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Comedy Honcho Hates the Haters

12/14/2006 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mired in the backlash from the Michael Richards incident and the subsequent banning of the N word from his club, Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada took out a full-page ad in today's Variety, addressed to his "family of comics."

Masada mentioned the charity work his club has done, and pointed out how he was honored by the ACLU for his commitment to the First Amendment. He then addressed the Michael Richards incident and his club's reaction to it:

"I draw the line when it comes to intolerance," he said, "and my stage will never again be a platform for hateful speech. It is my hope that other comedy clubs will join me and the Laugh Factory in our stance against hateful speech." For Masada, this is clearly no laughing matter.


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I think this is a GREAT and courageous stand..the word should be other racial slur is MORE used in American Society and the stage should NOT be a continual stage for it be it a White nor Black comic..

2839 days ago



2839 days ago


WH.AT.EV.ER. I couldn't care less...FREEDOM OF SPEECH...all the way for me. FREAKS..LOSERS...NOBODY CARES.

2839 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

Am I the only one that sees that Richards was in character when he did this? It was like watching Karmer say "look a nigger!" "He's a nigger!" he crossed a line that wouldn't have been noticed with out the advent of camera phones. An angry racist would have yelled "f*** you you f***ing nigger" or any such combination of true angry words. It was a spontaneous bit that flopped.

2839 days ago

blah blah blah    

It's about time one stood up to the plate and drew the line when it comes to the tolerance to ignorance. gotta have balls to be a man and run a business appropriately

2839 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

This is all a ridiculous ploy to cash in on the
popularity of Andy
Kaufman's "If I Faked It'. It is shameless and I am about done with

2839 days ago

coco puff    

So they fine the comedian $20 each time he says n*gger. What's next, c**t, sh*t, f***, spic, cracker, towel head, and motherf***er? It's just stupid, free speech is free speech. As long as you don't yell fire in a crowded theatre unless of course there is one, they are just words. When I go to see a comedian I want some cussing, it adds flavor to the jokes.

2839 days ago


Lenny Bruce is rolling over in his grave.

2839 days ago


Jamie Masada is just too precious for words. He is so noble and cute it makes you just want to pinch his cheeks!! I never noticed his sensitivity "creds" before. This is a PR stunt to get out in front of a situation that might damage his cash flow. The Richard's incident is literally the only time I have ever heard a mainstream white comic say anything remotely offensive to African Americans. When I want to listen to racist humor, I tune into BET. Is Jamie Masada calling JayZ to task for calling Oprah Winfrey an OREO ? Did he take out and ad when Julian Bond called all Republicans NAZI's. Of course, I could be looking for some moral consistency and, I think it was Timothy Leary who said, consistency is the hallmark of a small mind. Oh well, never mind. I guess an OREO is really just a cookie. Sorry gotta go, time to feed my pet snake a live rat and dust my Confederate memorabilia.

2839 days ago


You know what! This is a bunch of BS! Why cant comics use the N word or other racial slurs????? Richards F'd up by calling an audience member the N word. That should not be tolerated. I see nothing wrong w/them using those words in their acts BUT you should not pick out a member of the audience and belittle them. That is totally unacceptable. F*** Richards and Long live racial slurs!

2839 days ago


Comedy is all about pushing the envelope, pointing out the flaws in society that people are afraid to bring up in everyday life, making us take a look at the ridiculous and having a good laugh. Let's all get a f***ing grip. It's comedy.

2839 days ago


what's the difference between that and this?

2839 days ago

spin sycle    

Censorship is the battle cry of Facism!

2839 days ago


I think the owner of this club is an idiot......Freedom of Speech is the first amendment and this a**hole is censoring what people have to say...heres the problem with the word nigger, black people think they can put a copyright on a word and use it freely, but when another race uses it we call predjudice. well if we black people learn to respect ourselves and quit using the one would use it........What goes around comes around and there are plenty of Black Bigots out there.........So I will use the word and let any of my friends who are not black use it too and not be offended.

2839 days ago


I suppose this means Carlos Mencia will never play the club again. Oh, I see, it's ok to make fun of Arabs, ok.

2839 days ago
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