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Mel Gets Assist From Clooney, DeVito

12/8/2006 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney has Paris and Lindsay, Mel has George and Danny.

Last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Gibson claimed Hollywood's most famous drinking buddies are helping him stay off the booze, saying "If I ever feel like clutching for the turpentine, DeVito and Clooney just talk me through it."

Gibson's attempts at humor came while he was stuffing his face full of food. "The security guard told me that if I walked a straight line I could get a cookie," Gibson said.

Mel also revealed that he's been sober for about four and a half months, saying, "It's kind of a gradual thing. It doesn't happen overnight. And it takes a little time, that's all. The lights might come on." And then there was light.

Mel's latest film "Apocalypto," with dialog in various Mayan dialects, opens in theaters today, if you care.


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Patsy are soooooooooooooo stupid!!!

Why are you bringing old sh*t up...."Wait" that's all you have to do and when that movies comes out you can type your negative comments.

2853 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Mel is absolutely a man of tremendous substance.

2853 days ago

Jemima Kahn    

Mel Gibson is not an anti-Semite. He may rather obtusely voiced anger against what Israel was doing to Lebanon or the fat that the Jewish stronghold in Hollywood refused to help him distribute The Passion, rather unjustly pre-judging The Passion as anti-Semitic - which it was NOT. He has reason to be angry with some issues that involve Jews - that does not make him anti-Semitic. And I'm a Jew for heaven's sake. Just because my people suffered untold cruelties and injustice for cenruries does not put them above criricism or dislike. I'm sick of the climate of hypocriical political correctness we live in. And I'm sick and tired of the media playing hanging judge and jury where celebrities are concerned.

That said - "Apocalypto" completely blew me away as a cinematic experience. Powerful, maverick, visceral film-making is what it is.

2853 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Glad to see this guy getting it together and back on track. You caan't hate on all the people in the world that when they get drunk, or stressed say stupid things.

2853 days ago


I do care! I can't wait to see this movie. Mel has shown me great courage to overcome his demons and his embarrassment. TMZ SHAME ON YOU for being so one-sided. Where the impartialness journalists are suppose to have. That last line was uncalled for and I'm glad the majority of responders agree. Haven't you heard the phrase "To Forgive is Devine"? It's time you move on...

2853 days ago


Hey Patsy...I see you didn't address my point. Spike Lee hasn't made comments about whites in years and yet white people STILL talk about him being racist....people love to tell other people to move on and get over it until they are the target then they harp on the same bullsh*t they told the other person to get over.

I like Mel Gibson, I'm talking about his hypocritical fans. Now who's the stupid one? Can you read?

2853 days ago


Mel smells. He is ugly and weird and has ruined his reputation forever. Get over him people. BTW I am not Jewish.

2853 days ago


Wait till a famous Black or Jew bash a white Christian! Then we'll see how "forgiving" these brainwashed Mel fans are!

2853 days ago


Mel Rocks. You Suck.

2853 days ago



Grammar school honey!!!

2853 days ago


SouthernNYC, it sounds like your the one with racial problems, Spike Lee only does black films, if thats not racist than what is! You think Black Entertainment Channel is not racist?

What about WET (White Entertainment Channel) I bet youd think thats racist, oh please STFU and get over your complex!

2853 days ago


by the way MEL ROCKS and nobody is perfect so stop being so dam judgemental, your all gonna have to give count on judgement day (including myself)!

2853 days ago


i'm proud of you Mel!

A Devoted Mel Fan

2853 days ago



When all else fails..attack grammar. You obviously don't have a retort. Too bad.

2853 days ago
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