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Sly: Still A Bad, Bad Man!

12/14/2006 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester StalloneSly Stallone is still the man, and he proved it yesterday.

He patiently went toe to toe with mobs of fans in Hollywood at last night's premiere of "Rocky Balboa," signing autographs and smiling for photogs. Thirty years since Rocky first stepped into the ring, the Italian Stallion proved he's still a knockout.

Also showing up for the premiere: Three 6 Mafia walked by in a Steel City cap, James Caan, and Jason Hervey of "The Wonder Years." Benjamin McKenzie showed his face, along with handsome "Rocky" co-star Milo Ventimiglia, who scribbled his name for fans.

Also out for the night: former teen idol Frankie Avalon, and the most politically incorrect man we know; Bill Maher, along with a guy anyone would want in their corner -- Paulie (aka Burt Young) himself!

Check it out in today's Star Catcher.


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blah blah blah    

Looking DAMN GOOD theses day's considering it to be 30 years down the road later and being what, 60 years of age?

2809 days ago


i have loved sly stallone since he first came on the hollywood scene. he gets more handsome as he gets older! BUT......what number Rocky is this??? Enough is enough, I still love ya tho sly!

2809 days ago


How come he doesn't get Sexiest man alive? Hes hot!!

2809 days ago

Go Away    

Speech impediment aside... I just love this guy. People say his movies suck but I like the campyness of them...

2809 days ago


Wait a minute TMZ. The last article, he looked like a bee stung his face and now he looks normal. What is up with that?? TMZ, the real stories please??

2809 days ago


I liked the original Rocky. R 2 was okay, too. Sly shoulda hung up the gloves after that, everything it gained, was lost in 3 4 and 5. Let's see what #6 is going to look like, and what's next, Rambo 4, 5, and 6?. Sly! I luv you man, you're 60 years old, stop trying too hard to re-invent yourself. Go enjoy your retirement if you cannot come up with something very original. Afterrall, you've made your marks in Hollywood. Yo!

2809 days ago


Sly is all that is right about Hollywood. For years, he has been very fan friendly, at least publicly. No doubt, Mr. Stallone was aware of his image given his Planet Hollywood holdings. If all "stars" realized the horrible pounding their images take when they act like the Lohans, Hiltons, and Britney's of the world, their would be more successful careers. Being a pain to work with is another area where you did hear as much about regarding male stars like Sly and Arnold.
Stallone has been happily married for years with young children. He is a great person.

2809 days ago

the truth    

While I have to admit, i am a Stallone fan, I also
agree that it's time to hang up the gloves Sly. His movies in the 80's were great fun
to watch. Nobody ever made a human being look so super heroic than Stallone! He also has something that NO OTHER ACTION STAR EVER RECEIVED OR EVER WILL RECEIVE for a movie that he himself created, and that is AN OSCAR! Not the "Governator"Schwartzenegger, not Willis, or even Mr. star fo the
century himself, Harrison Ford. None of these guys have ever written anything! Not even Robert DeNiro has won one yet I don't think, but he should've. Mel Gibson
came close for Braveheart, but the movie wasn't really an
action/adventure movie. It was more like a docu-drama based on the true life of
William Wallace. If you think about it, it was Stallone that revolutionized the movie industry and made actors like Arnold and Willis, have movie careers with the movies they made like the Terminator or the Die hard series. Unfortunately, many horrible action stars came out of the 80's also like Van Dam & Dolph "Lunkhead" Lundren. Also, remember that Stallone screenwrites ALL of his movies which is probably his downfall now. Whereas Arnold and Willis or basically all of the action stars today never write their movies. He should now just let people write for him though or maybe he should direct some movies and have other actors play the star character. He hasn't made a good movie since "Cliffhanger" so it's time for him to give up the reigns a little bit and have good writers help him create a new character for him. Anyways, here's to a guy that made millions on a chance that if his movie should fail, so does his life. That movie was of course, "ROCKY". Congrats Sly, you derserve it, "uh-absolootly" as Rocky would say.

2809 days ago


I almost feel sorry for Sly. We went to see Casino Royale on opening night and among the 15 minutes of commercials and trailers was a trailer for Rocky Balboa. Before the end of it people in the audience were laughing. This would have been okay if RB was a comedy, but it's not.

This one is going to tank big time. Mr. Stallone will have to go back to living off of residuals and the $$$ from his wife's skin care line.

2809 days ago


A few friends and myself were extras on his movie 'Driven' which is crap and was at the time called something different and if you can believe worse. It was filmed in Toronto and we did a few street scenes and club scenes. We all were told that Mr. Stallone did NOT under any circumstances want to be looked at in the eyes, or even his face. If we were caught looking at him then we'd be fired. What an egomaniac!

2809 days ago


I'm a Stallone fan in spite of the fact I'm not an action-hero lover.

Okay, okay, maybe there's been enough "Rockys" already, but yanno, I kind of hope he scores with this one. He's hard-working pro--he deserves it.

Go, Sly, go . . .

2809 days ago


I read somewhere that Sly has always been disappointed by Rocky V and discontent to end the series with that movie. That explains why he did Rocky VI at 60. I think Rocky had depth, grittiness, and sensitivity. 3 and 4 were flashy products of their time.... entertaining in the early 80's. The transformation of his body from 1 to 3 was incredible. I still feel the youthful energy surge today when I hear Eye of the Tiger that it brought back then.

2808 days ago


What's wrong with his disfigured face. Sly ... no more surgeries! They will make you look worse. Think Joan Rivers ... Cher ... Meg Ryan ...

2808 days ago


um...i did'nt see him sign one autograph or really smile at any photogs TMZ. ya'll are lame.

2808 days ago


i adore sly. i love his vunerability and his strength in the Rocky movies. Cant wait to see this one (#6) and I hope he does Rocky10 one day!!

2808 days ago
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