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Dina Lohan -- Tan Her Hyde!

12/11/2006 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Lindsay Lohan might have to ground her mom Dina.

Dina Lohan, 44, was spotted by a cameraman leaving Hyde, her daughter's favorite Hollywood hotspot, accompanied by a younger man. She unsuccessfully tried to escape the paparazzi by hiding behind a bus shelter on Sunset Boulevard. Her unidentified friend learned his lesson, telling Dina, "We can never come to Hyde," as they made their getaway.

Lindsay has expressed concern about her mom's partying, reportedly throwing a fit at a Manhattan eatery during last year's Fashion Week. Lindsay's father, Michael, is serving jail time on various charges. Nothing like good role models for our impressionable young stars.


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Dina is an unfit Mother who lives off of her daughter, she seems to be a slut...I guess this is where Lindsay learned how to be a whore, from her Whorish Mother,
who should be hanging around people her own age, for gods sake the BITCH IS TOO OLD FOR 44 Grandma should be home knitting panties for her wrinkled crotch. Wrinkle Crotch and Firecrotch!!!!

2874 days ago


That younger man is only hanging out with that wrinkled old bat to get his mitts on some of her trainwreck daughter's cash.

2874 days ago

TMZ Newbie    

And you wonder why Lindsay is messed up!

2874 days ago


I am sorry. I am the rude one. I suck.

2874 days ago


18. the above commenters are probably the rudest people i have encountered on the web. congrats.

Posted at 2:33PM on Dec 11th 2006 by cl

Yeah, ain't it great?

2874 days ago

G.C. expat    

Dina Lohan is from low rent Merrick L.I.- split level "masterplan" housing from the 50's and 60's. Its a Jewsih Levittown!!!!!!!! the 2 of them will never have any class- Lindsay should put her $$$ in treasuries and just bail on this life- one a peice of sh*t, always a peice of sh*t!

2874 days ago


why are you even showing this old tramp? she is nothing but a whore i bet her and lindsay share men. just what i picture her being like oh honey now that you have had sex with him do you mind if i get some mama needs a little play herself lindsay says sure hes got a big c**k and he likes it when you rub his balls as your giving him a blow job go for it mom. ahhh sick sick sick left overes

2874 days ago


Her mother is out partying and her father is in prison and people are wondering why the girl is such a mess!

2874 days ago


I had a mother like that growing up and let me tell you it SUCKED!! Old lady needs to stay out of her daughters night clubs! How embarrassing. I feel sorry for Linds.

2874 days ago


From all things I have seen or read or heard, Dina is more like the "child" in the mother-daughter relationship. It was Lindsay who was more like the "adult" who sat up all night with her mom until that drunken excuse of a father of hers decided to come home. Some times it was more like a few days at a time when her loser dad would be "off doing his thing" ! It sounds like Lindsay did not have much of a "child-hood"...she was always just "being there" for her mom and consoling her mom, etc. It is Understandable (as well as very, very SAD) that Lindsay has "earned" the label of "Party Girl"! She finally gets a "taste of freedom" (now that Linds has basically been living in LA / Hollywood "on her own") !! Now when Linds is nearly 21 (next July 2007)...her mom wants to "step in" and be a mom figurehead??? I think it is too little too late! Dina has stated that she cannot tell Linds NOT to go OUT and to stay at home ! Lindsay's closer "inner circle" of friends (as well as mom, Dina) are so AFRAID that Lindsay will not talk to them ever again and / or reject them all from her life (Linds' life) if they step in to try to stage an Intervention and/or REHAB !!! Would would they rather have...Lindsay recovered and ALIVE and not speaking to them OR having Lindsay Dead and never speaking to them???? If they love her as they claim, I think that it would be a "no-brainer". I'd rather have a friend (who would never speak to me) ALIVE than one who NEVER will have the chance to speak to me because the person is DEAD!

2871 days ago
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