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Richie Has Prior DUI

Mandatory Jail on the Line

12/13/2006 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie could be adding stripes to her wardrobe in the very near future.

TMZ has found court documents which reveal that Richie pled no contest four years ago to driving under the influence. Under California law, if Richie is convicted of DUI as a result of Monday's arrest, the judge must impose a jail sentence.

The law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone twice-convicted of DUI. In addition, Richie would be ordered to attend an alcohol education program for a year-and-a-half, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.

As TMZ first reported, Richie admitted to CHP officers that she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot before driving the wrong way on a Burbank freeway. A field sobriety test revealed she was not under the influence of alcohol.

Cop: "What have you eaten today?"
Nicole: "French Fries"

TMZ has obtained the police documents in the 2002 case. In the arrest report it reveals that Richie told cops all she had eaten that day were french fries. As for what she drank that day -- "1 shot vodka."

She blew a .12. and a .13 in two separate tests. In California, .08 is considered legally intoxicated. Richie was stopped in her Toyota Corolla after a UCLA police officer observed her blowing a red light and driving over a speed bump at more than 50 miles an hour in an area with a 15 mph speed limit. Richie flunked the field sobriety test -- her eyes were watery and bloodshot, and she could not keep her balance.

Richie was given three years probation for her 2002 DUI conviction and had her license suspended for one year. Six months later, Richie was arrested for possession of heroin and for driving with a suspended license.


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I love nicole!
hope she gets better. she doesnt deserve this....really guys.

2850 days ago

Allred Tree    

#37 Amanda, Welcome to our little pathetic world of posting. I for one hope you are never called to be a juror and that you will learn something from some of the posters since you have decided to join the group.

2850 days ago


Someone I love was murdered by a drunk driver. The driver was someone who was young and came from money. She had evaded/payed her way out of so many posession charges, minor with alcohol etc. NOT this time.
My friend was on her way to pick up her daughter from daycare. 3:15 in the afternoon She was an ER nurse-mother of 3 and my best friend. The driver-she blew a 0.23-she had no memory of hitting my friend and when she woke up at the hospital-she had no injuries except for a broken tooth-she thought it was because she "blacked out". My best friend's family could not even say good bye to her because of the damage done to her face and body.
The driver begged, cried and had the "best" legal team-still-bitch got time in the state pen. Does it bring my friend back? No. but bitch is off the streets.
Please do not drink and drive.

2850 days ago

My two cents    

BAG- I am so glad you crack up right beside me here. I never quite heard of the term, "looser". Have you?? Do you THINK she meant, "loser"? I am quite surprised Amanda knew how to spell her own name.


2850 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 46 : wiser: You're not back again . What a collasal loser you are. When will you ever give up.? YOu must love to be abused. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SENSELESS RAMBLINGS. Do you realize how your insulting and your " nothing to contribute " blogs come off to other people who are reading it ? Your are an ignorant a**hole.

Please log onto " I NEED HELP " . Or else try " The Mentally Challenged .com." They are waiting for your imput over there. I know I don't speak just for myself when I implore you " to please just go AWAY ! "

When you have something of substance to contribute ..... do come back and join us. What a creep and a complete JERK you present yourself as. Now...get LOST !! It seems I can't get a decent " opinion " posted on the website ......Than no sooner do you show up! I feel like your STALKING ME. Geez ..........Get A LIfe and an education. You keep changing your name . But your " Mindless blogs" remain the same. Good bye and Good Riddance. !!

2850 days ago


She'll get away with it with a slap on the wrist, just like all of the other celebrities do. If it were one of us, we'd be doing time.

Off the subject, but how do these clubs get away with serving minors like Lindsay Lohan???? A normal bar wouldbe shut down by the LCB in minutes.

2850 days ago

My two cents    

It will be quite an eye opener to see if Nicole walks or does time. Actually I will bet that with all the news on this particular item, the District Attorney will perhaps think twice about letting her walk and will force some down time in jail. Like most 2nd or 3rd DUI offenders, she will most likely end up in some Honor Rancho in a dorm. That seems more likely because of her celebrity status. We can only hope that she learns from this before she kills herself or kills someone else.

2850 days ago


Wise old owl

How dare you talk to me this way.

Get off this blog you jerk.

2850 days ago


#53 Carole

I am very sorry for your loss.



2850 days ago

My two cents    

Hey Owl! Have a stalker on your hands do you?? No worries, they are just looking for their 15 SECONDS of fame on here.

Love you, mean it!!

2850 days ago


Why doesn't she just hire a driver?

2850 days ago


wise old owl, why would you speak to 46 this way?
Personally I am sick of your posts too.
I think you stink.
I think you suck.
Please shut up.

2850 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 54 : lila grace.....or whatever name you are using now. GOOD BYE !!! I will be skipping right over any other comments you add to this board. Just like everyone else is doing.

BTW..... I believe it is WAY after your bedtime. Elmo is waiting for you under the covers. Don't keep him waiting . Sleep tight. I hoping this will be the night that you become " RIP VAN WRINKLE " I might just " miss you" after 50 years.....NOT !!! ha ha ...........LOL

2850 days ago



because she has a car, duh!!!

2850 days ago


there are more important things to talk about.

where can I buy a tickle me Elmo doll in time for xmas?

2850 days ago
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