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Brangelina Gets Physical

12/12/2006 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina and BradEven though Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she's no fan of PDA, her actions tell another story. TMZ cameras caught Brangelina arriving hand-in-hand at the after party for "The Good Shepherd," and it looked like neither one wanted to let go. Also showing up for the all-star event were Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Later that night at Butter were rap mogul Jay-Z, Heiress Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Val Kilmer and Tyson Beckford -- who looked pretty badass on his bike.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Janice Dickinson and Orlando Jones showed some TMZ love at a Hollywood party for a new Ed Hardy clothing line. Also seen: John Salley and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty." Tony Rock (Chris' brother) saw our cameras at the party and said he knew it was time to go! The nerve!

Check it out in this bi-coastal edition of Star Catcher: New York and L.A.!


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Ok first things first DO MARRIAGE VOWS NOT MEAN ANYTHING ANYMORE! I am not a fan of any of these three by any means, however Brad was MARRIED to Jen, yes he did say on many occasions that he wanted children, but how do we know that JA wasn't trying to have a child, but couldn't WE DON"T KNOW what really happened. He gave up on his marriage and when he started shooting the movie with AJ, she was single and obviously interested and so why not right? WRONG every marriage is work and just because you aren't happy about something one day it doesn't mean that you have the right to break your marriage vows. Brad didn't respect JA enough to either accept the fact they weren't being success with having a child OR to wait a few years until she was ready for children! These two (Brad and AJ) have a history of infidelity, they may be together now and have children, but how many marriages in hollywood break up where the people have been together for ten years and have children. If the relationship starts out wrong it will eventually end CHARMA SUCKS!!!

2873 days ago


These two are great people that do good deeds. I love reading all the loser who post here on TMZ trying to put them down. You guys crack me up. You don't even come close to being truthful. You're stuck in the past. You make up immature word like "whoralina" which we've all heard over and over. That ones getting old, you should try to stretch you're pea brains and come up with something new. It's really kind of pitiful.

2873 days ago


SOSAD indeed, what an appropriate name for another idol worshipper.......
Wendy JS is right, they just havent caught on to her nonsense in teh other countries..some of which are even more unforgiving and less liberal than the US

Again to sosad..being stuck in the past is not our problem..rather looking at history to predict the future is what we are writing about. When you go to the bank to ask for loan, they will pull up your credit report, to predict how good a client you might be. If your cedit history is poor you dont get nothing...they do do because they know for 99% of humans our past actions predcit our future. Whorelina is not in that 1%. She has already repeated the same mistakes too many times......................ROCK ON Wendy..totally agree with you ..However not a big fan of Jennifer either......

The sand castle is suceptible to damage once the tide rolls in ..........Happiness at the expense of others is not worth having either................

2873 days ago


what a beautiful couple who are making a difference in the world and seem so in love and happy. sorry all you bitter people are so envious. all the hate and posts won't change anything for them, they will go on with their lives and continue to be happy, socially responsible, and beautiful. they are a family and for some reason that makes bitter people angry.

2873 days ago


What does your poor credit report has something to do with falling in love???? I know Angelina's credit report is so perfect that she can buy your ass. I don't think she'll do that 'coz you have no value for the future. Just admit, you are so hating seeing other people happy for each other at their present lives and has no care what you say about them. Your rational of the whole situation is a joke. You are just one of those people who are stuck in the past and can't move on.
Whatever the future lies on these two is their decision, not from a credit evaluator.

2873 days ago

duh...totally !    

Brit needs to take some parenting and life lessons from Angelina.....

....Paris and Nicole could use some lessons in the Morals Dept.....along with those 2 losers Joe francis and Greasy Bear guy.................

2873 days ago


Im so glad that Brad left Jennifer, since Brad and Vagalina are both skanks and cheatin hos, they deserve each other.. I will LMAO when one or the other gets dumped for someone hotter...I do feel bad for the kids, altho after Brad pays millions in child support, they will get the therapy they will definitly need as adults..Im also glad that Whorelina finally admitted what a bit-h she was in the beginning of her and Brad romp in the hay.." I didn't mean to break up thier marriage, it just happened" She knew he was married to his " best friend" but she wanted him for a sperm donor and father for her 2 kids, so she didn't care. It doesn't matter how good she is trying to be now, I don't think she has changed, and Karma is on its way!

2873 days ago


I see that people cannot even understand analogies on this wonder ...........yikes,...

2873 days ago


oh that was to carrienae...ever heard of reading something to understand..literal translation of documents can get you in trouble..I guess thats why you cant make deductions from the news and take ti in and understand before you go off on tangent..................

2873 days ago

Alice (Greg) Gregory    

I fail to see how so many of the writers are in such venom and angry bashing of this family. Acknowledged that IN THE PAST criticism may or may not been legitimate. but now as Ms. Jolie has matured and grown into a socially conscious, active participant in the global world -- witness her 5/6 year and going, generous (and gladly acknowledged OFFER in 2001 and acceptance by the UN High Commisioner) of her now proven long term giving back to the world. She gives back 1/3 of her income from acting (many awards acknowledge her talent) and without hype. Except the dishonest and disreputable stories without any legitimacy in the gossip magazines not withstanding. And did you ever notice that all of the pictures used (exception of unapproved-use shots by the paparazzi) in these magazines or tabloids are from some much used but not recent shots of her are them on the red carpet celebrations and/or attendance at openings. Not bars, or arrents because of DUI's.

The couple and their family do not ask in anyway for attention and cannot be held accountable for paparazzi's inordinate invasion of their privacy. They do not even employ p.r. employees.

And if this ever gets published: Jenifer is still showing bitterness about the experience of many others who are the unintentional victim of two other people who without plan or intention fall in love --
and did not even mention their love untill the announcement of divorce. Give people some slack -- how's your life, you unkind and judgmental readers?

As others have said "Get a Life" and acknowledge the virtues and generousity of others -- unlike the Simpsons, et al with ridiculous attention to a non-talented nor dignified Paris Hilton. With all that money they have, where are their concerns for others except themselves. "Love thy neighbor as thyselves", people.

And remember, when Mis Jolie saw the selfishness of how she was living including with Mr Thorton, she had the grace and non-self aggrandisement to admit to a useless life -- though still a talented actor -- she had been living. And then to devote herself to adopting and putting first her children together, with her well proven love partner. As has been said: "they are a loving, normal family, they just have more money.

Yes, she was the wild child when on the red carpet with Mr. Thorton but you never saw them leaving bars and night clubs with ridiculous antics as we now witness the Simpsons, and q

2873 days ago


People, we are Brangelina. We own them. We make them what they are. Our fascination with them is some kind of mass hysteria. Can you even imagine being under that kind of scrutiny? Are we just waiting and watching for them to screw up?

First of all, what difference is it if a marriage failed. It happens to about half of us. Ange just gave us an interview because we were all holding our breath so long she didn't want us to turn blue. It was very generous and probably honest.

I'm as guilty as the rest of you, but damn if I pass judgement on someone until I walk a mile in their shoes. And to be honest, in spite of the wealth and beauty, I'd never subject my children to such an unordinary life.

It is the way it is. Better them than me.

2873 days ago


Ms. Jolie has done it at least twice: interfere on other couples relationships. BB was with Laura Dern; BP was with Jennifer Aniston. No body says that these men are angels; they fall for her. We women know better; stay away from married men, there are plenty more out there.
There is a possibility - not a probability - that she has really changed and now is a bastion for the poor and hungry.
A tiger doesn't change its stripes. Only time will tell.

2873 days ago

Team Aniston    

Momma of four here tiffany #50

Oh good lord in heaven!! I left a comment on how I felt about this sitition and now you coming to me on how to raise my kids... ARE YOU KIDDING???? You hope I don't raise my kids to what....???

For one... STICK WITH THE SUBJECT.... you don't know me well enough to say anything about what you HOPE I do. You don't know how I raise my children and really have NO right to say anything about them.You're comment was not thought out clearly and wasn't to bright to say. You can't judge someone and say how they raise there children by one comment. Like I said... that wasn't to bright of you... but I'll let you know what I meant and get back on the subject!!!

When I said... she got rid of the wife... did not mean JUST her... Never did I not put blame on him.I commented on what she said.... Jen was the only thing in the way of them not being together. That's how I took what she said. And in NO way is Brad right either. SO you've got that wrong too. OF COURSE he's to blame as well and MORE so being he was the married one. I commented on what she said in her interview!! So now that we got the cleared up.... let's stick with the subject and try not to say things that have nothing to do with the subject okay!!

2873 days ago


I think people don't like brutal honesty. Angelina is very honest. If you ask her a question, she will give it to you straight.

I wish Brad and Angelina the very best. The looked great on the red carpet at the premiere of "The Good Shepherd."

2873 days ago


But Miapocca , really your analogy has no sense at all. Give me a more inspiring life situation of one standing of one's decision to change their lives, analogize it with Brangelina's situation, then, maybe, you'll be off the hook.

2873 days ago
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