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Rosie Spars with Babwa, Pulls a Star on "The View"

12/13/2006 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBarbara Walters and Rosie O'Donnell got into a whole fight about whether Barbara was richer than Rosie, and Rosie said she was not coming back to "The View" ... and Rosie hates all Asian people.

That was what Babwa and Rosie said we'd write today about a particularly raucous Hot Topics on "The View," and if they're going to write our copy for us, well, thanks, ladies!

The hullabaloo started when Rosie and her boss Barbara began an absurdist quarrel about who was less rich, whereupon Rosie ruthlessly mocked Star Jones' famous on-air eff-you to the show, saying, "After much prayer and counsel, I have decided that I won't be coming back to 'The View.'" She quickly rescinded, but the psychic damage was done.

But we were more than a little miffed when Joy said that such antics were what got "The View" almost nightly coverage on the syndicated showbiz news programs. Yo, Joy, how 'bout a little love for TMZ?


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Mary Shults    

I am so sick of Rosie, she is a pig. and a bully. Why is she famous? I am so glad I have a life and don't watch the view.

2872 days ago


I was watching this when she said it i waS LIKE "OMG SHE DID NOT JUST GO THERE!" It was funny though

2872 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I don't watch the view, I never have, well maybe once or twice when they had a guest on that I liked... I used to like Rosie before she came out of the closet. She seems to be a bitter, angry know-it-all....

TMZ this is not entertainment news worthy. I guess I need to do some internship "FREE" work for you regarding the celebs, cause whoever you have out there getting some gossip/celebrity news sucks big time...

2872 days ago


Everytime I surf through an entertainment newsite and see Rosie's picture on the main page, I immediatly hope that what I'm going to read is the gruesome details of how she choked to death on a Big Mac.

2872 days ago

Lenn K    

vso, I just laughed my ass off.

2872 days ago


Why is this cow even on TV? Honestly? No seriously - why? are there dykes at home going "wow, she's so funny!"? Y - I - P - E !

2872 days ago


I I watched the show this morning, and sure enough what they said would happened, ended up happening, within thrity mintues of the show going off the air in our Town! TMZ has to have a Head Line like this one!
Rosie was just trying to explain that she has't been to a Posh and Older Generation Dinner were you are seperated from your Husband, Wife or Dinner Date and set next to people that you might not know as well to get into a conversation, this is a way for Business Associates to NETWORK in the Corporate World! I am a Assitant Manager of a Country Club, and the Older Generation does place "Setting Cards" at every place setting and more than not it they seperate Husbands, Wives and Dates to be set alone! I have noticed that the majority of people under the age of 50 do not like to be seperated from their Spouses or Dates, for numerous reasons, this must be a Older more Proper way of having Dinner's. I see the purpose why Business Associates do this to Network more, but this Dinner Setting is pretty out dated and in my opionion Rosie wasn't trying to hurt anyone she was just trying to express that she has not been to such Elegence and that this is something more common in the older generation, yet it wasn't a bad or good thing, just different! She wasn't saying that she was richer or poorer than Barbara Walters, they both have more money than the majority and Rosie acknowledged the fact! She was just expressing that she doesn't like to be seperated, nor does Elizabeth, but of course Joy is a little over 45 and we all know that Barbara is, so they are more comfortable with these type of more Elite or Prime or Proper Dinner Parites than what Rosie and Elizabeth have grown up with! ! ! TMZ should not jump on the site and post things that come out to be negative, when in reality it was just basic banter with two people that had their own opinions...Rosie was totally joking about lleaving the View and anyone who watched the show knows that! ! ! The View is so much more enjoyable to watch since Rosie has been on! I know alot of people that quit watching becuase they could not stand Star Jones Reynolds "better than the world" attitude! Rosie makes The View enjoyable to watch, wether or not you agree with all the comments or remarks that she saids...She geniunely has a huge heart and still keeps her feet planted solidly on the grown and stays grounded! With Rosie there is no pretense she comes at you with honesty and conviciton and a real warmth for all people! There is no way that Elizabeth or Joy either one could carry the show, Rosie is what makes The View, and if she wanted another show of her own she would be a success at it! She is exteremly good at Hosting and bringing Guest into their own element on the show and making them feel comfortable and not so judgemental like Star, Elizabeth and alot of times Joy can be! I feel that Rosie is doing an outstanding job, at keeping her own EGO in line and respecting Barbara Walters...It would be hard for anyone to go from having their own show as Rosie did in having to share the time with three other strong willed women and I personally think Rosie has done as good as job as anyone could! She personally has brought "THE VIEW" back to a morning show that you enjoy to watch, she keeps it lively and exciting and enjoyable to watch, yet doesn't judge anyone or allow people to be picked on! I think what Rosie said about Kelly Ripa to some degree was out of Line, but yet, Kelly Ripa didn't have to go on her own show and bring up about Clay three days later! Clay did not ask to go on the show as a Co-Host, Producers from the Live with Regis and Kelly, ask him to be a Co-Host, he agreed, and then Kelly wouldn't let him respond to her comments, she made fun of him with her hidious costume of him, and she belittled him and made digs at him throughout the show! I wondered myself when she was going to take a breath and let him have a chance to ask Emmitt and Cheryl a question himself! He shouldn't have put his hand over her mouth, he should have just set there and let her finish speaking with them two, got off the show and told them that he never wanted to Co-Host again with her! She was totally rude to him and I think she is a horrible interviewer by herself, if Regis or someone else wasn't there to Co-Host with her, her show alone would not last! I used to like Kelly, but lately she comes across exteremly arrogeant and over confident. I don't blame Rosie for being mad that they allowed Kelly Ripa to come on "The View" and get involved in the middle of their conversation...She was rude then, she was out of line to not talk to Clay off camera or to his Reps, and even her Live with Regis and Kelly Producers after the show aired and expressed her opinion...But to come back on a Monday, and dog Clay Akien out on her own show to Regis, that was a low blow, totally unprofessional that she made her point of view be known to their viewing audiance then called and

2872 days ago


#4: Why would you say such a thing??!! I hope #6 made you feel like the idiot that you obviously are!!!

2872 days ago


I love the view. I tivo it everyday. I think people always ripping on the show are just sad little people. The show is isn't full scripted and you get to see some raw emotions at times.

2872 days ago

blah blah blah    

why? are there dykes at home

Posted at 1:15PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Waukisha

at least as you say, they are at home and not in your backyard flaunting their sexuality at you you sptieful judgmental jerk!@#$%&!

2872 days ago


You took it all out of context, just like Barbara said you would. It was all done in fun !!

2872 days ago

Self Will    

"the view" represents what american culture is comfortable with.

Rosie is a pitbull who will attack anyone who does not share her views. I can only imagine how she dominates and controls her "partner" and their children. She really needs some anger management counseling.

It doesn't matter if the show's ratings are good. The ratings for Jerry Springer's show are good too, but what is the message being sent.

I would love for someone to create a show that REALLY shows culturally diverse women who respect each other and can agree to disagree without all the nastiness and pettiness.

Joy is bitter and envious,
Elizabeth doesn't know if she's a christian or a politician and compromises her beliefs in order to fit it.,
Rosie has a lot of baggage she needs to deal with.,
Barbara is a big disappointment

Barbara doesn't

2872 days ago


I have to confess that I do tune into the View now primarily to "see what will happen" especially during the first segment.

The whole discussion about "wealth" started when Barbara recounted an unfriendly German (oxymoron?) at a dinner party last nigth at the Kissengers.

My take on the events was
(1) they didn't fight over who was richer - Rosie admitted she's rich (and lucky for what they have - for two rich ladies - they were not obnoxious about it at all :-))
(2) they discussed (not argued) about different types of get-to-gethers. Rosie is more accustomed to layed back affairs and Barbara indicated that she attends those types of affairs as well as more (how shall I put it) formal, erudite affairs (which Joy rightly made sure you don't have to be rich to attend - true).

At any rate, it was fun to watch. Hey I;m not rich but also try to hold an occassional fun dinner parties and seat people next to folks I think they'll enjoy talking to (not spouses Elizabeth!) as well as throwing howdown/claim bakes!

2872 days ago


Boy some of you folks here picking on a handicap person! YIKES!

2872 days ago


bwhahahahah...i thought the View hot topics was hysterical....nice little parody...

2872 days ago
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