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Sylvester Stallone


12/6/2006 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Are words even necessary?

Sylvester Stalllone


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Hey Kristy!
You're exactly right!!! When I think about just how HOT Mickey Rourke was in 9 1/2 Weeks and look at him's just so sad! BTW...if you get a The Wizard of Oz. Bruce Jenner has the Tin Man's nose!

2823 days ago


Just a glimpse of what GREASY BEAR will look like in a few more years....

2823 days ago


with that round, red face and round nose, all he needs now is a red cap ,white beard and eight tiny reindeer!

2823 days ago


Good for you Sylvester!!!!

You're so talented! You wrote 12 or so movies and NOONE wants to give you credit or even acknowledge it. By the way people did you know he wrote all the Rockies and First Blood? That's alot of talent but noone ever talks about it or gives him. They give all the other far lesser talented people like the parasite bitch enourmous credit for being an absolute nothing, but this man actually has talent and ALOT of it and noone will give him credit for it...and I really don't even know of any movie he's been in other the Rockies. Wont anyone hire him? Is he black listed for some reason?

I dont think he needed the work on his face but he's still damn handsome and has more talent than 200 of the other actors put together

Dont you cut him down. When you can write 12 movies then you might have room to talk

Way to go! We love you!

2823 days ago


We love you Sylvester!

Id be your girlfriend....way to go. You rock! (no pun intended)

2823 days ago

K man    

Botox and all these needless cosmetic surgeries are the biggest scams going today People are being brainwashed into believing they will look better if they have these procedures. It is all part of a scam perpitrated by the media to part them with their money. The true cost of Botox is very low compared to what they are charging.
The truth is that people don't need these things done and they look better before or if they would just eat healthy and leave it alone.

2823 days ago


what a maroon

2823 days ago

get a life people    

I saw him on tv today he didn't look anything like that pic....He is getting old people.......Give the man a break.......

2823 days ago


Everybody chill out. Sly's left side of his face has been paralyzed since birth, which is why he doesn't normally like to be photographed on that side.

The "sagging" that you see has been around for a long time, it's just more pronounced now that he's gotten older.

Here's a link more info on his condition:

2823 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 38 : THe only things that continues to grow with age are : your waist line ( if you don't watch your calorie intake and exercise,) and your EARS AND YOUR NOSE CONTINUE TO GROW TILL THE DAY YOU DIE. ( and your hair if your lucky )

As far as Sly's plastic sugery goes. If my face was 20 feet high on a MOVIE SCREEN.....I would have a little botox and some face stretching also. He might be swollen from the surgery. . It's a bit much.... but in time it will RELAX a little bit and look more " natural "...

Than he can do it ALL OVER AGAIN...... HIs hair piece looks very natural and authentic : THe place he goes to maintain those " locks " is located in W. L.A. and they do a wonderful job. It looks like it's growing right out of his head. I believe that AL Pachino , John Travolta and Bruce Willis also go there when they need a "FULL HEAD OF HAIR " for a part they are playing.

2823 days ago


The way he is plucking his eyebrows makes him look girlish. Not a good look for him. His face does look like he had a chemical peel. Unless, there's been improvements face lifts often don't work well with the texture of men's faces. They get a wiped out look like Michael Douglas and loose character and expressions.

2823 days ago


Mr. T, Apollo even Adrian. PLEASE HIT HIM A FEW TIMES!!!!! I do not recognize this person. Perhaps someone should tell him to cut back on his salt??????

2823 days ago


ROFLMAO!!! OK...this is some funny sh*t right here! Whoever came up with that headline is the BOMB cuz that--combined with that scary pic of Stallone--is hilarious. Damn. He DOES look like somebody viciously attacked him with Botox. LOL

He's always been vain. Why couldn't he age gracefully like Sean Connery or even Richard Gere? There are some very handsome, distinguished looking older guys. Why do people do this to themselves? LOL

2823 days ago



Why won't he just let Rocky rest in peace? He's out of his damn mind! I think it was beat out of him. Course have you seen pics of his mom??? Apples don't grow on cherry trees. In his case, he may be destined to look nastier as he gets older.

2823 days ago


Hey Denise... Mickey Rourke was HOT back in the day.
The first Rocky and Rambo movies Sly made; he was HOT.
Ya know when they first get started and Hollywood ego hasn't set in, they are all such better actors and HANDSOME to say the least.
Look @ Kathy Bates & Meryl Streep WONDERFUL ACTRESS'
They work all the tiime because they are such great actress'
they lie low and aren't in & out of the PS office.
Father time and gravity just get's to ya after a while.
I guess you either accept it or do what he( Sly) did, (now he looks plastic)!!!!!!
ABSOLUTELY on Bruce's Tin man's nose..... or even Michael Jackson's nose.
Denise...remember when he went to that event with flesh colored tape on his nose??? Oh my God, I thought I was going to pee in my pants.
Michael didn't have a nose anymore, it was all flesh colored tape.
They said he had too many operations and didn't have anymore cartlidge in his nose. Then I heard (who knows if it was for real) -he wanted to look like Peter Pan (one of his Chilhood Hero's). That's when I said OK enough is enough- time for a family intervention. I guess his family and the people around him didn't want to be cut off, beause then they would have to get a real job like the rest of us. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise,,,, did you here about the lady in Hollywood, she was a very famous Real Estate Agent, to he star's (I feel bad because I can't remember her name.)
She has a daughter who has had plastice surgery also.
Well, her Mom the Real Estate Agent, had a lot of Plastic Surgery, and her left cheek on her face got really messed up. She kept having to go in and try to get it re-done.
One night I was watching ET & she had passed away from some kind of condition that was related to all those surgeries on her face.
(I wish I knew what it was). Her daughter gave an interview talking about her Mom and all of her plastic surgeries & how many times she kept having to go back in & get it re- done. I'm sure Harvey knows who I'm talking about, but it was just so sad.
Kind of made me think twice about just getting some one to wax my eyebrows. Now, I do it myself.

2823 days ago
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