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Kidman Gets a Lift

12/11/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman was picked up by recently-rehabbed hubby Keith Urban, from what sources say was some type of support meeting.

Kidman and Urban exchanged marriage vows in late June ... Urban took the pledge in late October.


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Can't someone explain hygiene to Keith? Does he always
have to look like a homeless person? Wash your hair for god sakes.
Talk about a mismatch! Why do we never see Nicole with her kids?
Huh Mommy? She's had either botox or plastic surgery. Her face
looks like it could crack any minute.

2843 days ago


At least she is supporting him, and at least he went for help and admitted his problems. She's not a zombie like Katie and I don't see him acting like a f'ing idiot like TommyBoy. If acting is her "art" she's making millions at it, I wouldn't knock it. I give them both kudos for WORKING on their marriage instead of running away from it. A normal marriage is hard, a Hollywood marriage is next to impossible. Imagine you and your spouses little spats spread all over the news like its the end of the world, that would SUCK.

2843 days ago


Keith Urban is hot - he doesn't look homeless to me. And I've never seen Nicole carry on the "poor pitiful me" thing - she carried on with what she had to do with class and never mentioned what was going on. I think the reason you don't see the kids with Nicole all the time is that she doesn't use them for photo ops like her alien ex.

2843 days ago


I love how some of you talk like you actually know these people!!!
Like you talk to them everyday and know what's going on in their heads.
Talk about fantasyland.
Give me a break.

2843 days ago


Isn't it called annonymous? Why is this posted? At least you blurred out the other faces in the picture. Shame on you for posting this.

2843 days ago


Nasty Comments = Jealousy

2843 days ago


Hello... did nicole give up parental rights to her kids.. she hasn't seen or been seen with her two kids with tom cruise in at least a year.. whats her problem? she ignores her kids for him???

2843 days ago


25. I love how some of you talk like you actually know these people!!!
Like you talk to them everyday and know what's going on in their heads.
Talk about fantasyland.
Give me a break.

Posted at 8:24PM on Dec 11th 2006 by Prnzez

GIVE US A BREAK.....obviously you cared enough to get on this site and make a comment. Talk about fantasyland - it's called COWARDLAND. Calling names without using your real name. Get some balls.

2843 days ago


Looks like that marriage contract is just about up. Get a real woman, Keith. And I suggest Nicole get one as well.

2843 days ago


yeah patty. It takes great courage to use your first name.. LOL!! . What a friggin ridiculous comment. Get a grip. We all see you're in love with these two losers. Congrats, but don't call out other people who don't agree with your delusional rantings...

2843 days ago


It makes me laugh when y'all say--she never uses the Pity cars.Or she never downs Tommy Boy......Well.....Let's just say she got herself
65 Million reasons NOT to telk about him...And Yes its a fact.....You can go to LosAngeles Divorce Records and read the divorse decree for your self.
She also gave up Full or Shared custody...Tommy Boy has Full custody and she has visitation......Now--thats a really good Mum.
As for us being Jealous...I doubt it...I love Keith--the Old Keith.She has made a real mess out of him.he looks awful since he's with her.As for her-who the hell ever said she was beautiful or the best dressed woman........OMG Y'all get a grip.Without some designer dressing her-they both look like they need a good bath and wash their hair....I've seen cleaner and better dressed people walking the streets..Oh Carrying bags......Just my opinion!
Divorce facts are true and not my opinion.........Thanks for listening.......

2843 days ago


Nicole has always been a class act except for her choices in men. What a bum. He's got manboobs and a beer gut and his hair is perpetually greasy. Goes in the tank after a few months of marriage. Nicole, get it together. Ditch the loser and find yourself a nice respectable businessman or someone who can treat you like a princess.

2843 days ago


Just because I think Nicole and all of the extra stress that comes from living her kind of paparazzi life is not good for Keith does not mean I am jealous. I have nothing to be jealous about concerning them. Some of you like to give that pat answer of jealousy because it makes it easier for you to not see the truth of what this relationship has done to Keith.

2843 days ago


This is one weird looking couple.

2843 days ago


Hey #29. Bite me and get a life. Maybe in YOUR head you
have a relationship with celebrities. Good luck with that.
Get some help. IT'S A GOSSIP SITE.

2843 days ago
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