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Richie Has Prior DUI

Mandatory Jail on the Line

12/13/2006 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie could be adding stripes to her wardrobe in the very near future.

TMZ has found court documents which reveal that Richie pled no contest four years ago to driving under the influence. Under California law, if Richie is convicted of DUI as a result of Monday's arrest, the judge must impose a jail sentence.

The law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone twice-convicted of DUI. In addition, Richie would be ordered to attend an alcohol education program for a year-and-a-half, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.

As TMZ first reported, Richie admitted to CHP officers that she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot before driving the wrong way on a Burbank freeway. A field sobriety test revealed she was not under the influence of alcohol.

Cop: "What have you eaten today?"
Nicole: "French Fries"

TMZ has obtained the police documents in the 2002 case. In the arrest report it reveals that Richie told cops all she had eaten that day were french fries. As for what she drank that day -- "1 shot vodka."

She blew a .12. and a .13 in two separate tests. In California, .08 is considered legally intoxicated. Richie was stopped in her Toyota Corolla after a UCLA police officer observed her blowing a red light and driving over a speed bump at more than 50 miles an hour in an area with a 15 mph speed limit. Richie flunked the field sobriety test -- her eyes were watery and bloodshot, and she could not keep her balance.

Richie was given three years probation for her 2002 DUI conviction and had her license suspended for one year. Six months later, Richie was arrested for possession of heroin and for driving with a suspended license.


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regarding comment: 5. She's not gonna do jail time. The girl is rich and is gonna hire the best attorneys, for real. It's not like she killed anybody. I like her very much and I think the media is making a big deal out of a little mistake.

Posted at 6:03PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Kerry

Little Mistake?????????????? Hello, she was driving on the wrong side of the freeway. I am afraid what you consider a big mistake is.

2838 days ago

joe ingoglia    

Nicole and Paris are two little rich kids that are ugly (and flat as hell) as SIN without all that make up and fancy clothes. Who would want to be married to them with all their baggage. They will probably end up killing them selfs because they won't be able to deal with real life. No (real) man would want them for a wife, unless it's the money they are after. JOE in Chico

2838 days ago


I can't believe some of the people who made comments... cannot read. LOL The drunk driving charge with her comment about 1 shot of vodka, and eating only french fries was in 2002 ! Jeez, it goes to show the intelligence level of her fan base. I just feel sorry for her dad, Lionel, having to read and deal with such a clueless daughter at her age. She should go to jail just like anyone else... rich, famous or whatever you wish to call her. Nicole... grow up, it's about time to put away your spoiled ass attitude.

2838 days ago

Teri Casteel    

Well, this is really a shame that a girl with so much talent and money and family of talent would let herself go this way. I had a daughter who passed away at 29 years old and wish that she was still here with us. Now I see a young girl who just does not care about herself or others. My daughter did and would have always cared about family and friends and especially herself in the eyes of others.

I truly hope that she does find her way, but she does need to be a responsible person and that can only come with her being treated the way everyone else id treated when they do something wrong. How is she to learn if not paying the price (not money) for what she has done. Money is not the answer and hope that her father will NOT come to her defense anymore and that would really help her to know that her father is upset with her.

Good luck to all the family and hope that Nicole learns a hard lesson the hard way.

2838 days ago


I agree with the person who said Nicole was very nasty and mean on "The Simple Life". yeah, it's just a show but it makes you wonder if that's how she really is... I really don't see what some of you people like about her. she has a trashy mouth and she cares way too much about her looks. I think she tries to be like her ex-friend, Paris Hilton. at least by trying to be thin like her. jealiousy, probably what kept them from staying friends. Nicole seems like a complete wreck and if she keeps up her bad ways she will cause a wreck. but I'm sure she'll get away with it, even if she takes someones life. she may not mean to but she needs to think about what harm she could do to someone else, even if she doesn't care about herself.

2838 days ago


you know she'll get off without any jail time
daddy will bail her out again
i think shes to stupid to realize that she could have killed someone, that or she doesn't care
is there anyone out here who can stand her or her buddy paris?
i know i cant
there both disgusting

2838 days ago


PEOPLE, if you're going to comment on an article read it thoroughly! She had a Toyota in 2002.

2838 days ago


michelle, she had a toyota corolla in 2002.
not when she was arrested this time.

2838 days ago


Damn! I like powder and Vicodin, too, but this bitch is out of control!!!

2838 days ago


Everyone shouldof seen this coming. She's spoiled rotten and she knew this was coming and she knew nothing was going to happen to her because of her last name "Richie". All the people who are giving sympathy to her should be ashamed. If she saw you on the street she wouldn't dare look at you and treat you like trash which you should obviously see coming after watching "The Simple Life".
There's really no point of giving her any of this because "Daddy" will make her feel ALL better.
There's absolutley NO point of taking her liscense since Lindsay can drive her around.

2838 days ago

eelon marie    


2838 days ago


She learned all her tricks and bad habits from porno hilton.

2838 days ago


Toyota Corolla?????? What's that all about?

2838 days ago


Nicole probably wont go to jail... not because she is rich or whatever... its cuz she is SUPER SKINNY and has a seriiiious problem and needs help... they should send her to court for getting help...that is what she needs.... and... she is about to die too.. so it is probably better not to die in jail!!

Yeah... i never liked her anyway!
She is a rich spoiled BRAT and nobody cares!!

2838 days ago


Oh dear God, let's only hope her fake fame and daddy's money don't keep her out
of jail. She really needs to go away for awhile and not to some rehab/treatment center. Send her stupid ass to Los Angeles County, that's hot!

2838 days ago
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