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Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

12/15/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He might act like a softee, but Dr. Phil doesn't take any s**t from anybody.
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The TV shrink was fuming during a segment involving Ty Beeson, the man behind the controversial "Bumfights" DVD series -- and kicked the guy right off the set!

During a graphic video profile featuring footage from "Bumfights," an outraged Phil demanded that his crew immediately stop rolling tape. Phil then booted Beeson from the set while telling him, "That's despicable. I don't want to talk to you. You can go. You can go."

Beeson, who appeared on the show in a Dr. Phil costume (baldcap and all), didn't leave without getting in a few choice words, "Every time you bring a guest on this show, you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the whole world. You think that's helping them?" Security then rushed Beeson offstage.

Phil apologized for the incident, telling the audience, "That is absolutely despicable, and I refuse to publicize that ... he clearly could not have a serious dialogue about this."

The episode DID make national air on Tuesday, with clips from "Bumfights" included in the show. Dr. Phil episodes are all pre-taped. Our question: If Dr. Phil was really against publicizing the material, why didn't he edit it out of the show?


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duh...totally !    

Bumfights are pure GARBAGE right up there with Girl's Gone Wild....


Joe Francis just got fined 1.6 MILLION dollars for haveing drunk, underage girls on his worhtless soft porn vidos's.....he is a TRUE P*I*G is that Bumfight crap....go watch Jackass if that's your thing....not exploit homeless people....F*ing Ridiculous !

2833 days ago


oh, like Phil didn't know what this guest was about before he came on. Such an act.

2833 days ago


PEOPLE REVEAL themselves...all you have to do is watch the segment where the guy molested his little daughter, and the new "backstage talk" that dr. phil features bogus....he walks into a room, where unsuspecting workers are setting up... he turns to them ...GET OUT OF HERE.... what an arrogant mess he is...his son , little fat face piggy saunters around town here, like he actually did something in life, and the wife, well, how they are always chumming up with celebs now..."so and so is my good friend" bla bla bla....really hillbillies thats all they are , hillbillie lottery winners.......

2833 days ago

skeptical at best    

two things: first of all it was hypocritical for Dr. Phil to even air the segment. secondly, bum fights is disgusting. i have watched a video and i was completely turned off. to be honest with you watching the DVD made me think less of the person who owned it. i can't believe anyone would think that is entertaining or funny. it really makes me wonder about society when this kind of material can earn someone millions of dollars. i've only read a few comments, most of which have jumped all over dr. phil. and that's fine. but this guy is sooooo much worse. on the show he claimed that he's "helping" the homeless. i will be willing to put my life on the line and say that he would not be doing this if he wasn't making money off of it. and that's the bottom line.

2833 days ago


Right on #55!

I used to watch Dr. Phil in the beginning, but have long since stopped. I saw where it was going.

Dr. Phil pre-screens everybody. Are we really to believe that this guy got on with Dr. Phil having "no idea" what these videos were about (or having pre-viewed them)?! No! This was staged.

AND YET, if you go over to Dr. Phil's website and view all the comments for this episode on his message boards, all his adoriing sheeple fans are all agreeing, "yes, this is so gross" and "thank you Dr. Phil for kicking this guy off".

SAD TRUTH: Dr. Phil did this because he knows the vast majority, if not all, of his fans are too blinded, stupid or both to even see this for what it it.

With his show's episode maing TMZ and YouTube, he's basically given this guy more publicity than he could ever possibly buy.

Yes, Dr. Phil is a big a whore as they come.

An EX Fan

2833 days ago

Manda Liddiard    

ok, I normally dont like Dr. Phil, and I agree if he didnt want to publicize this, he should of completely edited out of his show.. but he did bring attention to something that I didnt realize, these videos. How someone can make money off this disgusts me, or worse, that people actually buy these videos. Its one thing if they want to make entertainment out of stupidy stunts, and do it to yourself, like jackass stars, but to use homeless people who already suffer enough and have hit their all time low is disgusting. The creator of those videos is NOT helping them buy "paying" them to do the things he wants them to do, he is taking advantage of their situation. There are so many other ways to do humour, and finding violence with homeless people shouldnt be one of them. With all that money he made off this, he could buy a homeless family a house to live in.

2833 days ago


i really think Dr.Phil's an idiot..why did he have him on the show anyway?! more then likely, he did this for more ratings..just like he does all those other fucked up shows like that one where he had the pedophiliac brother who took a lie detector test and "proved" he touched his 4 y/o sister! Wtf!?

2833 days ago


I saw the segment. Dr. Phil I think was going to interview him wondering what why someone would "bumfight". When it showed the torture to homeless people (and I know someone who's brother is in jail for that now), he was trying to get something productive out of the guy. Beeson then comes on dressed as Dr. Phil, so he's just an ass who obviously needs attention. Dr. Phil doesn't book his guests, his booking dept. presents him with the subjects, and he gives the OK. He didn't see the footage until about 10 mins. before airtime. Beeson came on his show trying to convince the public that "bumfights" and attacking the homeless really help people. THAT is why Dr. Phil was fuming. Beeson could have came on as his self, but then the whole world would know what he looked like, maybe some of the victim's families might show him a little "family" justice. I don't think Dr. Phil was out of line, I would have done the same thing. I think he would have kept him there if Beeson had the balls to come as himself, and discuss it - not in a costume already making fun of the whole thing. If you've seen Bumfights at all, they are cruel, dangerous, and sick. I don't think that's anything that is"helpful".

2833 days ago


I've despised this guy since Oprah used to have him on her show. I've never emailed any TV shows before with the exception of Oprah when I wrote saying that I thought she needed to drop the jerk and get a real doctor who could deal with issues on a realistic level. Oprah lost a lot of credibility with her support of the idiot and proved to the world that she's not as smart as everyone thought she was.

2833 days ago


Dr. Phil certainly had seen tapes of the fights and certainly knew Beeson's point of view before having him on the program. Kicking him off the program was just a publicity stunt to show the world the "moral beacon" Phil McGraw tries to impersonate.

2833 days ago

Phil Watcher    

I think Dr. Phil was more offended and possible embarrassed by Beeson coming out looking like him, than he was the videos. I'm sure, Beeson didn't tell him he was going to do that and caught Phil by surprise. So, Phil, quick on his feet thinking, used the videos as an excuse to get the guy off the stage and that's why the videos ran at the beginning of the show and were never cut.

2833 days ago


Dr. Phil is a whore. He invited the guy onto his show just to kick him off. He knew what bumfights were before the show aired. He has inadvertently given free publicity to bumfights, people who had never heard of it are now curious.

I think he was more mad at the fact that Ty was making fun of him with his bald cap and suit. I thought that was hilarious.

Anyway, Dr.Phil is nothing more than a leech. He exploits people's most private emotions for ratings and pretends to care.

2833 days ago


The so called Dr Phil is a huge JOKE. This guy is an ASS.

Why even book this guy on the show? Phil can sure create some PR for his horrible show.

2833 days ago


I agree with Phil. If Dr. Phil had not aired this, it would have been leaked to the press anyway. Then the story would have grown out of proportion with "our" wild imagingation. Plus, I am proud to see someone stand up and say "yes, free speech is free", but I am exercising my rights too.....stop showing so much crap, we are desensitizing our children and they are growing up to be heartless and cruel. Yes, one should control what their kids watch. I do!!! But I can not make the sorry self-absorbed mom and dad down the street do their "job", so kudos to Dr. Phil. He is the man!!!! And I love his courage to do the right thing.

2833 days ago

Antwiane ward    

All I got to say is f*** phil and his buddy oprah and that's foe real

2833 days ago
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