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Knievel Sues 'Kanyevel' Over Jumpsuit

12/12/2006 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World-famous daredevil Evel Knievel, 68, has sued rapper Kanye West -- over a cheesy jumpsuit and a rocket-propelled Skycycle.
Evel Kneivel, Kanye West
In a lawsuit filed Monday in Federal Court in Florida, the daredevil claims that Kanye infringed on his trademark name and likeness in West's video for "Touch the Sky." In the video, West portrays a character named "Evel Kanyevel" who attempts to jump a large canyon, not unlike Knievel's famous 1974 jump of Snake River Canyon in Idaho, which was not successful.

Knievel argues that the white jumpsuit he wore for the stunt and the "Skycycle" that he used are trademarked. Knievel also claims in the suit that "vulgar and offensive" images depicted in the video damage his reputation.

The lawsuit asks for damages and seeks to halt distribution of the video. West's reps couldn't be immediately reached for comment. No word on whether Knievel knows how many of Kanye West's fans were actually alive in 1974.


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Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Rebekka glad your leaving beyotch

2849 days ago

do something about it    

So what you have come back to is that this is a europeon"white country" right. If you want to get all technical lets go back to biblical times then. Was Jesus europeon also? Let me guess he was from russia right?

2849 days ago


Hey CMG, go f*ck yourself you f*cking racist a** b*tch, your lucky nobody jumps your b*tch a** for saying something so f*cking stupid, your the f*cking racist.White people are so quick to say a black person stole something from them, but when white people steal something from black people it not important! Black people do have there own ideas fa**ot! Its just crackers like you keep stealing them. If it werent for you white people anyway, black people wouldnt be here. The white man got the black women pregnant. If you got a problem with all the black people, well live with it cause WE ARE HERE TO STAY! Think about that.

2849 days ago


The Parody Laws in this country are very clear. Evel Kenievel doesn't have a case...and his lawyers know it!!! They had no business filing this lawsuit which will be thrown out of court!!! I am of fan of Evel Knievel...I even had a toy motorcycle of his and the matching doll, but this case is a bogus attempt to get publicity.

2849 days ago


First off, I think it very interesting that all of you are fighting over race. Arent we living in what the world has called the "melting Pot"? Just to let ya know, it was called that becuz of the mixture of races. Im a white, does that make me less of a person becuz some man 400 years ago sold a man into slavery? Does that make me a slave owner? Does that make me a racist? NO IT DOES NOT. I will not ask for forgiveness (referncing the whole holocaust jews vs germans sh*t) for something that had absolutely nothing to do with me. The only person I owe ANYTHING to is my Mama. You want to hate me becuz Im white, go right on ahead, But to be honest, I think playing the race card is a cheap trick. Funny how not one of you are trying to make the best of the situation, just attacking each other for your skin color, or heritage. Everything. and before anyone, comes at me, just let me tell you that I am Cherokee and Apache Indian, and Im also Irish and German--So how about instead of bitchin about how this guy HUNDREDS of years ago did this to "your race" why cant we just try to find a way to fix it? Has anyone thought of that? UM NO. You should be praising those in history who made this world better for you so called "minority" Does Harriet Tubman ring a bell? how about this? Did u know that almost every single house, person, family on that underground railroad was white??? No one wants to admit to that! Lets not forget Rosa Parks. A modern Day hero. She took a stand without putting anyone down. Never in that womans life did she ever utter a hateful word about another race--instead, She did what she thought she was right--without hate, without violence. you want to be proud of your heritage? Do it right. Not one of us have any right to Bitch and Moan about ANYTHING that has happend. We didnt do it to each other, but SomeOne SOMEWhere did something to change it, and that is why every single one of you has the ability to write this on this board.
Stop fighting. No race is better or worse then the other.

2849 days ago


I I hope evil sues the sh*t out of that LITTLE A**HOLE???

2849 days ago


Didn't anybody read the last line of TMZ's article...."No word on whether Knievel knows how many of Kanye West's fans were even actually alive in 1974." Point being.. most of the posters don't even know who Knievel is, and could care less. Good for Knievel maybe he can get a comeback and go jump in the lake were he belongs, along with all the f***in' racial posts on this godd*mn site!!!! I'm sick of it!

2849 days ago

mocha moe    

My bad... L.A. Dime I owe you a tremendous I'm sorry. You're quote was quoted to me wrong. Sorry

2849 days ago


i forgot who it was, but didn't some gansgta rapper go all ballistic cause wierd al did a parody of some gangsta song? you would've thought it was satanic verses all over again. why the double standard?

2849 days ago



2849 days ago


Whoucallingingnorant-To compare nazi's to white people is beyond stupid. A Nazi is a hater, without any doubt. A white person is not automatically racist just cos they are white. Most white people today are immigrant, or descend from post-civil war immigrants, and therefore our families and ourselves had no involvement with American slavery. Of the handful that are descendants of slave owners, they are not all white. Of the few that are white, they are not all racist. More often than not, the white person being accused of racism simply because of their skin colour is not racist at all.

#74-I graduated 3 years ago. But that doesn't matter. Even if I graduated yesterday, I still have learned the subject thoroughly.
A.I never claimed to know all. In fact I was pretty clear that I only post on these blogs when it involves a subject I know well, and I don't post all that often, so I am very definately not claiming to know everything. I do, however, know my profession and my own Romani heritage, and history, very very well.
B.They aren't opinions. They are established facts discovered by researchers and anthropologists.
C.No there isn't more to culture than I have read. Anthropology is the study of human cultures. If it's a part of a culture, it's been written down. It's not exactly something unexplainable. Idiot.

proud to be hispanic-I never said this was a white country. I was pretty specific about Aborigini's showing up at the same time Europeans did. I'm saying that America has always been a melting pot, right from day one when the Aborigini's and Europeans arrived.

And Jesus was Jewish, not white(assuming he ever really existed), which is why I never really understood the need for white and/or black Jesus images.

L.A.Dime-I am also discussing racism in America. Elvis, Indian's, Roma in the North Eastern states, different forms of so-called black music...These are all very American. My comments about spanish music were directed towards the hispanos on here talking trash.

Mark is not ignorant. You are. You are completely disregarding the time period when these events occured. It was common place for one country to raid another and claim it as their own. Even African's did this. It wasn't anything unusual back then, and hell, it isn't today either. This is the very basis for the establishment of all 194 countries. Jump off it already. America being taken over by the Spanish is nothing special. Besides which, the Indian's did exactly the same thing to the people here before them. Still nothing special though.

On a side note, there are only 3 races, Caucasoid(European), Mongoloid(Asian), and Negroid(African), though Aborigini's(Australoid) are close enough to be considered the 4th race by most scientists already. So fighting over skin colour is absolutely assinine. All it does is create more hatred and segregation.

2849 days ago

Mark B.    

This post suxs. Man Kanye West doesn't even get played in anybody in the hoods stereo system. He is the definition of soft rap. He wasn't even invited to The Hip Hop Conference in N.Y. this past summer. So any true blue fan of Hip Hop knows Kanye West is just a drop in the pond.

2849 days ago

coco puff    

America is not a melting pot, not after reading these comments. What the hell does race have to do with this article anyway? Nobody here is going to change what anybody else believes. It's a waste of time, write a comment about the article or piss off!

2849 days ago

george vieto    

Klowny West did it again. Accuses President Bush of racism because of Hurricane Katrina slow response, acts like a spoiled child because he didn't the music awards he "deserved" and now impesonates Evel Knievel. In the words of many sports atheles "you couldn't carry Evel's jock."

2849 days ago


I really cant believe all of the racial comments that have been stirred up by this one article. For one thing, if the blacks think they got it bad over here I am sure that some of their African "brothers and sisters" would love to trade places with them. As far as all the history lessons that have been going on, how many on here have owned a slave or was the victim of slavery? Bet I can answer that one by saying none! Get a life people and move on! Is Kanye really worth all this attention? Never has been never will be.

2849 days ago
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