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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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Hey, Chad. Not "angry". Thanks for the update.

I don't know why "Kathy" listed the box office results for WofW, because no one that I know paid to see Tom Cruise. The difference between the success of WofW and MI:3 is that many people, like myself, were looking forward to a movie made by Steven Spielberg, who almost never disappoints. Virtually all of Spielberg's films are fantastic blockbusters. In WoW, the movie would have done fine without Tom Cruise in it. What really did he contribute to the story? I didn't buy the way he played his character, unconvincing, lame, and boring at best. What kind of construction worker wears a $2,000 watch? (my friend pointed this out). At least Tim Robbins added SOME credibility to the movie. Anyway, I didn't go see it because I think Tom Cruise is a "great actor", I went to see a signature "Spielberg movie". And I believe it would have done millions better without Tom. ANd I also believe that it didn't do as great as it could have been because of him. After the Matt Lauer interview, Tom spiraled out of control and by the time MI:3 came around, people had had enough of this pissant.

2833 days ago


That's okay, Matt. Sometimes even I get annoyed and tend to skip over reading "Kathy's" tiresome blabber. :o)

2833 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

Here are some more:
Out of 200 all time biggest box office, can you tell me how many of those are Tom Cruise movies?

2833 days ago

Jo Blo    

Wow what an ugly baby. Why do they have a wig on her head?

You can't really expect much from the kid though, with Chris Klein and Katie Holmes as parents, there really isn't much to work with.

2833 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

***128. Kathy, where the hell are you getting THOSE figures? Here are the real figures of MI:3: $395,382,309 worldwide. NOT $591,745,532 as you so garishly put. Nearly $200 million dollars of false exagerration!***

Which part of this did you not understand dipsh*t??? Try to read it real slow now, ok?

"Mission Impossible 3 was number 1 on opening weekend with over $40 million. Domestic: $133,501,348 Foreign: $262,671,555 = Worldwide: $396,172,903
War of the Worlds: Domestic: $234,280,354 Foreign: $357,465,178= Worldwide $591,745,532"

Why don't you try to read before you froth at the mouth!!!

2833 days ago


No one is debating that Cruise wasn't a star at one time. He just isn't anymore-he's a LAUGHINGSTOCK. I see Kathy/Chad has yet to answer the question: If MI3 was such a hit, why was Cruise fired after its dissapointing returns? You can throw out all the figures you want-he still got canned. Why is that Kathy/Chad? I know it's easier to avoid questions you have no answer for but it just makes you look even more foolish.

2833 days ago


New York Times got it exactly right:

"Losing his likability is the cardinal sin for any movie star, and Mr. Cruise’s began to plummet even before his couch-jumping days. In the annual Harris poll charting America’s favorite movie stars, done every January, Tom Hanks — the essence of likability, genial on talk shows, a nice guy on screen — was ranked No. 1 for the last two years. Mr. Cruise hasn’t even been in the Top 10 since the poll in 2004, when he ranked No. 5.

December 14, 2006

2833 days ago

the wise old owl    

Poat # 136 Jenny : Thanks for the link. It gives you a perspective into the initial BRAIN WASHING that Scientology uses to try to catch " the weak " and "easily manipulated individuals" who are lost and looking for " guidence." There's a wealth of information out there if you just take the time to do the " RESEARCH "

Interesting how " THe church of Scietology constantly "PULLS published articles regarding their " orientations " the Internet.

Nothing smells like a COVER-UP quite like that does. They under estimate our intelligence. I would love to go inside that " organization " and do an internal AUDIT. Some journalist will go in there soon..and expose them for exactly what they are on a GLOBAL LEVEL..

Just another testimonial to how " absurd and harmful this cult is "...THanks for sharing.

2833 days ago


"Kathy", my point is, you ignorant c*nt, is that compared to ALL of the other blockbusters this summer as you can see in the link I provided, MI:3 was a sore LOSER. You kieep copying and pasting the same diatribe stats of a failing franchise. So WHAT'S YOUR POINT in showcasing a FAILURE compared to the last two movies he made?! yes, it was "#1" opening weekend, but what else was out for it to compete with? Nothing. It wasn't until Da Vinci Code came out that sunk MI:3 immediately. For what it's worth, MI:3 made money based on crazy scios and overboard zealous lonely psychob*tches like you who hurl their bras at movie premieres towards a complete stranger (TC).

2833 days ago


More frm the same article:

"But in the last year his life has become a public relations debacle as he has gone into full Scientology mode, and he has come to seem self-righteous and intolerant (most conspicuously in his angry confrontation with Matt Lauer on “Today” about prescription drugs). He now seems too strange and remote for the average moviegoer to relate to."

"This summer a Forbes magazine list named Mr. Cruise as its most powerful celebrity, but that calculation was based on income and media presence, obviously not on common sense. While Mr. Cruise’s last two movies have done well around the world, he wasn’t the only, and maybe not the main reason, for their success. This year’s Cruise film, “Mission: Impossible III,” is part of a self-propelled franchise; last year’s, “War of the Worlds,” was a Steven Spielberg movie. The roles didn’t demand much, and Mr. Cruise seemed to coast through them, assuming the audience would coast with him."

" These days he is like a charlatan who can’t manage to dupe anybody. He seems desperate to maintain his stature as one of the world’s biggest movie stars, even as he morphs into something no movie star can afford to be: a guy you wouldn’t want to know."

Any questions Kathy/Chad?

2833 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

That poll is a joke just like YOU! This poll was taken by ONLY 1003 people. A measly 1003 people OUT OF 300 MILLION that are in the United States! Oh and, out of measly 1003 people who took this ret*rded poll, 34% said they wouldn’t see his movie BUT that mean 66% would? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you see what a dumbass you are now???

2833 days ago


#142 THANK YOU, Jenny!!! Precisely.

Jesus, I don't get upset easily but when people like "Kathy" keep b*tching about a single detail that I admittedly (see post #137) overlooked, that's where I draw the line.

2833 days ago


See above post Jessica/Kathy/Chad and tell me who the dumb-ass is. I'm waaaaiiiiiting!!!!!!

2833 days ago

Allred Tree    

#9 Frosty - Maybe he'll throw in a yacht and private jet along with the bicycle!

2833 days ago

Bipolar Brooke    

And before you go calling me a scientologist I'm here to tell you I"M A CHRISTIAN! Since when did the land of the free become so nazi like??? I thought people can say or believe whatever the f*** they please in this land of the great! If you people hate other religions so much that are different from yours, maybe you should move to Iran where everyone is the same religion whether they like it or not! And if you run your mouths like do in the USA, they'd cut your head off!

2833 days ago
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