy. I know, I am living that lifew right now. I have 2 kids with a guy that done his thing and left me hangin with all the resposiblities. Now that he had been thrown out he is doing the same thing Kevin is doing. Cleaned up is clothes, Works ever day. Stoped his wild man ways. He is a self proclaimed changed man. But guess what I have been through this before. How do u think I got the 2nd kid? Kevin has had his warnings and he would setel down for a while. The only thing Britt is guilty of picking the wrong guy. Why can't she go out and have fun just like Kevin done the entire time they were married? Not one bit of difference! Sure I believe she is pushing the party thing a bit too much and she should keep up apperences till the custody and marriage thing is setteled and I don't personaly know what kind of mother she is. But from what I have read on here I think Social Services has alot more problems to deal with. Like someone elses said on here, they need to focus on the kids who havent eaten, the kids who r beaten every day, & the ones who r molested. Besides aperences can b deceving. I'm sure u have all saw that movie Mommy Dearest. To the world she was the perfect mother but behind the closed doors she beat the hell out of those kids. Never know Britt may be the best mother ever was behind closed doors. Rember it's hard to be perfect when every one is looking at you all the time.

2855 days ago


I think Britney needs to settle down. All of her galivanting around the town with the towns horniest bitches is not good for her career if she wants to come back in the industry. She's making herself look like an idiot. She may look good after having 2 kids with a help of 24 hour personal trainer but it doesn't look good at all. She's leaving her two little babies with a nanny whom she said she will never hire because she wants to be a hands on Mom but as soon as she dumps her husband, she goes back to smoking, drinking, staying up late and flashing her c**t to everyone. Who needs to see that. I think she's still trying to prove to people that she's still hot or something but I don't see it, Brit. I see an UNFIT MOTHER who should take care of her children FIRST before partying up a storm with a likes of PARIS CROTCH HILTON.

2855 days ago


I think it's unfortunate enough that britney has a friend who parties like there's no tomorrow. I hope she will realize that what she did is definitely a bad image for her children.what is her mother's comments about her partying may influence her views right now.i hope she will wake up soon before it's too late..

2855 days ago


I can understand Britney feeling like she lost some time in her life with the marriage not being exactly perfect and giving birth with no time really in between but that is no reason for self mutilation. Being a performer in the lime light you already know that you will be scrutinized on every aspect of your life, you will have no privacy and you will not be able to do exactly what you want without the consequences being harmful to your career. So Britney my words to you is think about how your actions affect others first of all your family and secondly your fans that made you the pop star that you were 21/2 years ago.

2855 days ago

Georgie Mac    

Yea, nannies and granny are supposedly taking care of the kids so of corse they are well looked after. Britney ssooooooooooooooo wanted to be a mommie. Yea, so she could dump them off on sombody else and go party. Isn't it funny that for the past year you never saw her w/o her baby. Always carring him around, and always in the press. Poor SP, her birthday is probably the only time she has spent with him in weeks. I read somewhere that he gets hysterical if she is not within sight of him. Must be a big shock that all of a sudden mom is nowhere to be seen. Great parenting !!!!!

2854 days ago

Myra from the Netherlands    

First; I really like this website!!

Second: Brit is a kid herself.. I mean, just see how she's acting?! I think she's screaming for attention ("oh please people, see me!!!") because everybody lost interest in her (being doll, not-real, fat and ugly...) and... its working! Everybody is talking about her, she's in the news again.. who cares its negative?! Even DCFS is active.. people in Holland are posting messages.. (ahum)

What she needs is some re-education.. Mom has been too soft.. How the h*ll can B even think about being a loving, responsible mother and think about raising 2 of her own, when she is still a baby herself?! Damn..

Poor kids... she should send them over to me :-P

Keep up the good work, we like it over here ;-)

2849 days ago


Wonder how long it is gonna take "what's her name" to tick Oprah off! When she seems to have fallen off the Oprah cliff, we'll know she done went-n-done it!

RE: can throw all the money you want at a trash heep but it remains trash!

2842 days ago
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