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Pam: Kid Rock Is a Liar

12/14/2006 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock is acting like a little brat, and Pam's not having it!

The blonde bombshell told Howard Stern that her estranged husband is "absolutely lying" when he claims that Pam was "out partying every night" and "was never home with the kids" during their short-lived marriage.

Anderson recently described her ongoing divorce proceedings as "stomach turning," and she told Stern that Rock's comments about her mothering skills "upset her the most."

"I was in Vancouver doing a movie three days a week, and i would come home for the four-day weekend to be with my kids," said the miffed mom. "My mom and dad were here and Kid was in Detroit making an album, and they were looking after his son too."

TMZ has several sources in Malibu who see Pam with her kids all the time. If she were out partying every night, you would have seen right here on TMZ!


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Her right nipple looks like it is uh sneaking away from her boob there. Didn't she buy those things?? Can't she afford a better pair of nipples?? hehe

2779 days ago

hymie town    

Again Howard Stern gets the truth out of people.Before this interview today Martha Stewart admitted to be pantiless and no bra.And no AA's yet.And she said she wants to date Howard Stern.Only on Sirius Radio......42 pennies a day....

2779 days ago

blah blah blah    


yeah yeah yeah, but needless to say, it DOES make you look like a tramp. Appearance is appealing. when you dress accordingly. You don't have to wear a leotard tight t-shirt to reveal your payed off blowed up fake hootchy mama's Especially when your being accompanied by your children. Do You Get It?

2779 days ago


Thank GOD they got divorced!
At least I still have a chance with the KID!
She should've stayed home with her kids and husband - bummer for her - he is the one with all the money!

2779 days ago


Pam looks great and so does her boobs. I don't think her kids give a crap about her nipples - I'm sure they've seen them before. Pam, you will always be gorgeous and KID ROCK ROCKS!!!! ;-)

2779 days ago


What money? Pam is the one with the deals. When was the last high-selling CD Kid put out? Seriously, does he have any other business ventures?

2779 days ago


omg Pam please put on a bra especially when you are around your kids....ewww...

2779 days ago


Her kids are probably going to have trouble having sex because they think of there mom. ewww

2779 days ago


Jealous women smell funny. Something or several someones, stink to high heaven around here!!
Come on girls come up for air. You're wallowing in the jealous mud bog.

2779 days ago


Oh yea Jealous. Jealous of a disease infested old women who didn't have much of a career when her boobs were taken out. As soon as she got them back in, Hollywood is calling. Jealous of a women who only dates rock stars that treat her like sh*t. Jealous of a women who's sex tape went to the whoever can see. Jealous of a women who when she takes her makeup off, even she can't look in the mirror without fear. Jealous of a women who can't even take her sitcoms anywhere. Jealous of that one. NO. She is a smart lady though and she is all about the animals. BUt jealous. NOPE. I am happy for her when something great happens to her. But I am not jealous. I would like her money though.

2779 days ago


are those really her kids? i thought they were a lot bigger..they don't look like an 8 and a 10 year old to me.

2779 days ago


Jealous of what? Her hepatitis C? She probably has a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. Not quite sure what it is exactly I'm supposed to be jealous of......????????

2779 days ago


I think Pam's nipple look yummy!!!! Go mommy

2779 days ago


Lourdes, that is an OLD photo. I see a Spy Kids 2 poster in the background and that movie came out 4 years ago.

It looks to me like she's about to breast-feed the older one though. Yum-Yum.

Kid Rock has a black child we never see. Is he ashamed of it? Does he let it out for walks?

2779 days ago

Mad Balls    

Wow . One washed -up loser reafirming another washed - up loser . Howard was overdone toast in my book right before he left cable . His comedy stuff WAS old and NOT funny anymore . He is no bearer of the truth and allows people to vent out misplaced feelings and reafirms their lies -- sort of a Dr. Phil on Crack . Dickhead . Pamela is really a washed- up sex goddess . Her overbaked face is ready to crumble . She has no ass . Her legs are short . Her forehead is bigger than the surface of the Moon . Her "Photographic memory " --her words not mine -- forgot to memorize these lines " Oh by the way , KID , before you find out through the Media -- I HAVE HEP - C " kid rock is an idiot to get back with a woman who put him in danger everytime they screwed without telling him . Oh and Harvey , your sources suck on this one -- right after she taped the Kimmel show ( which was right after her Miscarraige -- who would know with the way she giggled , strutted and laughed on Kimmel ) she went out to party . I think she fooled you guys by not wearing make-up and leaving her house with no disguise on .... as a bag lady . she is FUGly . Dickheads .

2779 days ago
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