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Cops Say

Pauly Shore Video a Fake!

12/12/2006 7:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking footage of Pauly Shore getting socked in the face is phony baloney according to police.

The Odessa, Texas Police Department claims that an officer "had met with Mr. Shore prior to his set, and was asked to participate in the skit. The officer stated that the skit went as designed and that Shore was not injured in the designed skit."

The incident, which took place during a comedy show in Odessa, took the Internet by storm after video was released on the Internet.

It all went down after a female heckler started razzing Shore during the middle of his set. According to witnesses, Shore fired back, "Shut up bitch." That's when the woman's massive boyfriend stepped in.

The man began defending his girlfriend and other people Shore allegedly picked on during the performance, saying "Hey, F*** you, he paid to be here just like the rest of us." Shore responded, "Well, first off, shut the f*** up f***ing hoss."

Then, all hell broke loose.

The man rushed onto the stage, despite several desperate pleas from Shore to leave him alone. Shore makes a last ditch effort to apologize before the man reaches back and plants one right on Pauly's kisser, knocking the comedian to the floor. Clutching his face, Pauly grabs the mic and calls the crowd "white trash," before walking off the stage.

Reps for Shore would not comment when contacted by TMZ.


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the wife    

Pauly Shore is so last decade....What a loser..

2871 days ago

Dark Knight    

What a lame attempt to hold on to what little fame you had...

2871 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

trying to pull a "Kramer", be easier just saying you are Anna Nicole's baby daddy!!

2871 days ago


wow. i see that most of the losers on here have to say nothing about white man making fun of OTHER white people. why am i not suprised? where are your cries for racism against white people now?

2871 days ago


If you want to make a statement about white-on-white racism, please feel free. You have the floor. Are you white, were you insulted? Give us your view point. Don't hate, educate.

2871 days ago


Better this than a Pauly Shore Sex Tape!

2871 days ago


a cheap rip off routine trying to be Andy Kaufman...only aint nobody laughing, or even after figuring out its a rip off are people impressed----that phase of comedy and now your own phase Mr Shore passed a long time ago.

Hey heres a novel idea for you Shore---try telling some jokes that are funny---its the foundation of what comedy is, or was, in your case.

2871 days ago


Pauly had his 15 minutes a long time ago.

2871 days ago

Let's all leave him alone. We've all been doing it for so long now, it should not be hard. Pauly was great in Encino Man, let's remember him from that. R.I.P. Pauly!

2871 days ago


Your comments: how condescending of you. thank you thank you for the unecessary
invitation to disseminate my view of the situation. 1. no i am not
white, i'm black. 2. i think pauly shore's prank had more to do with
classism, ergo the word trash, then with racism. the joke still
touched on race ergo white trash. if you noticed the discrepancies
between comments this post where a white people are spoken of in
disparaging terms by a white person as opposed to a black people by a
white person, then you'll see the point i am trying to make. in
another post on tmz a black man driving a car was called the n-word
and assaulted by a white man. not only did people have more negative
things to say about the black man who was attacked, some people also
felt the need to state again (because i've read this in other posts)
that black people have said racist things to and about white people,
as though it absolves the white man of what he did in this particular
situation. i'm really annoyed by the indolent, simple-minded losers on
here. i wish this site was moderated so that people would be
discouraged from abusing the anonymity of the internet to write the
ridiculous, insensitive, illogical, and illegible crap they wouldn't
dare say in real life.

2871 days ago


I cannot believe that!!!! ... Pauly Shore still has a Rep?!?!

2871 days ago


Pauly Shore is a genius.

2871 days ago


All you people getting up in arms over the 'nigger' word and now the "white" words - until you all stand up and say it's not okay for women to be called bitches and ho's HUNDREDS OF TIMES A DAY ON A DAILY BASIS, you're all just talking out your asses. Women are the most oppressed people in this country - black, white, asian, hispanic, native american - it doesn't matter. If you've got tits and a vagina, you're fair game. But God forbid your skin is black or you're a member of a religion, THEN it's a big deal.

It's time everyone recognized THAT FACT instead of freaking out that Mel Gibson insulted the Jews and Michael Richards said "nigger". I guarantee that if Richards had called women in the audience bitches, it would have been seen as comical instead of degrading. Because to this date, I still haven't anyone call Gibson out for calling a female police officer 'sugar tits'. You're all a bunch of f***ing hypocrites!

2871 days ago


Use of the word ergo doesn't make you sound smart, it makes you sound pompous. Get a life.

2871 days ago


If the idiot had used a "security guard" instead of a rent-a-cop, none of us would have known for sure that this was a hoax. The idiot can't even pull a prank right.

2871 days ago
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