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Rosie to Asians: Get Over It

12/9/2006 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellShe may not have used the N-word, but that doesn't mean Rosie O'Donnell is in the clear when it comes to race relations.

According to Page 6, Asian-Americans are fuming at "The View" host for saying that Danny DeVito's drunken antics made headlines in China that read: 'Ching chong, ching ching chong, Danny DeVito!"

"The use of the distorted phrases is insulting to the Chinese and Chinese-Americans, and gives the impression that they are a group that is substandard to English-speaking people," says the Asian-American Journalists Association. But Rosie's rep thinks they just don't get it: "I certainly hope that one day they will be able to grasp her humor."

Madonna and BritneyMadonna Gave Brit Kiss of Death?

When exactly did Britney Spears jump the shark? Writer Camille Paglia says it was when she kissed Madonna on the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Paglia told US that, in a sense, Madonna was saying, "'I'm passing the torch to you.' It was a fabulous moment. Britney looked toned, in control of her career. Literally from that kiss, from that moment onward, Britney has spiraled out of control." Thanks a lot, Madge.

Mariah CareyMariah to Porn Star: Back Off My Name, Bitch

Pop diva Mariah Carey is trying to stop porn star Mary Carey from trademarking her name, claiming that fans might get confused. Entertainment Weekly reports that Mary Carey, who has starred in films like "Double Air Bags" and "Boobsville Sorority Girls," finds the whole thing "silly." We're guessing Mariah just doesn't want anything distracting from her dynamic duo.

Party Favors: Brad and Angelina Back in the States ... George Clooney to Pair With John Grisham ... Kid Rock Parties With Ex

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are back in the good ol' U.S. of A. To celebrate Brad's upcoming birthday, Hollywood's hottest couple visited Fallingwater, an architectural wonderland built by Frank Lloyd Wright, near Pittsburgh. Then the pretty pair headed to New York so Angie could promote her new movie, "The Good Shepherd" ... George Clooney is working on a deal to produce a movie based on John Grisham's first nonfiction book, "The Innocent Man." Right now, though, Clooney has no plans to star in or direct it ... Kid Rock, who moved back to Detroit after his split with Pam Anderson, has been seen with his ex, Conchita Leeflang. He even flew to L.A. to go to Leeflang's birthday party at rapper Eddie Mayhem's crib.

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No Avatar


As if people couldn't distinguish a no talent slut w/ a classy lady. ;-) And if you're unsure...... I meant Mary (as the classy lady)! hehe

(click on my link)

2876 days ago


A few years back Rosie had this comment for a little girl that had Cystic Fibrosis: "So what disgusting disease do you have?"

The girl wanted to meet Rosie and the meeting was set up through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Classy lady. Not!

2876 days ago

Lenn K    

Wow, Rosie the Jessie Jackson of gay rights. Please don't speak for gays because like Jackson you are a self-appointed, attention-seeking and loud mouth publicity grabbing whore. Like you say, admit it you hate Asians and their as you say funny words. For the love of God, shut the F*ck up and mind your own gay life, because we ain't buying here!

2876 days ago

Allred Tree    

ROSIE DRINK BEER, become SUMO WRESTLER, go to Japan and enter contest.

2876 days ago


Rosie is a huge turd. She flys into a blind rage when folks make fun of gays, but it's ok for her to bash Asians? Someone needs to super glue this cow's mouth shut.

2876 days ago


So everyone flips out whenever someone mentions n*gger, but everyone else is fair game? (nd I would love to know what exactly is "politically correct?")

The only folks watching "The View" are bored housewives who need to get lives, jobs and/or hobbies.

And who really gives a sh*t what Camille Paglia thinks?

2875 days ago


Rosie should watch & wash her mouth! She is so defensive when she thinks someone is making a homophobic remark, but doesn't seem to mind making racist remarks. The Asian community should be offended, having to go through the taunting by ignorant people who think saying Ching, Chong etc is funny.

2875 days ago

Allred Tree    

Donna #49 Besides bored housewives who watch "The View" there are many retired viewers. Many of them cannot stand Rosie and have stopped watching and purchasing products advertised on the show. After her huge insult to the Asian community, I for one am SHOCKED to think she was not immediately fired!

2875 days ago

Mary Worth    

Rosie's making sure that the people will keep watching The View; that's why she keeps opening her big, fat mouth. And, sure enough, people tune in. She's orchestrating the whole show!

And she will make us pay! pay! pay! Why? Because she doesn't have a ......penis!

2875 days ago

White Heat    

They should bring on Lisa Ling to kick some Mick lesbo ass.
Talk about Irish ugly. You ever go to those Irish festivals and you can see people that look like pigs.
Years ago I was watching The Merv Griffin show and his guest was Moms Mabalee. She said that there were so many people in China that they would
throw up silverware on the floor and the ping pong pung sounds hitting the ground would be the name of the child.
I heard that over 40 years ago and I laughed and laughed. I was twelve!
Rosie's Chinese joke was stupid and ignorant for such a sensitive person.
As Barbs said her and Rippa were.

2875 days ago


I've actually seen some where that they put mariah image instead of mary carey. ANy f***ing idiot knows that mary carey got her name from mariah because they look alike. Plus sherry your oblivious a fat ass loser who jealous of mariah's talent and fame. You will always be a f***ing nobody sherri and if you seen the picture of mariah on the left she is tone you dam bitch-!!

2875 days ago


There are more english speaking in China than there are here in the United States. People are free to say whatever the hell they want. Lighten up people!! You use less muscles in your face to smile than you do to frown. Its funny!

2875 days ago



2874 days ago


I can imagine Rosie making a funny like that in front of her children, and then those children go to school, see an Asian classmate and repeat the same inane Ching Chong refrain, because it's funny and oh so innocent. I don't think that Asian classmate would appreciate being mocked, so neither should anyone stand for it from a grown woman.

And for those who don't think ChingChong is a racial slur, think again.

2874 days ago

Patrick Ogwu    

You Anglo-American scumbags are something else. And that goes for others of European descent who try to emulate the ways and thinking of the Anglo. You hypocrites commit crimes against others, or say things that are offensive to others and ALWAYS expect them to "get over it" . On the other hand, when things are said, or crimes are commited against you, your people cry, whine and point fingers till the end of time. Since you're such big fans of "getting over it" why don't you try and "get over" the fact that O.J. may have kiled Nicole and gotten away it? I've been listening to you Anglo-American c**ksuckers whine about O.J. for almost 12 years now! Lead by example and try practicing what you preach. HYPOCRITES!!!!

2874 days ago
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