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Paris the Party Princess

12/13/2006 2:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton proves she doesn't need Britney to party hard.

The heiress danced, smoked, and laughed the night away with greasy pal and oil heir Brandon Davis at New York's club Marquee last night.

Mercifully, Greasy Bear is one of the few who keeps his pants on when partying Paris Hilton gallery: Click to launch photoswith Miss Hilton.


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People, I hate to break it to you but Paris & Fat Elvis are 'related'! Her aunt is Kim Richards, who was a child actress, and who was once married to Brandon's uncle Greg Davis (Brandon's uncle was married to Paris's aunt, okay?)
Kim & Greg had 2 kids together, who are cousins to both Paris and Brandon. So Brandon & Paris are 'family'!!
I can't believe everyone buys all this crap, and I can't believe the press acts like they don't know all this (wait a sec... yeah, I do believe it)

2839 days ago


#8 I am LMAO! I love your "cut the tip of her nose off with toenail clippers" comment. I've been wondering what is up with that thing for a long time! That truly is the fugliest hook nose ever! It looks like she had a nose job to straighten the thin and straighten the bridge, yet she left that hook tip on. Why?

2839 days ago


What with those ugly glasses?


2839 days ago

Mad Balls    

With the Blue sunglasses she looks like a space travelling Transexual bizarro FLAVOR FLAV ! or like someone who just smelled poop . Oh boy see Paris dance , Oh my see Paris sing , Oh yes see Paris suck the blood dry from her victims . How these young girls fall for this crab infested Cheese tart is beyond belief . Dickheads . Besides having Knuckly man hands , big duck feet and a hook nose you could open a locked car door with , she is a NONE-TALENT . Just goes to show you the lame talent in Hollywood these days . Dickhead .

2839 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Maybe I'm the only one who sees Paris Hilton's appeal to young women and teens. It's not about her supposed talent or lack thereof, she is something "I guess" some people would want to emmulate in some fashion.

Who wouldn't want to be rich, dress in designer clothes, make a CD, have a hit TV show, shop till you drop, and party all the time with young hot celebrity friends.

Paris Hilton is someone young people's parents would not necessarily want them to be like or hang around, thus young people's attraction to her.

Paris Hilton has done something that no other silver spooned kid has done, she has become famous for "NOTHING" she has opportunities to be in the limelight due to her having rich parents/grandparents/great grandparents etc., she used this opportunity to make herself a "BRAND".

That being said, her sexcapades, public drunken mishaps with the law, panty-less outings etc. are when she is being a normal twenty-something person having fun and making stupid decisons albeit it publicly.

I like Paris Hilton because of what she is capable of doing. Dont' hate her because of her fame. Try disliking her for endangering the public by drinking and driving or something of that nature. You , nor I, have to think she is talented, attractive, or deserving of being labeled a "celebrity", but we have to admit, it's obvious someone out there thinks so...

2839 days ago


Can we officially say ENOUGH of Paris Hilton? She's an utter nobody - a waste of skin!

She can't act.
She can't sing.
She's not paricularly attractive (hello fake hair, fake tan, fake eye colour (!), droopy nose and even droopier eyelid, despite numerous plastic surgeries).

But she could be the most dazzling woman in the world and she'd still be ugly on the inside.

She's a horrible role model - leaving an entire generation of young girls thinking it's OK to be a blood-sucking airhead (yeah, like, for sure, like, it's, like, hot! Whatever!)

She's also reportedly a seriously unpleasant personality.

She's slept with at least 40 different men, possibly more, by the age of 25 - which, while not a crime in itself - says a lot about her priorities in life, since many of her conquests have girlfriends, wives and even children.

Her entire claim to fame is an amateur porno video.

She's obviously a hardcore drug user, but none of this ever gets reported because she seems to have some sort of hold (or financial arrangement?) on gossip bloggers like TMZ and Perez Hilton,

She's the oldest, nastiest, most rancidly infected bitchy high-school slut the world has ever seen!

I for one, say enough. I'm going on strike until this utterly pointless, talentless, uneducated, unattractive, uninteresting (possibly mildly retarded?) individual GOES AWAY or at least stops getting the attention of sites like TMZ.

2839 days ago


give paris a break, shes aloud to have fun

2839 days ago


I could care less about the greasy haired moron...I'm more bothered by the sleazy skank beside him. What is it with this lush...she thinks the world of herself and that is evident in everything she does. No one can or ever will love Paris as much as Paris loves Paris. Her skankiness is only out done by her stupidity...her choice in glasses confirms that.

2839 days ago


Paris needs to use some of her millions for Rhinoplasty.....

2835 days ago


I just can't believe that Paris can be so stupid in the men she chooses in her life. It makes you wonder what standards she was raised under by her parents. Except for men, she has a pretty good life!

2819 days ago
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