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What Suri Can Expect from Santa Cruise

12/12/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With Christmas less than two weeks away, TomKat is getting ready for baby Suri's first Noel.

TMZ has learned that Tom and Katie recently purchased a $329 pink tricycle and an adorable pink and white stuffed animal sofa for their little girl wonder -- at uber-chic L.A. baby boutique, Petit Tresor.

To make sure the third Mrs.Cruise wasn't feeling left out, Tom got her a $1200 leather diaper bag by Mia Bossi -- the same one Madonna picked up a few months ago. Mama's got a brand new bag!

While Tom didn't shop for the items himself, he's too busy planning media spectacles, er, we mean wedding receptions, he did have one of his minions pick up the items. Oh, the perks of being the world's biggest movie star!


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You are so transparent. You are a coward and a liar and all your insults are about "groups", "mobs", "posse", etc., and lest I forget "Queen Bee", "Ringleader", "Head honcho" - if anyone took the time to read through the ANS Fraud Blogs, or the ANS Scram Blogs, your signature insults are there. You do need therapy. Because you came on JUST to attack bloggers. You've already written a few blogs, but can't get past the insults to others. Just like on the ANS boards. You really do have an issue with feeling "left out", yet you single yourself out on purpose by your blog attacks and your stupid "new names". Anyone who comes on here specifically to complain about Owl and I, then actually LINK people to our blogs to prove their point, has an issue. You are like a freak internet stalker. You make the same spelling mistakes, the same typos, and you use the same phrases. Would you like Santa to bring you a thesaurus for Christmas? You did crack me up though - on the ANS boards you switched names and it was misspelled and I called you on it, and you came back with the name corrected. So you come on here as "Gental Soul" and I call you on it, so what happens? You come back with it corrected. Not the brightest candle on the cake.

2816 days ago

the wise old owl    

OMG Look at post # 255: SIgning another blog to YET ANOTHER NAME !! MS mulitiple personalities is BACK !!! If I hadn't just seen it with my own eyes...........I wouldn't believe it. Talk about " needing a life ". My goodness. What a retard. But I must say that I did reread all the previous comments AGAIN ...and just couldn't stop laughing. VERY ENTERTAINING to say the least.. My next door neighbors must have heard me laughing.... It was wonderful and I do thank her for that. .. But back to the subject.

I think it was White Christmas who asked me about " my sources " regarding Tom Cruise and the " buisiness contracts " he has had with all his WIVES.. As a Hollywood insider for many years it is common knowledge that TOM CRUISE IS GAY..........DAHHH. Therefore common sense will tell you that all of his marriages are " buisiness agreements ".I also am connected with high profile publicists who privately make TOM the butt of many jokes. They take his $$ with a smile and lie for him all the way to the BANK.

TOM HAS A BOYFRIEND. Tom doesn't fly commercial .........he flies in a private jet. His pilot ( who is gay and also his lover ) flies off with Tom every chance he gets for a little bit of " ME " time . He definately practices in " the mile high club " .......and it's not with Kate.

Do a google search on " published articles on Tom Cruise being GAY "
You will find a wealth of information . One link will lead to another and than to another. He has left a paper trail a mile long. He has a bad habit of " paying people off who have pictures of him in compromising postitions with other men. or information about him being a homosexual. As soon as they come forward with the info..........then PUFF.....they just disappear. Nothing like a little HUSH $$.

The rigid confidentiality clauses in" the contracts" forbids anyone working for him to give any details into his personal life. For heaven sakes......CNN did a profile on him and stated that he has " armed guards " that protect his TRASH. Who the hell does that unless they have something to hide ? He has many secrets he needs to hide from the public. Unfortunately because of the Internet they will all be available to the general public SOON. No wonder Paramont FIRED HIS ASS. No one will pay to see a known GAY man playing the part of a Virile Leading Man in a romantic or action film. The viewers won't be able to " forget " his personal life. BOX OFFICE POISON.

That is why Rock Hudson got married and denied he was gay until the VERY END. Once he got AIDS and his lover came out publicly it was OVER. I don't care how many wives Tom marries.....or how many babies he " claims to have fathered " I know what he is and so do many others. I don't care that he's gay. I happen to have many Gay friends in my life who I care deeply about. At least they admit it. The fact that he is wrapped up in Scientology just makes it WORSE.

He is a user, a coniever, a deceiver and a complete LUNATIC. I don't know who it was that said " Unauthorized biographies are all lies " But that is simply not true. Many times they contain facts and truths that most are afraid to uncover. Just because you " don't want to hear it doesn't mean it isn't TRUE.

. I am sure that "The Church of Scientology " has approached Andrew Morton with a " payoff " to stop the book from being published. Andrew has hired a " gay investigator" that has uncovered many unsavory stories regarding just what Tom did in his spare time while filming the movie " Eyes WIde Shut" All those woman in his life are and WERE just BEARDS.

As far as SURI's Christmas presents go. I would like to give her a " genetic testing kit " so she can one day find her REAL PARENTS. HA HA...........LMAO that there are still people around who actually believe what Tom Cruise has to say. Oh please . I would love to hear from ALL OF SHILLS NOW . You have a lot of damage control to do now.

2816 days ago

the wise old owl    

I would just like to correct one thing. " The Pilot " incident that I was privy to ..happened back in the 80's. I don't want to imply that it is STILL going on ......Something tells me...Tom has since moved on. ( but who knows ? ) It could have a been a one night stand or " True love " . Only the players themselves can answer that question. Hope I cleared that up.

NOW ......... I would like to announce .....tap tap..........."ATTENTION PLEASE "

" CRUISE CONTROL " Airlines ......The only way to FLY Tonight we will be showing...... for your viewing pleasure ' BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN !!!............ha ha lol.

2816 days ago


owl- Here is a portion of an article from the New York Times August 24, 2006.
I have always thought these to be planned for much needed good p.r.

Pretty funny. Here it is:

But Mr. Cruise has done so much damage to his image that his camp’s best efforts at spin now seem hollow. When word filtered out that the entity known as TomKat had stopped on the road to aid at the scene of an accident recently (O.K., they just stopped and waited until the police arrived) the incident invited speculation bout how carefully orchestrated that little news item might have been, and reminders that Mr. Cruise had, conveniently enough, helped stop a mugging in 1998 and rescue a family at sea in ’96, as if he were a volunteer action-hero.

2816 days ago


Thank you for answering my question about your sources, wise old owl. So now I know that you are A) a Hollywood insider for many years, and B) connected to high profile publicists (none of whom you named as your sources). That puts me right back to the age old "friend of a friend who has a sister who dated the brother of the secretary who typed the legal papers." But I did do what you said and did some Google searches. Boy, was that an eye opener! I never knew that so many celebrities are rumoured to be gay - I was really surprised to find names like Will Smith, Harrison Ford, John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Troy Aikman, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, and the list goes on and on and on. I guess Hollywood is just one big web of KY cowboys. (Of course, that doesn't mean that just because you're a Hollywood insider, that includes you. Now, wouldn't that be a hoot!!) (That hoot comment isn't mine, I admit, I saw it by another poster and thought it was cute so I have now borrowed it) And you're right about signed confidentiality clauses for employees - now who does that other than a gay celebrity? How about just about every other high paid celebrity in Hollywood?? And on top of all this, this rich gay actor has had the audacity to go out and buy his daughter (blood or not, still his daughter) some really expensive toys for Christmas (after all, that is the topic of this forum.) Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I guess we all know that Tom Cruise is now just destined to go to hell.

2815 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 259: Rachel. You are right. Those are P.R. events that Tom alerts the press to. ( notice how they are never there when he is doing things he doesn't want them to know about ) It is a well known fact that "certain " celebrities notifiy the associated press and create their own P.R. because they NEED and WANT their names and faces to be kept out there. Tom keeps " control " that way. He is not the only one doing that. Denise Richards alerts the press all the time hoping they will show up for a photo op. ( it's just they don't care so much about her " She isn't quite as news worthy.

EVERY BIT OF PUBLICITY you see on him, he orchestrates. ( scoccer games, shopping for x-mas presents, eating at high profile restaurants, throwing parties for his " friends ", family get togethers, etc etc etc. All for IMAGE SAKE. I doubt he will be calling them when " he meets his boyfriend for a rendezvous "

Post # 261 White Christmas: I never said Tom was going to hell. I never said anything negative about him being " Gay ". And never once did I say " I hated him" You are putting words into my mouth. I can't stand it when bloggers do that.

As far as my sources go . I am not going to start naming names. I wouldn't be a trusted confidant or a friend if I did that . But I will tell that Rogers & Cowan, William Morris, I.C.M, Creative Artists, Warner Brothers, Paramont and Fox are " in the circle " of souces I have obtained this information from " over the years ".Why do you think Law enforsement won't name their sources ? If they did they wouldn't get the information anymore. DAHHHH..........I'm not cutting off the life line. The stories are way too entertaining for me to do that.

As far as your search on gay actors turning up such celebrities as John Wayne, MIchael Douglas and Tom Hanks. There was not much credence to substantiate those claims.. Most likely just " fodder " to throw people like you OFF. The years of articles on Tom are much more impressive than the names you mentioned. I don't care that he perfers men. That's fine with me. You however seem to be " fighting " it . LIke you are somehow offended by it.

Like I said " I would respect the man a lot more if he would just ' COME OUT OF THE CLOSET " and quit trying to jam down our throats that he is something he is not. Most couples fall in love quitly and with dignity. This guy is so over the top you can't help but see all " the red flags ". That " LOOK AT ME ....LOOK AT ME I am in love " is just not helping to validate him. I find it an INSULT to my intelligence that he thinks he is fooling anyone I guess you missed that contrived 3 minute long kiss he gave to Kate during their FAKE ceremony. But perhaps you believed the kiss MIchael Jackson gave to Lisa Marie Presly too. Another union that was PR related. with : LOVE " having nothing to do with it. Why do you think Michael Jackson has his kids? Because it was in 'THE CONTRACT " and Debbie Rowe signed it. Let me guess. YOu think they were really in love too, right ?

Tom could actually help the " gay community" like Rosie and Ellen did , when they came out What's the big deal here? He doesn't need to be an actor anymore. He has plenty of $$. No one is going to pay their hard earned $ to see him play a romantic lead anymore. ( well maybe Broke Back Mnt. ) LMAO just thinking about it. Watch the biography on Rock Hudson. It reveals a lot of information about " cover-ups" and the lengths the studio's will go to " to keep the truth hidden ". It still applies today. It's just that the studio's have been replaced by very experienced " PR firms.

You don't have to take my word for it. The whole nasty truth will be coming out SOON....very soon. Take off your rose colored glasses and your blindfold . You vision might be a little clearer. You can't stay in " denial " forever. Or are you one of those people who still thinks that Rock Hudson and LIberace are heterosexual.?

FYI.......not every" high profile " celebrity makes employee's and LOVED ONES sign a confidentiallity contract.... ONLY THE ONES THAT HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE. .

2815 days ago


Nope, wise old owl, you never said Tom was going to hell. And never once in my posts have I said you hated him. Ah, but every post you have is filled with negative comments about him being gay, even if it's just your anger that he won't, as you say, admit he's gay. Why the hell should he? To satisfy wise old owl's curiosity?? If I buy a few tickets to see a movie, that doesn't give me right to demand privvy to the private lives of the actors. And, who gives a rat's ass if he is gay or ever admits to being gay (other than you of course). If he, or any other actor, is on the screen in front of us we should be able to realize that what he's portraying is all an ACT. Do you really think Lindsey Lohan is the sweet innocent she portrays in movies? Or do you really think Anthony Hopkins is really the serial killer he portrayed in the Hannibal movies? When I see a movie, for just those two hours the actors become what they portray (or should if they have any real talent), but you can bet that when I leave that theater, I'm well aware that what I've just seen is just an act and those actors are now something entirely different in real life. Have I been ripped off for having spent the money for a movie only to find out that Brad Pitt isn't really a vampire in real life? Not hardly because he did the job he was paid to do, and that's to entertain us. If Cruise entertains me by portraying something in a movie that he isn't in real life, well then he's done his job too. Now, to get back to the topic of this forum, I hope he goes shopping for his daughter and buys her a pony, or a diamond tiarra, or a sapphire studded baby stroller, or whatever he wants to buy her and can afford. I just gave my son (he's adopted but he is nonetheless my son) for his 16th birthday a fully restored 1962 Chevy Impala Convertible. And I received even more pleasure in being able to give it to him than he did in receiving it. And if giving his daughter everything he can brings Tom Cruise pleasure, than have at it. By the way, before you accuse me of being obsessed with Cruise, I can tell you that I've only seen three of his movies. I saw Top Gun, Interview with a Vampire, ad War of the Worlds. He did his job in each, he entertained me.

2815 days ago

the wise old owl    

White Chirstmas : If you construe my remarks as negative. Than I guess " THE TRUTH HURTS " I can't appologize for that. You sound like a loving and caring mother. Like me. I commend you on getting more pleasure from ' GIVING " as compaired to " receiving ". However......Don't CLUMP yourself in the same cataogory as TOM. You give him too much credit and .......You do yourself an injustice. You sound like you are nothing like him.

As far as seeing Lindsay Lohan playing " innocent in a movie " when we know she is a party animal. That is quite different than seeing a known HOMO playing the part of a VIRILE leading man . YOU get my drift .....I'm sure. Nobody likes to be "played ".

AGAIN.....I'm not mad at anyone. I'm not judgemental when people are truthful. Lindsay admits she's troubled. We know that Anthony Hopkins isn't homicidal. ANd it's obvious that Brad Pitt isn't a VAMPIRE

But if I see a movie STARRING " Jenny Jameson " in " THe story of a VIRGIN " I'm not going to pay to see it. And neither is anyone else. I also won't contribute any $ to watch Ellen staring in " The life and loves of Gypsy Rose " or Rosie O'Donnel starring in " The most feminine woman alive "

Understand ? The public cannot seperate private lives of actors from their professonal lives. It's just too inbedded. But don't worry. He has lots of $$ to try and convience people otherwise. ANd he never has to work another day in his life. UNLESS THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY NEEDS IT !!!!!! and that's no joke.

2815 days ago


Wise old owl - I guess we're going to just keep agreeing to disagreeing. First of all, I guess maybe one of the reasons it wouldn't bother me if Cruise were gay is the fact that I don't particularly see him as a romantic lead. Granted I've only seen three of his movies and Top Gun would I guess maybe be considered somewhat that way. But that was years ago, he was younger and so was I. War of the Worlds was no way in the category and neither was Interview with the Vampire. We had an early Christmas celebration today with relatives and this subject was brought up - definitely by me and we spent some time reading some of the posts here. My aunt had very definite opinions. She was from the era of Rock Hudson and totally thought the man was the sexiest thing this side of Adonis. She still watches every one of his movies when they come on tv and I asked her if it didn't take anything away from her appreciation of his movies knowing now he was gay. She's a feisty old broad and told me that even today if she wants a good old fashioned wet/day dream (her phrase, not mine) all she has to do is think about Rock Hudson. She said that she's smart enough to know that the dream of being in the sack with Rock Hudson is just that, a dream. She said that since they're her daydreams, she can make him anything she wants him to be - and that ain't gay! If I were into action movies, I would probably see more Cruise movies like Mission Impossible. I've seen enough on tv to know he does most of his own stunts. And being gay would not take away from the danger he puts himself in to do those stunts. So no, if he really is gay it still wouldn't change my opinion of him. I'm from the midwest and I would hazard a guess that the majority of people I have contact with have never heard the rumours about Cruise and what's more, could care less if they did. We're pretty simple here. All we ask is for an actor to be believable in his role, and so far Cruise hasn't disappointed me. And like everything else, that's personal taste. As for his beliefs in Scientology - well, I've never met one, I've never been recruited by one, and I like to think I'm strong enough to not get scammed by one.

2815 days ago


White Christmas......Tom Cruise is gay? Wise Old Owl is mad at Tom? Is everyone mad at Tom? You have a rat's ass to give away if Tom is gay? He's never played a gay man in a movie, so your saying he's acting in real life? Acting straight? Your Aunt has wet dreams during the day about Rock Hudson? (Psssst....he's dead) Midwestern people are simple? Like easy going simple or short bus simple? Anthony Hopkins isn't Hannibal Lechter? Brad Pitt is not a vampire? Tom Cruise isn't Rainman's brother? Katie Holmes is not a Stepford wife? You like giving better than receiving.....for everything or just gifts? Wait.....Tom Cruise isn't Maverick, Lestat de Lioncourt, or Ray Ferrier? you'll tell me there's no Santa and the Easter Bunny isn't a 6 ft. tall rabbit holding a basket with colored eggs.

There goes my holiday spirit. (Sigh)

2815 days ago


Well, Patty, I'm sure your holiday spirit will recover very nicely. And simple in the midwest means easy going and really not expecting nor demanding too much. And if an actor does his job right, for two hours he is a vampire or a serial killer or the brother of an autistic savant or the queen of England or whatever we happen to be watching. Why see a movie if we can't be transported into the make believe. So just click your heels three times, Patty, and I'm sure you'll get your spirit back just fine! And I still don't care if Cruise is gay or not. All I ask is that he do his job like any other actor and entertain me. That's all I've paid for when I buy that movie ticket, not access to his private life.

PS to wise old owl - Patty mentioned Rainman. I did see that movie so I guess that means I lied to you and I've really seen four Cruise movies. Maybe that does mean I'm obsessed with him!

2814 days ago


Okay okay.cant stop lauging.I guess this blog in going on on and on ......hahaha

Jessica's comments really put me in a festive weekend mood.

White christmas.......geez, dont you get tired of totally getting off the point.
Really we are not so SIMPLE to believe that actors are what they potray on tv or in movies...I believe its more along the lines of how they potray their lifes, PRIVATE lifes out of the movies to the public. Midget wants us to beleive he is striaght and a hero in private life, so he comes up with the PR to convince the public. ..Contrived hero antics of saving ppl and numerous marriages or contracts

Rock Hudson's wife divorced him for several reasons among them abuse etc...I guess he hated himself for being gay so much that he took it our on her...and maybe like the stepford wife she really had no idea he was gay.

Its must quite painful when you wake up one day and realize that the hollywood insiders and the gay lovers are laughing their head off at the duped stepford wife.

But hey, Katie is only resumig her role as Dawsons side kick, after all she dated the character jack before he came out of the closet...Tom chose the perfect actress for the we shouldn't worry about Katies being out of a job , she is WORKING her ass off right now.. $3 million a year plu all expenses........ahahha

2814 days ago


Well, miapocca, if you really want to be accurate let's go. You are also way off point. I, at least, in many of my posts have commented on the whole start of this forum. WHAT CRUISE BOUGHT SURI FOR CHRISTMAS. How many posts do you have that addresses that subject - and I really am asking a question cause I don't have the time to go back through all your posts to see if you've commented on what this forum started out addressing. I don't care what Cruise or any other actor does in private. Their bedroom is not my interest. I care if I get my money's worth when I go to a movie or buy a DVD. Beyond wanting just a good job of acting for the money I've paid I don't really care if their bedroom life involves a donkey and crisco oil. As long as what they do is not illegal, then have at it. If it's legal and consensual then who am I to object just cause I dropped a few bucks at the theater and was entertained. And I've not heard anything here accusing Cruise of illegal activity. But, getting back to the original point of this forum, if the man wants to drop a fortune on gifts for his daughter (don't care if she's blood or not) then what's so damn wrong with that? It's no money out of my pocket.

2814 days ago


I will not even bother to address your statements .........What you need white christmas is a smack on the ear, it might make information trickle down accurately and in context.........You should be thanking wise owl for the time it took to get through to you..I have no interest in carrying on a back and forth conversation with you....Go find another blog to which you can contribute to the "Denseness"

I am fast losing patience with all these parasitic bloggers..

Happy Holidays to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2814 days ago


OK miapocca, don't bother to address my statements. I, however, have no compunction in addressing yours. Why should I consider it to be almost a personal affront when a public figure chooses not to open up every private aspect of their life to the public? I have some parts of my life that I have chosen not to share with others so why shouldn't others have the same rights? I just don't get all the total insults flung at Cruise because he has chosen to keep some parts of his life private. Maybe he's gay, maybe he's not, maybe he's bi-sexual, maybe he's asexual. I still don't see why it's my right to demand he go public. I don't discuss being heterosexual, why should he have to share his sexuality with us? Just, for the sake of argument, suppose he jumped out of the closet and said "Hey, look at me world, I'm gay!" You can bet that the next forum started would be complaints that now Cruise is flaunting his sexuality and jamming it down our throats. I guess it just looks like there are some people who just can't win no matter which way they go.

2814 days ago
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