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Tom Gets Ballsy

12/11/2006 12:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise -- Click to WatchIt's clear Tom Cruise hasn't been spending enough quality time with David Beckham.

Just hours before Tom and Katie Holmes threw their over-the-top coming out party in Beverly Hills this weekend, the well-fed newlyweds were kicking it up at soccer again, along with their parents, to support Tom's daughter Isabella. After the game, the plumping action star got a low-impact workout by kicking the ball around with his family in front of the crowd.

Celebrity Party Train -- Click to watchThat evening, the couple headed over to the site of a $400,000 post-nuptial bash, where powerful showbiz players celebrated the TomKat agreements.

Over 300 guests, including Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Tom's former pharmaceutical foe Brooke Shields, who all braved a downpour to pay homage. The soggy twosome's honeymoon was also rained out.

Oprah and John Travolta were nowhere to be seen.


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Tom needs to go on the Nicole Richie DUI-et.

2852 days ago

Jo Blo    

Yeah, that dumb bitch's team lost 6-0 LOL.

2852 days ago


Not surprised the storm clouds are hovering over these two.

2852 days ago


He doesn't look plump whatsover! Wachoo talkin' 'bout TMZ? They look great. I'm happy for them. They always seem so happy despite the &%$* you haters throw at them.

2852 days ago


He's a whack job as are all the Scientologists.

2852 days ago


I think the TomKat wedding extravaganza is disgusting. I hate to play this card but there are so many children starving or sick in this country and abroad and they spend millions on one ceremony and $400,000 on another? It makes me sick. Tom and Katie are in their own little world of scientiology and oblivious to the rest of the world.
You know what Brangelina could have done with all that money?? They could have saved a country or something. I swear a good majority of Hollywood does nothing for mankind.

Sorry, I just had to vent!!!

2852 days ago


#5 -- completely agree. the two of them look manic, not happy.
they're completely out of control with the media and their 'let's have another wedding for the press'! events.
it's a big scientology press event that is truly freaking people out.
(katie is either mouth wide open, or in a sad trance. she needs to stabilize. too many theatons fighting in her body)

2852 days ago


Tom has titties.

2852 days ago


They look happy, so why don't people just leave them alone already.

2852 days ago


If John Travolta is staying away because Oprah wasn't invited, he is a fool. Whal the hell does that prove? Most of you guys who love bashing Tom and Katie just can't stand the idea that maybe you were wrong about them. They are happy and they have a beautiful daughter together. Be happy for them. Come on guys theres really alot of unhappiness out there FOCUS on that and maybe do something good for someone less unfortunate. Doesn't have to cost anything, maybe just a SMILE!

2852 days ago

Sea Org    

Tom has boobies.
He wears a turtleneck to help "slim" his look.
It's not working, fly boy.
Scientologists are vile and spread social disease.

2852 days ago

Georgia Dawes    

Look at the soccer video. Right before Katie runs out and throws her arms around Tom, a woman in a black leather jacket comes to speak to her. I figure this is the Scientology handler, advising her that the camera is rolling and she needs to get out there and play the "love is grand" role. You can even see that it takes Katie a couple of steps to get into character, i.e. become the bouncy happy newlywed. Pretty strange.

2852 days ago


Bottom Line: How can any sane, rational person look at Scientology, a religion MADE UP by L. Ron Hubbard, a SCIENCE-FICTION author (who has croaked, and is probably down there in Hell laughing his @ss off) and take it seriously? The act defies reason and rational thinking.

I used to think TC was a good actor, and yep, I, too, at a much younger (stupider) age, wished to be his wife (ala Katie as a teen). However, now I wouldn't go near him with my neighbor's hoo-hoo!!

It seems to me that perhaps Bugs Bunnyology should be a religion, and Mel Blanc esteemed and idolized for his inventing the religion! How about Woody Woodpeckerology? Maybe some folks might be willing to GIVE zillions of dollars to SpongeBob SquarePantsology?? I'm sure that there are things that these cartoonish icons have said that unlocks the meaning of life, and should be made into religions that are secretive, sneaky, brainwashing, illogical, irrational, unreasonable, yet... manage to fool thousands of seemingly intelligent people? Maybe *I* will make up my own religion... FROGOLOGY!!! LOL, get a grip, Scientologists...


2852 days ago


Nobody cares about the 2 losers anymore. Let them hang out with there scientology ass holes.

2852 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

#8 is correct. STAGED P.R. When will it end. Katie has ruined a promising career for this? Her only acting press is by running to her plumping husband with a grin for a career. MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE! Joey go back to North Carolina and think about what is best for your child, quick

2852 days ago
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