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Is Gwen Ascending to Madonna's Throne?

12/11/2006 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the last three decades, Madonna has reigned as the Queen of Pop, and she's had an amazingly broad influence on pop culture, fashion and the career of nearly every young female pop starlet (some more than others). When royals begin to age, there is the inevitable talk about an heir to the throne.

Gwen StefaniFor the first few years of the new millennium, it seemed as if Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera would battle it out for the crown. As we all remember, there was the infamous performance by the two young lovelies at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, where each shared a liplock with Her Madgesty. Since Spears appeared to get just a little more tongue that X-tina, it seemed the torch was passed to Britney, who even took up Kaballah to emulate her highness. Then came Brit's quickie marriage and equally quick annulment to childhood friend Jason Alexander, which was the precursor to a downward spiral to be forever known as "The Federline Years." As we've seen, Britney seemed primed for a comeback after dumping FedEx, but her attempts to regain her spot in the line of pop succession have derailed. Everyone knows that a mother of two doesn't go around putting her hoo-ha on display for the world to see.

Meanwhile, another blonde has quietly planted herself on the top of the heap. Gwen Stefani, while slightly beyond "princess" years, is worthy of being considered pop royalty. Her latest collaboration with Pharrell is doing very well on the charts, which is no surprise, given that everything she's touched turns to gold. From her mega-selling "Love.Angel.Music.Baby." to her monster collaborations with Eve and Moby, Gwen has the magic touch. Like Madonna, Gwen's influence now stretches beyond music. She's renowned for her edgy fashion sense and has her own successful clothing line, complete with matching handbags. Gwen even has her own doll line and is creating her own perfume to market under her L.A.M.B. brand. She's even taken a turn on the big screen. Stefani made a brief acting debut playing Jean Harlow alongside Leo DiCaprio in "The Aviator," and made a cameo appearance in "Zoolander." While other contenders have faulted, Gwen is clearly on the path to pop's top spot.

Gwen is everywhere these days; the VH1 "Big in '06" awards, an SNL performance this past weekend, and next on MTV's New Year's Eve show. She does it all while balancing work and family, proving that you can be sexy and classy at the same time. She's got a happy marriage with a high profile hubby, and never seems to be far from her her son. Yep, Gwen has it all. Perhaps Miss Britney should stop taking lessons from Paris and take a cue from Stefani. If she did, she'd learn a valuable lesson: you don't need a sex tape or panty-less outings to be a megastar -- something even Madonna learned a long time ago.


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duh...totally !    

well I love Gwen, but she should slow it down some....or her and Gavin will be the next couple to Splitsville, USA.....

2841 days ago


Gwen???no way..her music are crap and i dont get the image she trying to's weird...really u call it fashion?come on AMERICA!!!

2839 days ago


Would just like to say that there is no one that could take the place of MADONNA
watever these popstars ( gwen, brit or chris) do, MADONNA has already been there and done it, she set the stage for them all, and still does.

2839 days ago


Neither, no way......not even close. Both wannabe's.

2838 days ago


Gwen Stefani is a lot of things and one of them is...refreshing. When I first listened to "Wind It Up" I had to pay attention and see exactly what was going on. Then after that I loved it. Especially the bass and drums and all the interesting sounds. In my opinion, originality is one of the most valuable things a human can have, especially in this day and age. I was into Gwen back in the No Doubt days and I really am into how she seems to have evolved. There are two other songs on her CD I have heard that I goes into this deep industrial beat and it is hot...different but still HOT. I am impressed.

2832 days ago


And why always compare her to Madonna? Yes, she does exude some Maddonna like ways (as far as her blonde hair and makeup) but other than that I see no comparison really. Maddonna did her thing but to say that she is trying to take her place is jumping the gun and kind of immature. There are similarities but there are also differences if you get the hate out of your minds and pay a f***ing attention. Now...I am sure next we will hear from some enraged, nostril flared hater. I will just say shut up now so I won't have to later.

2832 days ago


i don't think there is any question that gwen (has already taken) is taking Madonna's throne... it almost seems as if it is Madge that is trying to keep up, doing a line of clothing for H&M... Gwen is awesome... one thing about Gwen that Madge doesn't have is that Gwen can do sexy subtle... so she remains classy at the same time... all hail the Queen

2825 days ago


Sorry but Gwen is not just NOT in the same class as Madonna she's not even in the same solar system. While Madonna has never been one of my favorites, Gwen hasn't got a thing on her

Gwen's last performance on TV with that really lame song was just a WFT moment. Overblown, over produced and really not very good. Madonna on the other hand can still give a great show and leave you knowing you got your money's worth. Besides, she's bailed on the people who made her...her band. She's a STAH now dahling and can't be bothered with such lame people in her life now especially mere mortal musicains because as her press says and she believes...she above the little people now..

Gwen is just too ....well I'm not sure, but she just doesn't have what it would take to replace if that could ever be done. Especially style, class and showmanship.

2825 days ago

me me    

I thought I read somwhere the Moddons and Gwen are like cousins????

2825 days ago


Maybe she is the next Madonna seeing as how both of them have little to no REAL talent other than the ability to make music that appeals to people of EXCEPTIONALLY LOW INTELLIGENCE. Gwen Steffani's voice is garbage and she's still singing songs about being in High School. YOU'RE IN YOUR 30's you nitwit. Maybe she sings those songs because it's the only level she can appeal to.

2824 days ago


I think it is too early to have Gwen at this position,she has a long way to go in order to have that tag along..

2823 days ago

Cheryl Cooper    

LOVE...Madonna (for years!!!) Lovin Gwen for the last coupla years. Christina Aguilara (spell check?) has all they have to offer, plus a voice unmatched.

2814 days ago

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