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Angelina Shoots Down Stork Rumors

12/14/2006 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jolie wants the world to know she's not pregnant, but it doesn't mean the Brangelina family is complete.

Though speculation has been swirling that Angelina Jolie has another gorgeous bun in the oven, the stunning actress joked with Diane Sawyer that if it were true, "I shouldn't have been drinking wine last night." She added, "No, we're not. I'm on the pill." Probably a little TMI, Angelina.

She adds that the globetrotting supercouple will probably adopt a third child before having a second biological one.

Jolie also gushed over Brad saying, "He's just a really great partner, a great man." Yeah, easy on the eyes too.


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OK you guys are right Jen isnt as pretty as Angie, but that doesnt give the right to be a whore and brake up a marriage, no matter how bad the marriage was!

Jen and Brad couldve probably worked things out without some hooker getting inbetween them, any of you saying that it was ok for her to do that cause you dont like Jen, well that just makes you hookers to!!!

2878 days ago


I JUST LOVE YOU ANGELINA!!! You are too pretty for words. And, you are an excellent actor, mommy, daughter, and girlfriend to Brad!!! You definitely have what it takes to be a star, and I for one am soooo happy for you and your beautiful family. NOW, AS FOR SOME OF YOU PSYCHO ANISTON FANS ON THIS BLOG, haven't all of you heard how psycho mental your gal has gotten? Apparently, they are saying on the internet that she is so bad off that she has had to call BP and cry to him about her problems, and even beg him to go and see her. YEA! all of you, sorry but this is what the internet is saying. I always knew that she was a mental case, someone that UGLY was never going to be able to make it in the movie industry. brad apparently feels bad for her, and the internet is saying that even the ever so talented and classy lady Angelina feels very sorry for her, that even AJ would like to meet and talk to her. NOW, THATS PRETTY BAD! Don't know much more, but just like jennifer is a total liar, manipulator, bad actress and of course was a sorry ass lousy wife; its no wonder that all of these bad things have happened to her. face it all of you, she's gone completely NUTSO! and big time NUTSO!!! CASE AND POINT, THAT THESE ARE HER TYPE OF FANS, TOO!! I love Angelina and her beautiful family, and yes Angelina keep doing all of your good deeds, cause you will be blessed for this work tenfold!!!

2878 days ago


Who cares. She's a man eater. Doesn't care for no one but her rotten self. Brad an idiot and all he thinks with is little Bradley. He's her idiot

2878 days ago


So I'm wondering why most women seem spiteful just because armpitt traded in his old horse for a younger, faster, better-looking hot baby-making machine.

Perhaps you should direct your attentions to your own hubbies because the same could happen to you. Hag Aniston WAS and still IS married to her NOT-GOING-ANYWHERE-but-I-crank-out-4-mediocre-movies-a-year career.

2878 days ago

Go Away    

Britney Spears is more of a home wrecker than Angelina ever was, come on people. There is no proof (that we know of) that points to them ever getting together before he filed for divorce. Get over it... and I think they don't parade Shiloh around as much because they are more protective of her... who the f*** knows... who cares!? Their children are well taken care of and are always seen in their arms.

2878 days ago


Why do you all call each other morons and idiots when you don't even know each other? Is saying these things suppose to make you feel superior in some way? It's really quite odd.

I see nothing wrong with this women. You can't lose something that you don't own and none of us own each other.

2878 days ago


#32 When your married thats your partner for life, I mean I dont know god just wanted it that way, but now a days nobody gives a damn about god or respect!

2878 days ago


Notworkrelated- You sound like my exboyfriend who said no one owns anyone. By the way, he has a rep for cheating.

2878 days ago


Angelina Jolie has done a lot of things that can be considered destructive and strange by anyone's definition. But once she looked outside of the world she was raised (while filming Tomb Raider), she saw there is more to life than sex, drugs, and the Hollywood norm. She adopted Maddox on her own. She raised him the first few years of his life, on her own. And to add to that, she has contributed more to the humanitarian efforts around the world than any other celebrity I know of. Her work will refugees is admirable and inspiring, and her love of the world and its people is saintly. She is a woman who had a rough time in her life, but chose to overcome it and do good with the rest of the time she has on earth.
I find it appalling more of you judge her on her relationship with a man who was married than on her contributions to the plights of the women in the Middle East, or the orphans in Africa. I never found Jennifer Aniston to be a particularly interesting person, as the most she's done was finally got together with Ross when she was Rachel on Friends. Not to mention, there was always talk of rifts between her and Brad over career and children. If Brad finds more happiness with Angelina than Jennifer, than who am I to judge? The most Aniston has done for the world is show up at a movie premier wearing Versace.
I just find this harsh criticism over Angelina's work as a humanitarian a horrid reflection of what people of the United States find truly important.

2878 days ago


I think Jennifer is hot in her own way. Dang, why does Angelina so hot. It is hard to take up for others on looks.

2878 days ago


Go Angie, Go Angie. You're not just beautiful, your're very intelligent. I don't know why people keep calling her a "Whore." Since when did she become a prostitute? I thought she was an Actress,Humanitarian, Pilot, Motorcycle rider, etc. etc. I've never heard of her being a "Whore" (Prostitute).

2878 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

We wish someone would explain why this piece of trash is consideed beautiful. With those lips, she looks like a well-tailored babboon.

2878 days ago


The reason she is considered beautiful "The Twins" is because she doesn't look like you.

2878 days ago


You know as I read through the TMZ comments, what amazes me? The fact that so many question why Angie won't shut up or why she keeps bragging about baby daddy's, when people in America are obviously interested in what she has to say. After all, how would you have known anything about this interview had you not clicked the link to read her words. Having said that, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the name calling, cutting each other down - I don't understand how anyone is helped by that.
I for one am a huge BRANGELINA supporter. Americans kill me being the moral majority when if you take a look at your own houses, you'll find some skeletons there yourselves. Not one single person in this world knows why Brad and Jen broke up and how Brangelina formed but those 3 individuals. And I for one don't have time to ponder it. Only thing I know is that I was a Brad fan and Angelina fan for my own reasons.
Please, can't we all stop criticizing them and each other long enough to concentrate on other pressing issues in the world.

2878 days ago


So let me get this straight "A person of class" you thought you owned your ex-boyfriend? By the way I've never cheated on a women, because I've never had one that thought she owned me.

2878 days ago
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