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Paris: Hottie or Nottie?

12/6/2006 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

America may not be ready for another acting turn from Paris Hilton, but she is.

The Queen of the Paparazzi was spotted at L.A.'s Beverly Center yesterday, toting a script for a future film role.

Paris is the only "actor" currently signed to "The Hottie and the Nottie," a romantic comedy to begin filming in January for a 2008 release -- whether you're ready or not.


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Richards is a racist bastard    

She's definetely a nottie!

2842 days ago


Felicia & James -- maybe you two should get together because Paris doesn't give a shit about you. You like her huh? No excuses for bad taste. Even though she doesn't have any talent I would like her if she did have any looks...she's a skank and that's all she'll ever be...all her money can't buy her the love she is looking for...

2841 days ago


She has such an ugly square jawline. And when she poses with that jaw in slack mode that she always does, you just want to throw a rotten egg at that face.
She's got eyes set toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close together and one of them is as lazy as can be. The fact that she feels the need to use colored contacts and hair extensions is pretty telling about how insecure she must feel deep down about her true lack of good looks. That carrot nose with the hook bulb at the end is now beyond repair. Her body is like a 14 year old boy's. Paris is never seen in fashion layouts in major magazines because she is not beautiful like the many other women we see. She gets bit parts in B and C grade movies. That's all she rates. She refused to take singing lessons yet decided to make a CD which she could not back up with a single live performance! Has she ever received even one acting lesson? OMG she has gotten as far as gettin her GED. She could have gone to the best schools on the planet, but she'd rather pretend to be Barbie.

LIKE BILL GATES SAYS, "TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED." So far Paris Hilton has disappointed on all counts except showing her HOOHOO to the paparazzi. What a role model for our children.

Like one mother told her teen age daughter wanting an outfit for her 16th birthday, "Well, thanks to Paris Hilton, I see SKANK is in this year."


2841 days ago




LIKE BILL GATES SAYS, "TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED." So far Paris Hilton has disappointed on all counts except showing her HOOHOO to the paparazzi. What a role model for our children.

2839 days ago


You know, in the real world Ms. Hilton and all of her BBF are consider as a nasty, slut, trash, drunkard and a whore. If you went to ANY town, anywhere and met/knew of a female who act like her; what would you call her, “A WHORE ALL DAY LONG.” Yes, she’s force down our throats. The amusing side to this, we have the opportunity to see how the very rich FREAKs, DRUNKARDs, WHOREs and ADDICT/JUNKIES Look/Acts. So people sit back and watch the FREAKS show. PLEASE tell me, who in their right mind would act like them and think THAT’s HOT?????????????? These FREAKs parents did a GOOD JOB IN RAISING THEM.

P.S. Yes, she’s are very popular with the guys. Ask your why?????????? Is it the MONEY????????????? SEX with a FREAK????????????? or is it to be seen with the rich FREAK?????????????????????????????????????

2834 days ago


You know I think all you losers need to quit bad mouthing people and look at your f***ing selves. You are all probably fat bitches with no friends and who have never been to a party you no talent f***ing a**holes. Go get a life instead of being obbsessed with Paris. I admire her because she gets so much sh*t from people and still stands strong. Go slit your writs some more you dumbass whores. You are all just jealous.

2829 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I finaly got to buy your Pledge This DVD.

You are great!

You entertain me for the price of a DVD.
Keep up the good work!
I look forward to seeing the Hottie and The Nottie.
You are hot.
James L. Crum

2827 days ago


Paris gets pelted in the face with an ice cube and FIRED.

Paris Hilton has been fired as the face of Club Paris (which was named after her) because she failed to attend scheduled appearances at the location in downtown Orlando. Although instead of changing the name, the clubs will now represent the city instead of the person. Apparently trouble with Paris started two years ago when she arrived six hours late to the grand opening. The owner of the clubs says:

"She's created a circus for herself. It's all about: How has she screwed up now?"
Well that's what you get when you name a club after Paris Hilton. I mean whose idea was that? I'd make fun of them but they're probably so stupid they've already killed themselves on accident. Club Paris? Really? Was Failureville already taken? Because, I mean, the concept seems about the same.

And because it amuses me, here's a shot of Paris HIlton getting pelted in the face with an ice cube as she walked off stage after singing at Pure recently.,,20006299,00.html

Paris Hilton 'Fired' By Namesake Nightclub

By Stephen M. Silverman and Steve Helling

Paris Hilton

Photo by: Matt Baron / BEImages

It seemed like a perfect match: Paris Hilton and a pair of nightclubs.

But the two Florida establishments named after the heiress will no longer be associated with her, according to their owner, Fred Khalilian.

Khalilian "fired" Hilton, 25, because she didn't make scheduled appearances at the 2-year-old Club Paris in downtown Orlando, he tells the Associated Press. Another Club Paris opened in Jacksonville last year,

"Paris was a friend of mine, and I hoped that this would work out," Khalilian tells PEOPLE. "Unfortunately, she didn't hold up her end of the bargain, so I had to take action."

In April, Hilton told PEOPLE that she would like her own club "with great music and good-looking people."

But signs of trouble were apparent from the start, when Hilton arrived six hours late to the Orlando club's grand opening in January 2005.

"I was in the Swiss Alps skiing, and I got caught at the airport with all the holiday travel so I've been trying to travel for the past 24 hours," Hilton said at the time. "I'm so sorry I'm late."

Under the terms of her deal with Khalilian, who sank $3 million into the club, Hilton was required to make four appearances a year at the Orlando location. She herself had made no financial investment in the operation.

Khalilian says the last straw was when the club bought Hilton a $450,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren last year. "She didn't even say thank you," he says. "We gave her a lot of benefits, but she still didn't do what she needed to do. "

Khalilian says he doesn't plan to change the name of the clubs, but says Club Paris will now refer to the city, not the socialite. He also says he plans to hold a contest to find a new face for the hot spots.

"It'll be part Apprentice, part American Idol, and part Miss USA," he tells PEOPLE. "Club Paris will go on, even without Paris Hilton."

Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, tells the AP that neither he nor Hilton has heard from Khalilian. "I'm certainly disappointed to learn of Fred's unfortunate comments," says Mintz. "We shall address his statements at the appropriate time."

2809 days ago
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