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Haunts L.A.

12/14/2006 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's almost Christmas, but Nicole Richie is rocking a Halloween look.


The tiny celebutante, currently in hot water after her arrest, was apparently so cold she wore a blanket to lunch. Richie tried to make it impossible to take her photo yesterday as she left a sushi bar in Los Angeles.

She wasn't able to avoid it entirely, and the verdict is in; the ghost costume is better than the skeleton.


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Ricrdo Lee W.    

What's amazing to me (besides the absurd amount of losers out there who are so miserable they're willing to waste their precious time posting trash here; that they should know Mrs. Richie of SIMPLE LIFE fame isn't ever going to bother to read) is how pretty she still looks: intoxicated, embarrassed, arrested, groggy, at 5:00 in the morning, in a bad police mug shot. Even with all the weight she's lost her eyes still sparkle in such a pretty way that you can tell, she's a star.
Her beautiful complexion, her little mouth and even the little smile she managed... She's gorgeous... she's a star!! Even after all the weight loss.

As a young black man that just came home from being stationed overseas the last 3 and a half years in Baumholder Germany (ETS ed 11M A 1/6 Assassin Hooah!) its crazy to hear how much she parties. She looks so fresh faced and innocent its really hard to believe. Even in her mug shot she looks more like an angel than the amazons in the Victoria's Secret ads. Anyway's this chicks living her life and making her money. So why waste energy shaking your fist in the wind?
I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area but Im spending Christmas to New Years in Vegas at the Bellagio where my Pops got us a balcony facing the Strip and the fireworks on New Years eve. What Im getting to is year in and year out people party till they have to lock all the balcony doors on New Years to keep intoxicated people from falling or jumping off! As a kid I spent New Years in Vegas/Reno, New York, New Orleans, Union Square (SF). Ive partied when the Niner's won they're Super Bowl victories. I've been places where the whole cities are out drinking and celebrating. In Idar Oberstein Germany I saw a guy crash his brand new BMW drunk during the Linden Festival. In Ibiza you should see how crazy the British girls get or how we acted during R&R in Bulgaria. All around the world people party, this isnt some new occurrence or something Nicole Richie has just started or invented. Human beings can make mistakes sober. Nicole Richie is not your leader she's no politician or televangelist so why sweat every little move she makes. She's just a girl who grew up in Hollywood, she not a teacher or congressmen or even anytype of civil servant... What type of moron or horrible parent would go around making what Nicole Richie does out to be all important when you have the president who ""didn't inhale"" having affairs with interns, a President in office we've elected twice who had at the very least a DUI (and he's the head of the military chain of command and ""leader of the free world"".)
Getting behind the wheel of a car intoxicated is crazy but more soldiers (that I was personally friends with) got chaptered or Article 15's for drunk driving than anything else. Nicole's definitely not the first person guilty of driving under the influence. You have teachers sleeping with the kids and politicians propositioning pages... and your wasting time here? Trying to think of something nasty to say about a girl who parties???

Youd probably be more well served teaching Your kids the Golden Rule, forgiveness/compassion temperance i.e.; or if your really that worried how to "just say no" & defensive driving...

2872 days ago


I SEE, she must be Michael Jackson's long lost child.

2872 days ago


What a mess she is. Hopefully they will put this tw*t behind bars so we don't have to see stupid pictures like this for a good long while.

2871 days ago


i like nicole. i think shes a funny person and when she puts a lil more weight on she will look just as cute as she used to. and who gives a sh*t if she was a lil buzzed driving the wrong way who hasnt done that b4 and as long as nobody got hurt shes straight!!! besides vicodin is the sh*t!!!! anyway too many hateful people on this page!!! even if she did go to the drive thru they would still be in her ass! and like shes gonna sit home all the time!!! you wouldnt and ud act the same way she does if you were blessed with that much money but yure broke so f*** off

2867 days ago


oh, please. she made a mistake. she's not going to lock herself in the bathroom. my goodness, people.

2864 days ago


had it been you...

2864 days ago
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