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Britney's "Bad Girl" Defense

12/7/2006 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is finally owning up to some wicked behavior – but says that she's just trying to make up for lost time.

In a statement posted on her home page last night, Britney says, "I probably did take my new found freedom too far ... Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected," a winking reference to a certain part of her anatomy that captured a nation's attention. "Thank God for Victoria's Secrets' [sic] new underwear line!"

But Britney asks for our understanding: "It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends. It's also been 2 years since I celebrated my birthday."

Can Bill Clinton Put Lindsay on the Straight and Narrow?

Lindsay Lohan wants to enlist that paragon of moral rectitude – Bill Clinton – to help her rescue her flailing public image.

In a rambling email she sent to friends and lawyers, the freckled phenom says, "Hilary [sic] Clinton, Bill Clinton ... would be willing [to help], if we just ask. If we just ASK." What's more, as Page Six reports, another Clinton-era crony wants to lend a hand as well: "Al Gore will help me. He came up to me last night and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me." She also mentions one "LR" whom she intends to take to court for "what she's done to me."

It's not the first time Lohan has blurted out pretty much the first thing that came to her head – she issued a similarly head-scratching missive when director Robert Altman died.

Oprah Doesn't Make the TomKat Cut -- Again

So TomKat, like a lot of couples who get married somewhere far-off and exotic, want to celebrate their union a little closer to home with, well, the junior varsity portion of their friends. And, reports Us Weekly, they're having a bash this Saturday at the home of Tom's producing partner Paula Wagner. But guess who isn't coming to dinner even the second time? Oprah --or so her rep says. Arnold Robinson, Cruise's rep, confirms the party, and says it's "for friends (who) were not able attend the wedding in Italy."

Party Favors: K-Fed Tries To Get Smarter ... McPhee Album Coming in January ... Madonna To Do Another H&M Collection

Could K-Fed really be getting serious about rehabbing his image? Page Six says he was spotted at the launch party for a new book called "The Concise Guide to Sounding Smart at Parties," and chatted up the authors for tips ... Songstress Katharine McPhee will unveil her first album post-"American Idol" in January, tentatively titled "Never Saw It Comin'." The album is described by the apple-cheeked McPhee as "rhythm pop" and she says it might surprise people who "thought I was going to make a Streisand record." ... Madonna will be putting her imprimatur on another collection for H&M, to be called "M by Madonna," and it'll be a women's wear line to be launched globally in March.

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No Avatar


I am tired of hearing about Monica. uhh

2794 days ago


If KFed wants to "rehab his image", maybe he should try not making those STUPID faces everytime someone snaps his picture.

2794 days ago


#17 SARAH - You are an a**hole. Britney sucks and so do you.

2794 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Listen all you selfrighteous, moralistic, judgemental busybodies! LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!
You ruined her marriage and now you want to determine how she lives her life and rears her children?
Back off!
Let the girl have some fun...that's right...maybe...a little wider...
Oh, sweet jesus, maria and gallardo...
lookit at that honey pot, and those sweet fun bags!
Ah, to be young, rich and without a care in the world!

2794 days ago


#27 I you would actually read my comment you would see that I agree with you in some way!

As for the being to young mom I agree, you should wait, but no one is perfect including yourself and people have kids younger than 35 at least the majority, so I agree you shouldnt party every night but , again, you shouldnt be Betty Crocker either cooking up a storm , LIFE IS SHORT ENJOY IT! (BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW)

2794 days ago


LMAO about 'jealous mothers'...who CAN'T go out??? I don't even need a sitter, but I still don't's a choice. Jealous? No. Responsible? Yes. Babies need their mothers, day and night. Anyone thinking different is very ignorant!

2794 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

# 25 Teeks???
Uhh....what are you talking about?

Coming from #18.

2794 days ago

J Doe    

i find it hard to believe she wrote that.....someone else wrote that sad sorry exucuse. it has no grammar errors..britard obviously didnt write that herself

do you really think she could spell magnified correctly lmao...
someone else wrote it

2794 days ago


Okay, so like when you had kids Britney, you sort of gave up the parties & the night life...being a mom is a full time job, you don't get breaks, [unless they're in school] wanted to know what it was like to have a "baby" & once you did it, you didn't like it anymore, you saw how time consuming it now you just pay someone to be you...& as for not celebrating your birthday for the past 2 years, yeah, i think you have, just because you didn't go out & party, doesn't mean you didn't celebrate it. You need to grow up, you are not this little 18 or 19 year old girl anymore, you are a 25 year old woman...there comes a time when you need to grow up, gah, Britney you've got 2 aren't who you use to be, and i don't think you will ever be that "girl" anymore, you have kids now!!!!

2794 days ago


Bill Clinton is the LAST person I would ask for advice.
He's a lying horn dog who not only sucked as President but got sucked.
Lindsay should quit acting like a total drugged out freak and get a clue.

2794 days ago


#32 and everyone else on the "Team Britney" bandwagon, listen up!!! Regardless of age, when you have children, when you turn 18, when you'd taken on BIG responsibilities. No one ruined her marriage, besides Britney and her sorry-excuse-for-a-human-being husband. They chose to marry and have kids - even if he never showed any responsibility for his other 2 kids. She chose to have kids and should bear that responsibility. I know that every once in awhile you need a break to have fun but to go out night after night, getting drunk and showing off your crotch to the world KNOWINGLY is classless and the poorest example of a MOTHER. She preached so much about raising kids herself with no nannies and yet here she is partying and drinking like a "champ" while her kids are with who???? Team Britney GROW UP, you think too much like Britney - a very insecure, foolish 12 year old.

2794 days ago


Post # 3---you got that SOO right!! Also-#'s 9, 11 & 12...
The whole, "I'm just a kid, I need to party" thing just doesn't fly, when the one saying it is 25 years old, & a mother of two.

A birthday party doesn't need to be an opportunity to flash your crotch & ass to the could be a time to celebrate w/ your loved ones---and be able to remember it the next day!!

I guess I'm a bit biased--- I have adopted a WONDERFUL little boy, but I'm infertile, & that kills me. I'd give anything to bear children---then there are people like Britney who just shoot them out, & then treat them as if they are a nuisance.

Hey---I'm up for adopting two more little boys!!
And I even wear undies...

2794 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Britney's eyes look scary in all recent photos.

2794 days ago


Jeez, Britney crying over not celebrating for 2 years. How is she going to handle the next 18 years of these poor little babies lives....

She seems RESENTFUL at having to be a MOMMY. I thinks she really regrets having these babies.

Her kids will grow up to hate her

2794 days ago


Anyone defending Britney's awful mothering skills obviously either has no children or is a terrible mother same as she is. I agree with all the posters who say your partying days are over once you agree to bring a child into this world. If you want to screw around, get drunk every night, stay out to the wee hours and have someone else care for your child you should give the child up for adoption to a family who will love and care for the child properly. She has to realize that her two babies are not disposable like her tiny dog Bit Bit that she also stopped caring for. What a liability she is! With parents like her is it any wonder that most children in Hollywood are all screwed up as adults?

2794 days ago
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