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Brangelina Gets Physical

12/12/2006 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina and BradEven though Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she's no fan of PDA, her actions tell another story. TMZ cameras caught Brangelina arriving hand-in-hand at the after party for "The Good Shepherd," and it looked like neither one wanted to let go. Also showing up for the all-star event were Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Later that night at Butter were rap mogul Jay-Z, Heiress Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Val Kilmer and Tyson Beckford -- who looked pretty badass on his bike.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Janice Dickinson and Orlando Jones showed some TMZ love at a Hollywood party for a new Ed Hardy clothing line. Also seen: John Salley and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty." Tony Rock (Chris' brother) saw our cameras at the party and said he knew it was time to go! The nerve!

Check it out in this bi-coastal edition of Star Catcher: New York and L.A.!


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I have to say I love these two. I think they are doing/have done a wonderful thing by adding to their family the way they have. I think that their public display of reaching out to people from different cultures is another small step toward helping shape this world into a better place.

Also from what I have been able to gather (with the little research I have done), their political views are absolutely spot on! It's strange that two of the most beautiful celebrities in the world are seemingly also two of the most intelligent and generous!

2870 days ago


#12 DUH! If you read the damn article, you would know she was talking about back then. She has changed - damn, do you UNDERSTAND NOW, IDIOT? Everyone knows how she USED to be, get over it and move on - SHE HAS!

2870 days ago


I love her and Brad, these two are great human beings. Have you read the article in Vogue this month. She tells all and it's very nice to hear the real story about how they met and fell in love. Good for them I hope they last as long as possible. Great kids and a wonderful attitude about life. Quit thinking of her from her "Billy Boob" days. She's so much more now. LOVE HER!

2870 days ago


Awkward? lmao. Didn't Jolie reportedly have one of her many flings with Val Kilmer? "Course she probably couldn't go too many places where THAT wasn't true.

2870 days ago


When someone is married, THAT PERSON is the one with the vow to their partner. Brad is the one who broke up HIS OWN marriage. If a man or woman doesn't want to stray from their marriage, they cannot be forced to. Angelina had no vows to anyone. (Why is it that the "other" party is always blamed, when it is the married person who breaks their vow!!!) Plus, I think the Aniston/Pitt (Barbie/Ken doll) relationship was OVER with a big "O" before that.

And bulletin!!!!! People CAN change, if not, there is no point. I think people have to just admit that Angelina has changed and grown up. And I think Brad is finally with someone who shares his interests in life. He left behind the Jenny Doll ~ thank the gods.

2870 days ago


The past is the past. Leave it there.

2870 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Geez, chill people. I think she's hanging on simply for safety reasons, because the paperazzi are so aggressive these days, particularly with those two. TMZ creates a pseudo "story" by printing a comment above along with this photo criticizing her simply holding on to him and juxtapositioning this photo with her supposed distate for PDA's, which she may have never even said, ever. Note how it's phrased: "Even though Angelina Jolie has made it clear she is no fan of PDA"...
Oh, really? Did she EVER SAY that? When and where? Is that a quote?

OMG. She held his arm. Find something controversial to say and then Run the presses. Slow news day, guys???

With pseudo stories like these, no wonder she's starting to hold on to his arm.
It seems that if there's no beef, stories like these serve to try to start one. Journalism should be Who, What, Where, When, and Why, not What if...

Find a REAL story. Come on, you can do it. I know you can.

2870 days ago


Brad, Angie, come out of the closet already!! haha. Just kidding.

2870 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

Since when has she NOT liked PDA???
She kissed her own brother (not like a sister should) on the red carpet!!!
Ole Billy Bob said one time (on the red carpet again) "we just had sex in the limo on the way over.."
But I have noticed her and Brad seem to go out of their way not to touch.

2870 days ago


by the way TMZ what happened to Angelina's BBF Anna Nicole Smith?

2870 days ago


I will never understand all the people here who actually manage to built up hatred for people they don't even know. People trying to do what they can for the impoverished countries in the world. A world we all live in, HELL0! What's the point of all the hate mail? What makes your sh*t stink-less?? Grow up!

2870 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

BTW, I love them both, but this PDA thing is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

2870 days ago


Ah get over it. She not with Billy Bobblehead any more. Catch up!

2870 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

Karen is she really not w/ Billy Bob anymore?????? Where the heck have I been....................DUHHHHHHHH
What are you the blog mom?

2870 days ago


I am a person that would rather see the good in people and not always dwell on the negative aspects of anyone's life. She may have had issue in her youth but she's far, far away from those now. Kids will do that to you. Any mother will tell you, having a child changes your life forever in a positive manner. Once she brought Maddox into her life she changed. That was obvious to anyone that wanted to see it. Now she has Brad and three beautiful children in her life. Good for her and her family. Stop being so negative, it not conducive with having a happy life.

2870 days ago
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