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Jessica's Mom Steamed Over '9 to 5' Flub

12/7/2006 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica and Tina SimpsonJessica Simpson's mother gave Jess a verbal smack-down after her "embarrassing" rendition of "9 to 5" in front of Dolly Parton and President Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors last weekend, telling her that she should get out of the business if she doesn't want to put in the work.

Sources tell TMZ that Tina Simpson was furious with Jess after she flubbed lyrics, stood statue-still on stage while trying to hold her dress up, and then awkwardly hurried off with a few mumbled words to Parton. Tina told her daughter that the performance was "embarrassing" and "unprofessional," and mom was further incensed because Jessica had missed a dress rehearsal and hadn't adequately learned lyrics to the song -- which necessitated cue cards at the front of the stage. Jessica can be clearly seen reading from the cards during her performance.

Curiously, Jessica's dad, Joe, wasn't undone by the snafu, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin. Joe didn't feel there was any need to reshoot the performance, calling it "cute," but show producers, reports Malkin, begged Joe to have Jess do it again, without anyone in the audience. "We almost cut her out of the [CBS] show," says a source.

Jessica's rep has blamed the mishap on nerves, and tells TMZ, "There is no problem with Tina [and Jessica] whatsoever."Train Wreck gallery: Click to launch


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Oh, of course daddy Joe wasn't unphazed by it all. He's in a calculated state of revenge. He'll take it out on her (sexually) when she got home. Man, I bet she walked kinda funny that next morning! lol :-D

2841 days ago


FINALLY! Tina Simpson speaks the truth regarding her daughter.. she's an embarassment and unprofessional! Of course Joe Simpson thinks it's cute, she's his meal ticket. This entire family needs to go away. BUH BYE!!

2841 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Jessica was once likeable, I disagree with a few of you who believe she has NO talent. Jessica can sing,maybe not act to great but the girl can sing. Tina Simpson has a lot of nerve saying that Jessica embarrassed her, I remember during one of the "Newlyweds" shows, Jess was celebrating and having a birthday part, Tina's dumb a$$ fell flat on her face, on camera... Joe Simpson very much seems like a "PREACHER" to me... LOL

Joe sold out and all he cares about is the almighty dollar, he probably only steps foot in a church for XMAS, EASTER and for a photo opp...

Jessica should have learned the freaking lyrics and rehearsed before hand. The President had Jessica sing because like himself she is from Texas. Tina has never had a real job and lives off of her daughters income, that's why she is so ticked off, she's afraid Jessica's snafu will cause he daughter to lose out on making some more moolah...

2841 days ago


Good for Momma, Why in the hell would CBS get Jessica Simpson to sing A country song for the Diva Dolly Parton? Where was Carrie Underwood or LeAnne Rimes or any of the the other up and coming country chicks ?

Jessica is a poor excuse for a Bad pop Singer. If it wasnt for her looks that chick would be in TROUBLE. Its a shame because Dolly is a legend and deserved for someone to do her honor. Like when Beyonce (a true talent) performed for Tina Turner last year. Thats how you give praise for your Idol.

2841 days ago


Maybe mommy dearest should put her butt on stage and see how well SHE does. Last time I checked though the only thing she's good at is sponging off her daughter. As for Jessica, I never thought that she was that great as a performer so the performance looked status quo to me. At any rate, her star doesn't seem to be shining as brightly as it used to. Bet she's regretting dumping Nick now, huh?

2841 days ago


Jessica Simpson's parents need to BUTT OUT of her life and stop living off of her $$. No wonder her marriage didn't work, four in a bed gets a little crowded. They need to let their daughter live her life and make her own mistakes and mind their own god damn business!

2841 days ago


Tina should realize that the 15 minutes of fame has long since expired. I mean, what do you expect to get from an airheaded no-talent faker like Jessica? Back off, OK? It's a miracle she lasted this long.

The Simpson parents are a disgrace. Even with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on their childrens' therapy, they will never be whole human beings. Parental criticism only worsens the situation.

2841 days ago

Black Sheep    

Sounds like Tina is getting sick of the whole Simpson mess like we are!

2841 days ago


Jessica (probably by the advice of daddy) cut Nick loose and has
probably regretted it ever since. She's gone South ever since the divorce.
Get away from Mom and Dad. You're supposed to be a grown up.

2841 days ago


Jessica is a talented person, she just has a bad reputation. Why do many people hate her so much? you NEVER met her, you NEVER talked to her, AND you have NO say in her divorce. It was between her and Nick. And you guys complain how she is such a bad person and she has no talent, but technically, its your fault. she wouldn't have this image if it wasent for the "talkative" people. (if you don't get what i mean, just read the other comments). She enjoys singing, and its her passion. So people don't like her, then JUST LEAVE IT. Stop all that crap and just leave it. you hate her so much, you seem to be talking about her alot. YOU HATE HER? THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. if she bothers you so much, just ignore her. how HARD is that?

2841 days ago


GOOD FOR TINA SIMPSON!!! She is 150 percent right. Jessica *IS* embarrassing herself if she being unprofessional and not preparing herself for performances. Thank God she has a parent who is willing to keep it real, and keep her somewhat grounded.

There is something really dysfunctional and creepy about Joe. Really creepy. Both the Simpson girls are pretty mentally messed up, but Jessica seems really screwy. Jessica needs to cut the cord with dad. I think in two years, Jessica's career will officially be dead. She's going nowhere fast, and her dad isn't helping.

2841 days ago


I'm glad to see that Jessica's Mom gave her a "chewing out".
I wish Britney's Mom would take some lesson's from Tina.
I saw the tape. I was embarrassed watching it.
She is getting paid a lot of moolah to show up & sing. She should have shown up for rehearsals and should have known her lines.
Joe (Daddy Dear) pull your head out of your ass.
It wasn't cute. CBS didn't like, therefore, you have a problem.
Joe, get out of denial PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2841 days ago


You know what is really lame about all of this is if CBS just went with Jessica's original idea of Anal Ring Toss this 'unprofessional' stuff wouldn't even be an issue. It also didn't help that Jessica thought 9 to 5 was the range of guys that would gangbang her in front of the president.

2841 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

And to think Jessica wants to play Dolly Parton in a movie about the her. Dolly had once commented that Jessica reminded her of herself. Yeah maybe in the double " D " department.

Jessica listening to Joe is what made her lose her husband. After she realized what she'd done by insitgating a divorce it was too late, Nick moved the freak on, and I'm glad he did!

Tina, sit down and shut up, you're still gonna get paid.

2841 days ago


Beauty fades, but dumb is forever. Her beauty pageant looks won't last forever. So then what's left? Just dumb.

2841 days ago
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