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Drops N-Bomb,

Faces Fallout

12/6/2006 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Damon WayansDamon Wayans became the first famous offender of the Laugh Factory's ban on the use of the n-word, and was fined and banned from the club for three months as a result, Wayans' publicist tells TMZ.

After the Michael Richards incident on November 17, the club decided to ban use of the word and fine comedians $20 for every offense. Wayans took the stage Sunday during a showcase of African-American comedians called "Chocolate Sundaes." Wayans opened his routine with the line, "Give yourselves a big round of applause for coming down and supporting 'N***** Night.'" According to the L.A. Times, Wayans used the word 15 more times during his 20-minute appearance.

That's a $320 contribution to the Laugh Factory's swear jar. Wayans' rep had no further comment other than to confirm the fine and the temporary ban.

Andy Dick drew fire earlier this week for using the n-word during an appearance at the Improv.


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This is a prime example of how Black comedians can get away with it but White comedians can't!

2876 days ago

duh...totally !    

anyone from the crowd going to SUE ???

what does that annoying Gloria Allred think???

2876 days ago


what Wayans cant tell real jokes anymore and has to cash in on the latest publicity and call it N*gger Night for openers? Wow man thats really ground breaking, leading edge and risk taking humor. Bruce and Pryor were all those things, you sir are none of them. Just a rehash repeat of whats already been invented with a shock spin to things----I thought you were ground breaking with In Living havent done anything new, nor for that matter, anything really funny since. This latest simply verfies you are out of new ideas or taking an audience to a new place they havent been before. Get in line behind the rest of the imitators.

2876 days ago


FREEDOM OF SPEECH PEOPLE!!!!!!! No one should be banned ever for speaking, not in the USA.
Good for him,but its different now hes says it because hes black. Is he going to be sued or put on Tv to apologize? No... of course not!

2876 days ago


So why is it that when Damon Wayans said the N-word you didn't see not any Blacks holding up there camra phones to record the session of the n-word being shout out on stage...... What's up with that.... How come you all didn't ask for a apolozgie from his ass on national T.V seems alittle one sided to me.... I want to see the video of him yelling out the n-word on this website and someone of the same color calling Mrs noiesy Alridge and her 2 sence in this sh*t I hate that women, oops she might sue me for saying that............That women needs some dick bad maybe a black one would help her out....... Always in everyone business.... Some one is going to take her down hope in court......

2876 days ago


How far removed are the Wayans Brothers from walking on all fours and dragging their knuckles on the ground?

2876 days ago


yah....i hate wen black people use it then get mad at white ppl 4 using it...its like wtf......why get angry when he says it.....when black people say it white people probally think its ok to say it or sumthing...if i where white id say it cus everyone else says it and they use it in movies and music and everything else

2876 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

ah yes the double standard hard at work eh? real n*ggers wear pink too eh? yes? connard.

2876 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Okay, for all you 'tards, I'll try to explain...
When Blacks use the word N*GGER it is meant to be humorous, when Whites use the word N*GGER it is meant to be a put down, and it is meant to put Blacks in their place:
"you've got more excuses than a N*GGER going to jail" vs.
"How far removed are the N*GGERS from walking on all fours and dragging their knuckles on the ground?
I think you WHITE people are being obtuse because you want to call every BLACK person you see N*GGER, but you are afraid to do so. I say go ahead and exercise your free speech rights, after all it was the RICH, LAND OWING WHITE GUYS who founded this country. Do not worry...whats the worse thing that can happen?

2876 days ago


Now I am really offended!!! That Pink hat and shirt are just completely uncalled for.


Or not, actual he wears it well.

2876 days ago

Glen G.    

I don't know about you guys but his opening line is f*cking hilarious! I'm sick of all this sh*t being blown out of proportion. I agree Michael Richards screwed up but must we make headlines everytime someone uses the word?

2876 days ago

Self Will    

You can't control what people choose to do or say. We all have different morals and decide what is acceptable and unacceptable as it pertains to who we are as individuals.

The slur n*gger can't hurt you unless you believe you are.

Kike, Ophe, Spik, Chink, Wet Back are just words. Yes, the intent is hateful, but who cares there hatemongers in the world... deal with it!

For the record... The Wayans FAMILY are self-haters who have a history of being tapdancin' uncle-toms, who don't know any better.

2876 days ago

amy c    

GET OVER IT!! This is so ridculous. Why is the word n*gger so offensive. There are negro college funds, black holidays and even black entertainment TV (BET). If there was any such thing for white people, we would all be racist haters!!!!

2876 days ago


The word should be banned. It was offensive when it was first created and it is offensive today. For those of you who advocate for the continued usage of a word that symbolizes hatred towards black people around the world and hide under this foolishness under freedom of speech your logic and level of judgement is questionable. There are more worthy causes that need our attention. Banning the word in music, cable , etc. is a good thing for american society which has dehumanized and treated black people as second class citizens for hundreds of years. Why should children or better yet unborn children be exposed to this form of harted and ignorance? Although African American entertainers use the word this doesn't justify the frequency of its usage throughout the media. No other group of people can view the racial slurs that are used to descibe their group in the same context as that that the n-word is used in. The word should be banned because it is time for america to grow as a nation and be the leader of the free world we claim to be. There is a certain level of responsibliy that is lacking in this society. Isn't it a contradiction that racial slurs are used in entertainment but it you use them at work you will be reprimanded or fired. You obviously do not have freedom of speak at work because there are codes of conduct and standards. The same standards and rules should be applicable for entertainers.

2876 days ago


I'm going to need some kind of compensation for this. Anyone have Gloria's #?

2876 days ago
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