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Jenna Jameson Pulls Plug On Marriage

12/11/2006 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson and husband Jay Grdina aka Justin SterlingPorn queen Jenna Jameson has filed for legal separation from her husband of three and a half years.

TMZ obtained the legal papers, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Jameson, whose legal last name is Massoli, has been estranged from husband Jay Grdina. Grdina, also a porn star, performs under the name Justin Sterling.

The couple has no children, however, we're told the divorce could get nasty. Sources tell TMZ the couple has no prenup, but Jameson is rolling in dough after selling her lucrative business to Playboy. Jameson is repped by mega-celebrity lawyer Neal Hersh.

Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson: Click to watchJameson, once linked to rocker Dave Navarro, has been keeping company with Ultimate Fighting champion Tito Ortiz. The couple has been spotted partying it up in Vegas and Los Angeles, and was most recently spotted in the green room at VH1's Big in '06 awards.

So it's a little bittersweet -- yes, Jenna's available, but you'll have to go through Tito Ortiz to get to her. Good luck, boys!


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Cindy Lou    

Jenna is nothing but a Whore with a worn out p***y. You'd have to be the size of King Kong to f*** her and feel it. What real man would want that smelly bitch.

2873 days ago

Team Aniston    

Who actually REALLY cares?? I just don't get how any man would want to be with a woman who has slept with so many people??!! NASTEY!!!

2873 days ago


nasty...just nasty. We would all be rich if we would just let someone tape our sexual encounters- makes me sick

2873 days ago



2873 days ago


I'm embarrassed to share a country with the morons who've posted about whether Jenna should marry.

It's a free country, you backward bigots. If you think sexual orientation (or frequency) somehow makes you ineligible for marriage, please go back inside your double-wides, whittle some, and shut the hell up.

2873 days ago


It's sad to see so many "moralists" act like they have the right answers for Jenna and Jay. Apparently those posters see marriage as purely about who owns the right to f*** whom. Talk about whoredom!

I've met Jenna and I've met Jay. They seem like good people, although Jay seems way more metrosexual than I'd expect as a partner for Jenna. They're both talented directors, in addition to anything they've done in front of the camera. Hopefully their divorce can remain civil and both will heal and move forward with better ideas about who they are and what they want from life and love.

2873 days ago


Just proves you dont have to be nice looking to be in porn--no one looks at the old fake faces!

2873 days ago

Greg Dunbar    

how many pictures do you want to see before you belive?

2873 days ago


you people are right why would anyone wnat to marry a porn stars or for that matter be one i mean who who who not i ever hells hot honey...

2873 days ago

TMZ Newbie    

Why is anyone concerned that she is getting divorced? Why did she get married? Oh yeah, she's porn star, who else is gonna marry her? She's not talented, she's not pretty, she looks like any other white, blonde bimbo that's in LA with fake tits that f***s for the camera. Unlike Paris, Lindsay, Britney, she's getting paid for it!

2873 days ago



2873 days ago

andrea giacalone    

boy you comment people have nothing better to do but mock other people why dont you go talk about the other chick tracy lords did everyone forget about her that she did porn and sylverster stallone sandra bullock is married to a pornstar too and what about these sex tapes that get out in the public by mistake thats bullsh*t my door is never unlocked i dont beleive that celebritys get there house broken into for sex tapes why dont you include them and call them names too if you dont know people being behind the camera is acting dummys so why dont you leave jenna alone you idiots would never make it to her level you dont deserve to even look at her so bug off at least she is next too a man that loves her all you girls are jealous you must be fat and ugly and cant loose weight thats why you r knocking her i dont care how you all put it hollywood is hollywood and what you dont see on tape from mainstream is still just as bad no celebrity is perfect in hollywood and what is talent action you r on the air everyone has talent you just hafto work at it and put your mind to it jenna is very talented and you will never have the money she does you helpless pieces of garbage

2873 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Theo, your comment rocked!!!

"Go back inside your double-wides,whittle some..." HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

2873 days ago

Joanne Long    

Personally I think Jenna is incredibly smart, and a good business woman. She broke into the Porn industry, and made herself a force to be recognized. She now owns Club Jenna and fought like hell in an industry known to use and abuse women...An industry run by men. Jenna set her own rules and made alot of money. I am sorry to hear her and Jay are legally seperating.
And for all the horrible comments about her looks I think she is absolutely beautiful and a whole lot of others must agree, her movies are all hits. Whether you like her or hate her you have to admit she never allowed porn to use her, she used it, and made alot of money.

2873 days ago


Oh, so one must live in a trailer park to have morals or common decency? That is complete idiocy. I bet you're one of those so-called open-minded people who preach understanding and compassion until someone DISAGREES with you. Then you start hurling worse stereotypes and insults than any "Jesus freak" or "trailer park bigot" ever could. Typical. If it wasn't for double standards, you liberals wouldn't have any standards at all.

2873 days ago
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