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Bow Wow's


12/8/2006 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bow Wow performsBow Wow isn't deleting the N-word from his lyrics.

At last night's Jingle Ball Concert hosted by 102.7 KIIS FM, Bow Wow gave a no-holds-barred performance in front of thousands of screaming youngsters.

A shirtless and dancing Bow announced, lyrically, that he is single and not dating Ciara, while dropping the N-word throughout his songs. In the aftermath of the Michael Richards rant, some artists have chosen to lose the derogatory term, but not Bow Wow.

No one at the concert seemed to be affected by his use of the word; perhaps his younger audience is unaware of the weight the word has carried.

Calls to Bow Wow's reps were not immediately returned.


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Wow, I'm shocked....
It's amazing how much hatred we have for each other. I don't understand why, as a country, we continue to divide ourselves into different groups. It doesn't matter to me whether you are purple, blue, black, white, hispanic, asian, or any other color and it shouldn't matter to anyone else. We all want to have a better life and a peaceful one at that. We all try to raise our children the right way, and we all breathe the same air. Now, more than ever, we should be united.

2812 days ago

Jo Blo    

Shut up you dumb n***** (#49)

2812 days ago


that's really intelligent #50.
May GOD bless you

2812 days ago


why is this news? bow wow can say n*** as many times as he wants. if he was white it'd be different. what's so hard to understand about that. tmz is retarded.

2812 days ago


Oh, please. So pathetic this absolute Billy Gilman-like NOBODY who will ALWAYS be a gimmick (child music celeb who's only meant to last until he starts puberty) doing this sh|it. He'll ALWAYS just be "Lil Bow Wow", and don't you forget it. The lil n****r makes me sick.

2812 days ago

John C jackson    

Well, I am guessing it was already in lyrics of the songs.
IMHO, even if you hold a press conference and say "I'm not using that word in any future songs"
it would be stupid as hell to revise the lyrics to old songs. And even if they are new songs, oh well.

I dont like the word at all, but if people want t use it- that's there prerogative. And i can chose not to support them.

When people book rappers/singers hopfully they know what kind of lyrics they have and shouldnt expect them to change.

2812 days ago


Ya know the poll made me stop & think. I couldn't answer "yes" or "no". Here's why...

I get that certain words are offensive & really should NOT be used in public. Not only cause it's wrong, but it really might you a hellova beating as well!! Might even get you set up for a charge of a hate crime.

That being said, how can you charge one person for using one of the offensive words without appearing to be biased or totally under the control of being "PC"? I can whole-heartly be behind sanctions for Michael Richards for using the "n" word, but I have a hard time sanctioning someone like Bow-Wow or one of the Wayan brothers for using it. Does that make sense???

It's like I'll proudly admit that I'm a *itch, but God help anyone who calls me one to my face! My friends & family can call me a *itch, but if you are someone I don't care for...ya see where I'm going.

Okay, would you go about sanctioning someone for using these unacceptable names without treading on free speech? Also if it's okay to use slang terms for your own race...what happens if you are of mixed heritage? Damn! It boggles my mind! I think I need an aspirin or maybe something stronger!!! ;-)

2812 days ago


It is like beating a dead horse on this website because most of the ignorant people on her are dead horses. You can't debate a subject so you proceed to call people names.

Maybe if people were more educated on this site, there would be some understanding. Nope, I doubt that very seriously.


2812 days ago


I think BOW-WOW-WOW should run to the nearest accredited college, get educated--- and stop being the equivalent to a stupid "N-WORD".

2812 days ago


With a chosing a name like "Bow-Wow", what would one expecct from "him" or does the kid or dog bark? I think his "handlers" really don't care, he's making money for em. The young one is not in his right mind obviously. We have failed our children.

2812 days ago


I think some white folks get off using the N-word. Like I said before they probably use it in the privacy of their homes and among all white folks. Quentin Tarantino's use the N-word 38 times in Jackie Brown. Ni**er and Ni**a are two difference words. I do not approve of either word. Not all blacks use them either. We know that this country was built off the blood, sweat and tears of black slaves. Blacks’ folks are still going through hell in this country. In the old days people used the word as an expression to put down, belittle, and make fun of black people. Some blacks have taken on the word "Ni**a" as their own and flip the script made it into something positive; so the words have lost its pejorative sting. The rumor I hear is that a lot of young folks of all races are saying ni**a. I don’t know if they don’t know the history of the word or they just think it’s trendy and slick. Maybe they need to rent “Roots” or do some research on the N-word. I guess it all depend on how you are raise. The word Ni**er is use to defame and demean. Hopefully Webster’s dictionary will change it to mean a racial slur not synonymous with African-Americans I think the white folks on the posting will never understand or get it …making jokes about ni**er or ni**az is sick. All they want to do is hate and spread hate speech. So go ahead white folks use Ni**er and get yo ass beat. Whether it's an 'er' or an 'a' spelling," I find it really offensive.

2812 days ago

Mad Balls    

Many of you did not realize that this picture is not Bow-wow . I guess black folks , to many of you , look alike . Dickheads . Your time wasting your mind with racist or ignorant remarks would be better spent on reading Penthouse . I'm sure you have plenty of time on your hands now that " My name is Earl " is in reruns . Hey I got a great Idea --why not get with Hetrophobic Rosie O'donnel and Insult a whole nation of people then act like the chinese are the ones who need the brainwork . Dickhead .

2812 days ago


Go Dave!!

2811 days ago


This is dumb. Bow Wow didn't target anyone in his audience and call him a N*gger. That's what Richards got flack for. If Richards had said N*gger without pointing at a person, people wouldn't have been so riled up. YOu can make fun of black people and black culture...Richards crossed the line when he directed his rant at audience members and made it personal. That's the end, end of discussion. Bye Bye.

2811 days ago


#5, That's because today's black kids are uneducated on the word. They're trying to make an excuse for it and looking dumb in the process. I'm black and I can't stand that word. If these kids knew that the word was filled with hate and that we were called that when we were hung from trees, and shot and killed just because we were black they wouldn't be saying anything. I swear all these kids need to be put back in the 60s so they can know what it feels like to really be called a N***er. They think they have a problem with Michael Richards, it's a whole different story from back in the 60s.

2810 days ago
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