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Joe Simpson Offers Jessica as Mag Rack for $10K

12/7/2006 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica and Joe SimpsonJoe Simpson says for a cool $10,000 his daughter Jessica will read YOUR magazine!

Well-placed sources tell TMZ that ever-opportunistic Joe has called at least two weekly celebrity rags to offer them the "opportunity" to feature Jessica reading their mag in a scene in the upcoming film "Blonde Ambition." We're told that he has asked them to write a check for $10,000 for the privilege of placement -- and to make that check payable to Joe Simpson. Our sources say that Joe has "guaranteed" that he will personally see to it that the magazine will be where it's supposed to be when cameras roll. So far, according to sources, no one has taken Simpson up on his offer.

Well, this tale may be returned for insufficient funds. A rep for the Simpsons says that there is "no truth whatsoever" to this story. While the rep confirms that there was product placement staff working on the film, she says there is "absolutely no truth" in any request for payment directly to Joe.


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There is something very wierd about her father's obsession with making money off of his daughters. DOes he have a real job?

2877 days ago


So sad. This so called 'father' or 'parent' would do anything to make a buck. Using his kids as bate. What a pathetic loser.

2877 days ago


Joe Simpson would offer up a used tampon from Jessica if he thought he could get cash for it. This guy is a shamless pimp. He probably was one of those preachers who held up the snakes for everyone to touch in church. LOL!

2877 days ago


I think the whole Simpson exploitation of the girls is wrong. I don't really think either one are that happy, I mean one is already divorced and Jessica in someways is really quite not mature, she has been so spolied all her life, it shows a lot, the second is so mixed up about herself image that she gets nipped and tucked every other week because she needs to keep up with the Jones so to speak. Plus, to be honest, neither one is that talented. Jessica, I sing as good as her, she is OK, Ashlee, I just don't know. I think the way Mr. Simpson pimps out his family is awaful. He needs another car or earring. This man is a true word to a pimp daddy! I truly wonder if either girl will ever find true happiness, money and a big house cannot keep you warm at night!

2877 days ago


Well its no wonder he is trying to bleed her fame for every penny he could. Ashley's fame cost him money and now he has to recover his loses.. By the way, can Jessica even read ? Maybe they replace the words with pictures to capture her interest and give the illusion she is reading. One is good at faking to sing, the other is good at faking reading, and Joe, well he is faking to be a good father.

2877 days ago


#17 GJGJ

That's the only income Joe has is living off his daughters. Prior to this, he lived off the church as phoney minister...all the time prepping his daughters to pimp. Stupid people bought into it, They are both no talent...not too smart girls setting no kind of example to young kids unless they too want to grow up and be Daddy's HO.

It makes me sick.

2877 days ago


^^^^ # 19

NO....but DADDY will

2877 days ago


Wow, Joe really needs to be put in his place. This is really low. At least the mags are smart and know no one is even interested in seeing a movie with Jessica crying, making stupid jokes and using weird voices, not to mention as naked as Joe can con her in. Simpsons, fade away, please!

2877 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Well, now we know from which parent she inherited her talent for being a whore.

2877 days ago


#5 ~ LOL!!! That's what I was thinking!!! Cause if she can't tell the difference between tuna & chicken ya have to wonder!

Also hasn't her dad learned that the quickest way to alienate you kids is to use them to make money. Look at the Jackson's, the Culkin's, the Lohan's & the list sadly goes on & on. It's one thing to "manage" your child's career...quite another to make the almighty $$ at the expense of your family or the relationship with a child(ren). Pathetic!!!

I think that after a child turns 18 or so & the parent still wants to manage them, they should get a straight salary nothing more. Cause it seems this is why people stay in it way to long & don't necessarially have their child/client's best interest at heart. We might never get to see if these kids have any real talent or not cause their parents are too busy living their dreams through their kids. Sad!!! To think that people look up to people like this & want to make their kids stars, too. UGH!!!

2877 days ago


Joe is clearly an unfit manager. Jessica needs to wake up and fire her father as her manager. He is detrimental to her singing and acting career.

2877 days ago


Magazine rack makes sense. She has a great rack. Her head is good for nothing more than a hat rack.......

2877 days ago

Snootier than thou    

oh sure! she'll read it...but will she comprehend it??

...i dont know! /me shrugs me something! /me twirls hair and chews gum

2877 days ago

Snootier than thou    

...hmmm....i wonder if Larry Flynt knows about this.

Long Live the Porn King!!

2877 days ago

Snootier than thou    

He does now!!

Mass Email For the Win!!

2877 days ago
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