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Kidman Gets a Lift

12/11/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman was picked up by recently-rehabbed hubby Keith Urban, from what sources say was some type of support meeting.

Kidman and Urban exchanged marriage vows in late June ... Urban took the pledge in late October.


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And by the way #29 PATTY, how did you know I was talking about you?
Did I mention any names? GUILTY. Why don't you read a book instead
of the National Enquirer? Man, the whacks who own computers.

2810 days ago


No 6 urban is better than tom cruise, you must be on something, tom never took a drug in his life, if urban cared enough about his new wife he would not have been in rehab immediately following their marriage.

No. 8 i think Tom has the kids all the time, does anyone know why? He is having a party this weekend and nicole is coming with the kids

Boy, she is gorgeous, talented and married him? Why does she have to mother him? They are suppose to be in the best part of their marriage and instead she got stuck with this. He should have never married her, he has been in rehab before, and she knew how bad his problem is he must have a big one.

2810 days ago


Are you joking? Who in the hell is in "love" with a celebrity. I'm a little old for celebrity crushes but thanks for the compliment. What I meant was - why go on ANY site just to insult a person for no reason? Keith's hair, Nicole's botox, millions of dollars in a separation - wouldn't that be fairly logical as their careers depend on their looks and they ARE millionaires?

They are working at their marriage, and marriage takes WORK. They aren't taking the easy route like most Hollywood (or celebrity couples) by divorcing the second something big comes up. With a 50/50 chance of success in a first marriage and a 25% chance in a 2nd marriage (and the odds go up drastically for celebrity marriages), I was just giving them kudos for trying to work through problems, and for that, I hope they make it.

Just for another bloggers info, Tom has the kids for the school year so they don't have to switch back and forth. And unlike Tom, Nicole doesn't use her kids as a photo op.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And Prnzez, I'd never bite you - no telling where you've been. And Elvis, speaking of being infatuated with celebrities - nice name. Keep showing your age.

2810 days ago


Again Patty (if that's your REAL name) you're talking like you actually have talked with Nicole and know what's in her head. WTF is with you? How do you know what they've decided to do about their marriage? That's not NORMAL.
But hey, just my opinion and I'm entitled to it. Next time you "head talk" to Nicole, please give her my best.
Buh bye.

2810 days ago


I am a fan of both, and wish them all the happiness in the world, and hope they can make it work.

2810 days ago


LOL! Yes, I agree Nicole might be happier with another woman!

2810 days ago


Is she losing her hair? Look at the receding hairline!

Keith needs to lay off the Pork Chops.

2810 days ago


You people with these mean and hurtful comments about two celebrities you don't even personally know need to be in a 12 step program yourselves for Hategroups Anonymous. Regardless of their wealth and fame, Nicole and Keith are two very talented and intelligent human beings who have faced their demons and are fighting to overcome them while the rest of the world sits back and smugly judges them by the information gleaned from gossip magazines and scandal sheets. Those of you who have never had a loved one with an addiction, please step right up and hurl the first stone, and I am betting it will come back like an Australian boomerang and hit you right in your self righteous faces.

2810 days ago


If Nicole was really thinking about Keith and their relationship she would have a very low key christmas and ease them both back into a very shakey relationship. Yes it would be nice to include her children but has she even thought about if the kids are ready to re-enter the situation? This is just another truly selfish, self-serving publicity op! She should be ashamed next you'll hear they shared spiked egg nog to toast the holidays.

2810 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Keith and Nicole can and do as they like. Nicole appears to be supportive, but it's not her job to babysit him if she has professional committments. A drinker has to pull themselves back up; too much involvement from loved ones and it becomes co-dependancy. Good luck to them.

Hey Prnzez and Elvis, who died and put you two in charge of what people can and cannot say on this blog? Why don't you two stay on topic (see subject photo of Keith and Nicole) and comment on that rather than bully other bloggers???
Of course, freedom of speech dictates that you also have the right to say what you want, but the WAY you two have been saying it is not cool. A little diplomacy and empathy is called for, IMHO. You can make your point without ridiculing and invalidating another's offering. Now that would take intelligence, writing skill, and a little humanity.

2810 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She's not losing her hair; front inch all around hairline has gone grey/white, so it
appears far lighter or nonexistant from a distance. Comes back when it's freshly colored. I should know. Do mine every 4-6 weeks along the front hairline.

2810 days ago


Curvys/better, which probably means FAT.
Was I talking to you? No.
Who are you the Board Police?
Go away.

2810 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, now I'm talking to you. Like you were talking to poor Patty.

YOU seem to have ordained yourself the board police by talking to everyone else. So I decided to talk to YOU about it. Did you even think about anything I said?

BTW not fat at all. BMI of 22. Athletic. Just am dismayed with the too-many anorexic photos. Going away now. Be nice. Let ppl speak without fear of being judged harshly. Come back with an alternate opinion, don't bash others. They will read yours and perhaps change their mind. You're certainly sharp enough.

2810 days ago


I repeat. Go away. Are you Patty's mother?
This is a FREE site. I could care less what you think.

2810 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

You had it coming Prnzez.


2810 days ago
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