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Brangelina Takes Manhattan

12/11/2006 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The stoic supercouple known as Brangelina was in Manhattan this weekend, with flashbulbs following their every footfall.

The charitable megastars were photographed arriving at Robert DeNiro's New York home -- and they didn't seem any more pleased with the paparazzi than they were before they left for India.

Cheer up kids, we're glad you're back!


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I have seen a few other pics of Brad and Angelina from this past weekend. Doesn't she look very unhappy? If you get a chance to see the other pics, you can totally tell there is something wrong. In other pictures they have when they are away in another country, Angelina always has a huge smile on her face. She must not like being in America!

2782 days ago


So who missed them?...I mean what is their bag? Passing themselves off as some kind of unelected world wide do gooders, preaching about the ills of the world, than making movies that capitalize on those ills...violence, sex, drug use, murder,...tell you what, when they both start making movies that match their message, than maybe I'd buy their routine...scrambling all over the world, people getting hurt everywhere they venture to....I guess I dont get it, but than again I dont get Madonnas routine either...hes a putz now and she will tire of him soon as his good looks only go so far, because if looks mattered she wouldnt have ever linked up with Billy Bob Thornton...nothing personal but I dont get it...if you do, please explain.

2782 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

These two are beyond boring!

2782 days ago


Your right, Twins. A BIG YAWNNNN for these two!

2782 days ago


By George, forgive me for this, but I think you've got it! Sorry, couldn't resist. Just who the hell do these two think they are? Without the fans, the paparazzi and the ticket sales, they'd just be two good lucking waiters or something. I get so tired of the whiny attitude coming from Angelina Jolie, like she's some freakin' queen. Get over yourself, sweetie, and buy some chapstick for those giant dried out lips of yours. Brad, nut up and leave this bitch or you'll spend your life, walking behind her, toting around her token African babies.

2782 days ago


Why is it they continue to parade these two young children all over the place but, we never see Shiloh. Is she too precious to be subjected to this level of paparazzi hounding and these two children(who didn't ask for this type of life)aren't.

I say if you're going to subject these innocent children to your crazy public persona, and what comes with it, subject your biological offspring to it too.

This has got to be difficult for these children with people hounding every move you make, shouting at your parents, constant flash bulbs going on. What must their minds be like at bedtime with constant replay of the days' events. BRAD AND ANGELINA, ENOUGH ALREADY. NO OTHER HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY SUBJECTS THEIR CHILDREN TO THIS LEVEL ON HOUNDING. LEAVE THE CHILDREN AT HOME, THEY DON'T HAVE TO GO EVERYWHERE WITH YOU!!!. You're the celebrity, not your children.

I'm beginning to think these adopted children have evolved to be unwitting publicity props, while Shiloh is the one who gets actual love, care and protection.

WHO wears a BRIGHT white coat at this time of year except someone who WANTS to be seen. GROW UP BRAD AND ANGELINA.

2782 days ago


Angelina always looks like she is ready to RUN AWAY from Brad--not to him--in recent photos of these two everywhere. Esp. in the snow in PA. STRANGE couple!

2782 days ago


I agree George! Right on! These two need to practice what they preach! AMEN!

2782 days ago


Wow, Angelina is gorgeous. I have seen a lot of pics of the two, at Just
Angelina is sexy in every picture. I love the way these 2 are helping out in the world. Btw, I haven't heard them preaching, thats Jennifer that does the preaching. We all know how that b*tch lies.

2782 days ago


Excuse me, but they are grown up. Whoever said, WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE. Hell, they are the sexiest couple on this planet. You jealous women need to get a grip. Angelina will be around for a long time. If you don't like them, why in the hell do you take time to read and post. You are not fooling anybody.

2782 days ago


The Adams Family are back!!! Gomez looks like he need to take a nap trotting his stupid ass around the world for Mortisha....The reason we don't see Shiloh is because she's the pretty one and they are embarassed by her....FREAKS!!!

2782 days ago


Frankie, you are thinking of Courtney Cox and her family.
This family is a fine looking family. I am afraid only a few fanistons
will agree with your comment. They are well loved WORLDWIDE.
Brangelina all the way!

2782 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

We are so sick of looking at this pair of twits day in and day out, the very sight of them make us want to puke!

2782 days ago


Aww, what good pictures of Brad and Angelina. I totally agree, they are hot, hot, hot. I see some JA fans have run to post some bs on them. Hey JA fans, there is a thread on JA. Why dont you go there and support her, you will not be missed here. You people need to grow up, not Brad and Angelina. They are good people, and fantastic parents.

2782 days ago


Hey alana.....................Jennifer does. She trys to act and look like Angie.
I know a lot of people who wear white coats. She dont have to wear a white coat to get noticed. When this lady steps out, every eye is on her. She is too beautiful for you losers, and JA nutty fans. It's sad to see how many people are jealous of her. She was born a beauty, and she has a good looking man. Get over it.

2782 days ago
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