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Angelina Shoots Down Stork Rumors

12/14/2006 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jolie wants the world to know she's not pregnant, but it doesn't mean the Brangelina family is complete.

Though speculation has been swirling that Angelina Jolie has another gorgeous bun in the oven, the stunning actress joked with Diane Sawyer that if it were true, "I shouldn't have been drinking wine last night." She added, "No, we're not. I'm on the pill." Probably a little TMI, Angelina.

She adds that the globetrotting supercouple will probably adopt a third child before having a second biological one.

Jolie also gushed over Brad saying, "He's just a really great partner, a great man." Yeah, easy on the eyes too.


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HEY YOU ALL, HERE'S THE LATEST GOSSIP ON OLE HORSEFACE ANNISTON! "Dec 17: Jennifer Aniston has failed in her attempt to bag a guest spot on her favourite TV drama 24.

The star reportedly put her name forward for a part in the show but producers turned her down flat, because she's "too recognizable" as ditzy Rachel Green in 'Friends'. " yea! this is pretty sad when even TV is starting to turn down this fugly person calling herself a woman. she needs to face reality, and that reality is that she SUCKS AT ACTING, CAN'T STAND WATCHING THIS BIMBO ON THE BIG SCREEN, SHE JUST PLAIN ANNOYS ME! GET LOST ANNISTON, YOUR HOPELESS! REALLY! OH! AND JENNIFER FANS, WELL, YOU ALL CAN HAVE HER, BECAUSE SHE STINKS WHILE SHE'S TRYING TO WIN THIS SO CALLED OSCAR. REMEMBER, EVEN TV DON'T WANT HER! but, i guess she would really like to keep all of you fools making it to her NEXT BAD MOVIE! OH! AND BREAK UP WAS REALLY STUPID! IT WAS A TOTAL BORING MOVIE, EXCEPT FOR WATCHING MY GUY VINCE.

2858 days ago


i just love BRANGELINA! and their gorgeous Shiloh! mg! but here are these two beautiful people that truly belong together, and they should have another child. they really should. he deserves it, and she truly loves children, so it is fate and destiny that will determine if they will definitely have another child. and i think they will, cause you can truly see that they really truly love each other. and as far as you jen fans, well, i guess all of you just need to sit back and gobble it up, as far as seeing these two have another child, possibly, and be a loving family with their 3 kids and possibly 4. there's truly nothing that any of jens fans can do except get on here and bad mouth them, because of their insane jealousy of these two getting together. i for one don't like jen, never have even in friends. i like courtney better she is beautiful, much more so than jen. also, after reading everything on here, it is true that jen needs to get a life, and find herself another man, because she seems to be very insecure in the fact that she constantly needs to be with a man. K Fed maybe! lmao! but, its true its like she can't be quiet about anything and anyone. the mags are saying now, that she can't wait for 2007 and her new house, etc. and that she's over bp and vv, but she continues to tell everyone that she still loves BP, and that she'll love him till she dies. and also her friends run their mouths off to the mags, too! so, MY QUESTION IS WHERE HAS THIS EXTREMELY INSECURE PERSON CHANGED? IN HER BIG TOE!

2857 days ago


this sue person really might be jen, cause i am noticing how she is always coming on and stating that angelina stole bp from jen. but this sue states this constantly, and this is why i too think that its quite funny how this sue is always coming on and defending jen. could this sue be jen aniston? i'm beginning to think that sue is the realy jen aniston. sincerely, all of you! well if sue is ja, then she just needs to accept the fact that bp did not love her anymore, and she needs to start a new life, and stop crying and talking to everybody about her ex brad, and how she lost him, only because angelina stole him from her. i agree with some of you that no human being can be stolen from another human being. and, if jen continues to think this, then she really does have some serious problems, doesn't she. i like aj and bp together, they truly look like the right couple, and they are so in tuned with life and its rewards upon others. they are both so gorgeous and they look better together than brad and jen. jen was such a FAKIE PERSON, and she always looked like she was faking everything while she was with him. BUT I GUESS HE FOUND THAT OUT TO BE TRUE IN THE END, AND LEFT HER FOR SOMEONE MORE TRUTHFULL.

2856 days ago

Ksthy Ruffino    

I think Brangelina, is a whore, that would steal anyone's man just so long
as she had someone to help her with the kids, Jennifer is a lady,

2846 days ago


Somehow the media THINKS we give a crap about brad & angie...yuk! I just want to let them know I turn off when ever the media starts with them...I had to come on to this site & voice my contempt...because the MEDIA just keeps it up. No one cares about them, so please give it a break. They are wasting their time & energy . I am just so sick of hearing about them taking a breath after breath. Leave them alone. They are disgusting. Stop chasing after them & let them live in peace because NO one really cares. Stop...Stop...STOP!!

2829 days ago


angelina vs brad that was sweet of brad to kiss her like that after a good night
romance was FLARING in the air

2826 days ago


It's truly disappointing to see that the public puts an adulterous couple on a pedestal. It just goes to show where everyone's morals lie. There really is no need to criticize Jennifer Aniston, she didn't ask for this, but it seems Angelina Jolie keeps wanting to stab her in the back with all this publicity. I don't care if Brad Pitt chose Angelina Jolie, he's not much to talk about if he could embarass someone so publically who he was married to with all this insult. Obviously he is not a gentleman of any sort. When the world applauds a couple like Brad and Angelina for their new life it is very sad. They should have just stayed to themselves and not try to hurt Brad's ex-wife as much. I'm sure this whole situation was a very sensitive one without all their exploits. I don't really care what happens to them (Angelina and Brad) let them do what they want it is over now, the damage has been done. This is Hollywood, but give it up people and stop putting Jennifer Aniston down, she did nothing wrong. She wasn't the one who cheated on her marriage, in fact it was well known that after Friends she had wanted to start a family. It's ashame that Brad and Angelina had to be so deceitful. Who knows what else they are being deceitful about. They deserve each other.

2825 days ago
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